Shrinking Hemorrhoids & Growing Faith

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If you read my article ‚How Hemorrhoids Made Me Healthy, Fit & Sexy‘ you know how I treated my condition. Now, discover how a severe flare-up of hemorrhoids increased my faith in God. It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Here’s what happened.

In early 2009, I was shocked to see how the recession was eating into my RRSP savings. People I knew were facing the prospect of deferred retirement because of their losses. What could I do? I had two choices: keep losing money and worry, or (deep breath) take the plunge into home ownership.

I had dreamed of owning a home for years, but life in Toronto is expensive and I didn’t think I could afford it. Despite an uncertain corporate job with an income that would barely stretch to meet my financial needs, buying my first home felt like the right thing to do. In fact, it was my ‚unnatural‘ peace about taking this huge step that convinced me it was part of God’s plan for me.

I do not like to rush important decisions. I emailed a realtor friend and laid out my finances, my wish list and my will-settle-for list. I doubted he would find anything for me but I was determined not to buy more than I could afford. We sat down together in early March, just to talk. My friend brought two sample listings to show me. Two months later, one of them was my first home. I had been praying, „Lord, I don’t want to turn (big round number) and still be renting.“ My closing date was 7 days before my birthday!

With $25,000 borrowed from my RRSP for the down payment and renovations, I began purging 20+ years of accumulated possessions, and shopping for flooring and a kitchen for my new condo. With the help of my realtor, family and friends, everything moved quickly but smoothly.

The next ‚miracle‘ was that nearly all the renovation work was done in one month. Old floors and kitchen ripped out. New bamboo floors and a custom-designed IKEA kitchen installed. Tile was laid in the bathroom and kitchen. I even had the whole place professionally painted. It was wonderful! It was expensive. Was I getting in over my head?

Before I could worry, I had a more pressing problem. My kitchen countertops were on back order. And the plumber insisted on installing the kitchen and bathroom sinks as one job. This meant I had no water, except in the bathtub, for three weeks!

By July, I had both sinks, the renos were done and I could actually enjoy living in my new home. My south-facing unit is bright and has a lovely view of the river. Located in a park-like setting amid lawns, trees and gardens, my home occupies a peaceful corner of the city.

Summer was super busy. I was working full-time and unpacking boxes and organizing stuff at home. I was too tired to cook nutritious meals or get much exercise – though every so often, the thought would come: you should go for a walk, or, try the gym downstairs, or, eat more salad and fruit, not just chips, cookies and beer.

All the excitement and stress – buying a home, renovating, moving – plus my recent poor lifestyle choices – took their toll. In October, I had a severe flare-up of hemorrhoids (a condition I have had since my 20s). Usually, after a few days of eating lots of fiber and exercising more, the veins would shrink, the bleeding would stop and the pain would end. Only this time, nothing helped. Days turned into weeks and I was still suffering.

Finally I went to see my doctor and got prescription ointment and suppositories. I was careful with my diet and started working out and walking. After 10 days, the bleeding stopped and the pain subsided. What a relief! But within days, it started again and got worse. I used three courses of medication and the doctor said the next step was surgery. Ouch! Just the thought of it was terrifying. There had to be another way to treat this condition!

I began to pray, „Lord, have mercy on me. Help me. Heal me.“ I found Bible verses about healing, wrote them out and read them daily. One favourite was in Matthew 8, verses 1 to 3, about a man with leprosy, who approached Jesus, knelt down and said, „Lord, if you want to, you can make me well again.“ And Jesus touched him, said „I want to. Be healed.“ And he was. Later in the same chapter, a Roman officer asked Jesus to heal his sick servant. Jesus said he’d come to the man’s house, but the Roman said, „Lord, I am not worthy to have you come into my house. Just say the word from where you are and my servant will be healed.“ Jesus was amazed by the Gentile’s faith and praised him for it. He healed the servant. Other scriptures that helped me were Psalm 6, verses 2-3; Exodus 15 verse 26 and Exodus 24 verse 25. I started declaring „Thank you Lord for healing my hemorrhoids“ before it happened, believing that he would.

But I didn’t just sit around waiting for it to happen. I continued with my Internet research. Instead of desperately buying an expensive ‚miracle cure‘, I was determined to try everything that was reasonable and affordable. Some of the things that helped me included:

– Sitz baths – filling a large tub with very warm water, adding some Epsom salts, and literally soaking my backside for 20 minutes twice a day

– White oak bark – one website suggested steeping this mixture into the sitz bath water

– Herbal supplements – of several I tried, Butcher’s Broom was the most helpful

– Fiber – three times a day I took psyllium fiber. Inulin fiber was almost as good and much easier to take

– Diet – I changed what I ate and how I ate (see my article ‚How Hemorrhoids Made Me Healthy, Fit and Sexy‘ for details)

– Exercise – I started working out 3-4 times a week in my condo gym and walking every day at lunchtime

When I went for my annual checkup in early December, I had lost 8 pounds and toned up nicely. I felt better and I looked good. Most days, I had very little pain and the bleeding had almost disappeared. I began to believe, and to declare, that I would be 100% healed by the New Year.

Looking back, I realized that the fleeting thoughts I had over the summer – that I should eat better and exercise more – were God’s way of trying to get my attention. He wasn’t being a spoil sport, he had my best interests at heart. He knew my chronic condition would flare up and he wanted to help me avoid it. But I didn’t listen. When it got to the point where I was in severe pain and ready to do whatever was necessary to stop it, God helped me to find the information I needed. And to commit to making the changes – in my diet and exercise habits – that would heal the hemorrhoids and get me fit. I learned that if I don’t respond to God’s gentle ’nudges‘, he applies increasing pressure. Tough love. I wished I had listened sooner! But, because things got as serious as they did, the changes I was forced to make turned into a permanent new lifestyle.

I have a confession to make, though. I am not perfect. Two or three times, on weekends, I overindulged (chips, ice cream, pastries, alcohol) and my hemorrhoids flared up again. Constipation caused strained bowel movements and the pain of an aching colon reminded me that this condition doesn’t disappear – it becomes dormant. Under the right conditions (eating foods that cause constipation and not exercising enough to keep the digestive system functioning) the bleeding and pain can return.

These relapses made me grateful that God did not heal my hemorrhoids outright. I believe he could have. But he knows that I can be lazy and self-indulgent; that there are times I may not be as careful as I should be. At family gatherings, where we enjoy big meals with a variety of foods, accompanied by wine or beer, followed by rich desserts and coffee. Or after work, when I’m tired and don’t feel like exercising. It’s easy to slip back into bad habits, so I am grateful for these reminders that nudged me back on track.

Now, because I learned the hard way, I am convinced of the need to eat balanced meals, with lots of fruit and vegetables, and very little dairy, meat and saturated fats. I know I have to stay active – walk every day, take the stairs, work out. Becoming stronger and healthier feels great. Staying balanced promotes physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. And that means that I can enjoy living a ‚purpose driven life‘. (Note: this phrase is derived from the book „The Purpose Driven Life“ written by Rick Warren.)

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How the Real Estate Foreclosure Process Really Works

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Regrettably, this is the day and age where a prevalence of foreclosures keeps creeping closer and closer to home. Many hopeful sellers are wondering what is involved in a foreclosure and what steps can be taken to thwart such an occurrence. Following is a timeline of events when a property becomes „delinquent“ on payments.

Breach Letter

The Breach Letter is a formal letter sent to you in an attempt by the lender to avoid foreclosure action. The lender hopes this letter will encourage you to contact them to work out an agreement called a Foreclosure Workout. With the age of foreclosures, we have seen the case where a homeowner is delinquent by 3 months, or more, and still hasn’t received this letter.

Foreclosure Workout (Reconveyance, Forbearance, loan modification)

Foreclosure workout assistance is typically done during the initial phase of the pre-foreclosure stages. Lenders are more than willing to attempt a plausible scenario to stop the delinquency and bring the loan current. There have been occasions where the lender is willing to lower interest rates, change adjustable rate mortgages to fixed, forgive delinquent amount owed and even wipe out junior liens they may hold if the value of the property is less than what is owed. If a work out plan is not initiated within approximately 45 days of the Breach Letter your case is normally referred to an attorney to file foreclosure action.

Attorney Referral

The lender will refer your case (delinquent loan) to an attorney or trustee, usually with 90 to 120 days, who then files a petition in court to foreclose your mortgage and get the lender the right to sell the home to pay off the outstanding balance of your loan. The average time between attorney referral and the foreclosure sale varies by state. In California, an NOD (Notice of Default) can be filed 90 days after a mortgage payment was due. With current regulations in CA, the lender now needs to personally contact the homeowner to advise them of their rights, what steps can be worked out, etc, before a NOD can be filed.

Junior Lien holders

These are also know as secondary or other lien holders. It refers to lenders, people or the government who may have a recorded lien against the property. Your primary lender may contact junior lien holders to determine the status of your loan with them. Once contacted these other lien holders may initiate separate foreclosure action to protect their interest pursuant to the terms and conditions of the mortgage or deed of trust. In today’s market, we are seeing less and less junior lien holders filing for an NOD because the value of the property is less than what any junior lien would receive in a trustee sale. Any junior lien holder is still responsible for senior liens.

Note: Most lien holders readily agree to participate in the workout solution.

Temporary Indulgence

A grace period, usually 30 to 60 days, may be granted to allow you to bring the mortgage current. If requested, you will have to demonstrate evidence that you can bring the loan current such as proof that you have one of the following conditions:

1. Have a contract for the sale of the property and a closing date.

2. Have an insurance settlement or one pending.

3. Have or are pending an approved funding from another source.

4. Have an approved „Relief Provision“ completion date.

Special Forbearance

The suspension of payments for a specified period of time, usually no more than 18 months, from the date of the first payment. At the end of the suspended period the borrower may be expected to resume payment under a Liquidating Plan. This plan is used to assist borrowers experiencing a temporary loss, or reduction, in income that is expected to be restored at a later date. Most lenders provide Special Forbearance in any situation for which there is documentation and relief is warranted.

Long Term Special Forbearance

In certain situations Special Forbearance can be extended up to 24 months.

Military Indulgence

If you had a mortgage as a civilian and then later entered the military, you may be entitled to Military Indulgence granted under the terms of the Soldiers‘ and Sailors‘ Civil Relief Act. There are two components of this provision:

1. Interest Rate Reduction

This requires the lender to reduce the interest rate to 6% from the time the borrower begins active duty to the date of release. However, just entering the military is not enough; you must show that your income was significantly reduced as a result of entering active duty and that this has caused your financial hardship. If you qualify, this benefit is retroactive to your date of enlistment.

2. Additional Forbearance

In certain cases related to the financial hardship usually associated with the loss of greater civilian pay the veteran may request special consideration in the form of a reduction in the monthly mortgage obligation. The difference between the scheduled payment and the reduced payment is referred to as arrearage by Fannie Mae. Upon release from active duty the borrower is responsible for bringing the arrearage current. Note: Most lenders will not normally foreclose on a delinquent borrower that has been granted Military Indulgence. In fact, it is Fannie Mae’s policy to offer the borrower Additional Forbearance in this situation. If you cannot make payments you should seek a court order granting a stay of the mortgage obligation until you’re released from active duty.

Assumption: An enforceable „due-on-sale“ clause is waived to allow a qualified buyer to assume the mortgage of a delinquent borrower.

Pre-Foreclosure Sale

In order to avoid foreclosure, the lender and borrower agree to accept the proceeds of the sale to satisfy a defaulted mortgage even if the sale results in less than the mortgage balance. In order to be eligible for this option you must be experiencing financial hardship as a result of involuntary reduction in income and an unavoidable increase in expenses that exceed income. Unavoidable causes include:

1. Lay-off or loss of job

2. Disability, or prolonged illness

3. Death of a mortgage contributor

4. If self employed, a business set-back

You will have to accept the following conditions:

1. Listing the property for sale will not delay initiating or continuing foreclosure action, but the

terms of the agreement will be honored pursuant to a sale before the foreclosure date

2. You agree to maintain the property

3. You agree to off-set any of the lenders losses (usually negotiable)

4. You may have a tax liability if any of the debt is forgiven. There are specific laws in place

(both Federal and State) which override this possibility.

5. The property is free of liens. If other liens exist, the lender must agree to the workout

pursuant to the eligibility requirement for an assumption

6. The lender retains the right to negotiate and approve the transaction.

Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure

This method, offered to homeowners by the defaulted lenders, is established to avoid foreclosure by voluntarily surrendering the property by deeding it to the lender as satisfaction for the debt. It is appropriate when . . .

1. The property has been on the market as a Pre-foreclosure Sale for three or more.

2. There are legal obstructions to foreclosure action

3. Deed-in-lieu allows the lender to take possession of the property sooner than would be possible

through foreclosure.

You may be eligible for this option if you meet certain hardship requirements outlined in this document and all junior liens are removed. Many individuals who have gone this route later realize that their credit isn’t salvaged by doing a Deed in Lieu and shows up on their credit report just as derogatory as an actual foreclosure.

Forbearance (repayment plan)

This is a formal Repayment Plan and it is based on the Special Forbearance provision and is the preferred workout option because it is the least costly workout alternative. It is usually considered when delinquency is the result of;

The death of a contributor to the monthly mortgage payment and this does not necessarily have to be a person on the mortgage; or Illness, catastrophe, or natural disaster for which the borrower is not insured; or Any similar or contributing factors. Repayment plans may be customized to fit most any need or solution, however they cannot exceed 24 months.

Modification (replacement mortgage)

This is a change to the terms of the mortgage in order to remove a delinquency and avoid foreclosure. Modification includes reducing the interest rate, extending the term of the mortgage, negative amortization, replacing an adjustable rate with a fixed rate and capitalizing the delinquent payments. Modification is appropriate when the potential for a Repayment Plan is needed due to a permanent or long term reduction in income. Other lien holders having a recorded interest in your property must agree to subordinate their interest to the new loan.

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Top 5 Tips on Making Money With Your Glamour Images

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To those who ever dreamed of being paid for taking glamour shots, I devote this article – discover 5 efficient ways to start making money from your glamour photographer’s skill.

Now I reveal 5 sure-fire techniques of turning your vocation to glamour photography into a lucrative business venture. Just read it and see for yourselves!

Ever thought, „if only I got $1 for every good picture I take…“? Well, here are 5 great ways to make your dream come true – in sums far greater than that!

A glamour photographer has a plenty of opportunities to monetize their hobby to bring in some decent income that can add some pleasant bonuses to monthly cash-ins or even replace a good full-time salary.

Already feeling excited? I haven’t told you the best part – there are multiple ways of making money with your glamour images and your artist’s skill! Let us have a quick insight in some of those effective techniques.


You can trade your skill as a glamour photographer. All you need is a DSLR, a studio (rented, owned, home-based, your friend’s – there are many options), a little self-marketing and a HUGE desire to make money. There are many people who would pay nicely for a professional glamour shot; so if you can deliver it, why not earn some extra cash for doing what you do best?


You could take private coaching for beginner glamour photographers. You may not be a pro, but having enough credibility and some fresh, out-of-the-box ideas could compensate the lack of renown. This is not an easy one; however, digital art schools being diploma mills as they are, the market is overcrowded with hungry learners. You only need to step into it and take a niche. There are always people who would pay for knowledge – even if you are not a guru; and there is always something one person could teach another. So why can’t it be glamour photography?


Stock photography is a great opportunity to earn residual income from your glamour images. Resources like iStockphoto, Fotolia and many others would handle all the commercial issues for you, while you enjoy the revenue, getting anywhere from $3 to $5000 per one picture purchased. Saturating a photo bank with quality shots is a time-consuming process, but it can bring a lot of cash to you.


If you are knowledgeable about the subject, you could always compile your knowledge into a good e-book and sell it, and sell it, and sell it… Glamour photography is no exception – you can trade your expertise in the form of informational products. This market is smoking-hot, while quality e-books are not a frequent catch. If you manage to produce good content and market it, people would buy, and buy, and buy…


There are always magazines out there actively hiring prospective artists. This has much to do with trading your skill and time, but you don’t need a studio – just your camera and inspiration. The employer will take care of everything else. If the very idea of having a boss to work for doesn’t make you shudder, this is the option worth considering.

As you can see, there are literally hundreds of opportunities and resources to make your hobby turn into a little golden stream, which will eventually become a river. Like any other business, it can be successful and lucrative – provided that you are professional, sensible and, most importantly, dedicated!

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Source by Michael Zelbel

Home Based Business – 12 Ergonomic Tips For Your Computer Workstation

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When working from your home office you may have a tendency not to take as many breaks as if you were in a traditional office. You may find yourself working for hours before getting up from your chair, as the interruptions are normally fewer to distract you. Because of this it is critical that you take care of yourself – and arm yourself with the basic ergonomics to prevent or at least minimize any physical strain due to computer work.

Here are 12 tips for setting up an ergonomic computer workstation:

1. Use a good chair with a dynamic chair back and seat pan. Sit back and use it instead of leaning forward

2. Position the top of monitor casing 2-3″ (5-8 cm) above eye level

3. Use a no glare screen, and an optical glass anti-glare filter where needed

4. Sit at arms length from the monitor

5. Place your feet on floor or stable footrest

6. Use a document holder, preferably in-line with the computer screen

7. Keep wrists flat and straight in relation to forearms to use keyboard/mouse/input device

8. Your arms and elbows should be relaxed and close to body

9. Center your monitor and keyboard in front of you so you are not turning to use them

10. Use a negative tilt keyboard tray with an upper mouse platform or downward tiltable platform adjacent to the keyboard for best wrist angle

11. Use a stable work surface and stable (no bounce) keyboard tray

12. Take frequent short breaks (microbreaks)

Ideal typing posture: Negative slope keyboard support

In the ideal typing posture both static and dynamic muscle loads are minimized. This posture is achieved when the keyboard is below seated elbow height and the keyboard base is gently sloped away from the user so that the key tops are accessible to the hands in a neutral posture. In this position the arms, shoulders, neck and back can relax, especially during brief rest pauses. Also, in this slightly reclined sitting position the low back rests against the lumbar support of the chair, the elbow angle is opened to promote circulation to the lower arm and hand, the abdominal angle, and the popliteal angle (behind the knees) are opened to promote blood circulation. The feet rest firmly upon the floor.

Problem postures:

Desk top keyboard – Typing at a keyboard on a desk is a common work posture for many computer users. In this position it is difficult to maintain the wrist is in a neutral posture, because the forearms sag as they tire and this puts the wrists into greater wrist extension. Also, most users have to work with their elbows flexed, which can compress the median and ulnar nerves at the elbow and restrict blood flow to the hands. Working with the forearms sloping up increase muscle loads in the upper arms, shoulders, and neck. Working in this position for more than 3-4 hours invariably leads to muscle fatigue.

Conventional keyboard tray – Typing at a keyboard on a conventional articulating keyboard tray can increase postural problems for users. Working with the keyboard more steeply angled on the tray is a common work posture for many computer users. In this position it is also difficult to maintain the wrist is in a neutral posture, because the forearms sag as they tire and this puts the wrists into greater wrist extension. Studies have failed to show that conventional keyboard trays substantially improve wrist posture.

Of course there are other ergonomic factors as well such as proper lighting, ventilation, mouse use, furniture heights and styles, plus phone equipment to name a few. Be sure to research what will be best for your specific situation and budget. Take care of your body now and it will take care of you in the future.

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Source by Janet Giacoma

Pros and Cons of Rent Back

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This market has brought several challenges. Sellers who cannot and / or will not move until they know the money is in the bank and title has transferred. Many sellers are requesting to retain possession and / or rent back after close of escrow. Typically up to 30 days. I have seen some who need up to 90 days.

Pro- For seller definitely assures them of money in the bank and the funds to be able to move.

Provides breathing room to pack and locate another home.

Provides more time to clean house per se … that is sell items not needed and / or give to a charitable organization or toss.

Buyer-In a sellers market this could be a clincher in a multiple offer situation.

Buyer can confidently give notice at present location knowing they will have a definite home on such and such a date instead of giving notice when the deal has not been finalized.

Things to consider for both parties … You have now went from Seller / Buyer to Tenant / Landlord … Consideration should be accounted for in escrow for rents. Typically we determine rents on lease back by taking buyers PITI (Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance) on their new loan divide by 30 days and have the escrow company withhold amounts as agreed to in purchase contract. All is negotiable. Should be determined in writing prior to close of escrow. Buyer needs to make sure insurance is in effect. Seller should check with their own insurance as to what is covered in this type of transition. Seller is responsible to maintain the property while in their possession. Buyer now becomes responsible for maintenance of the home for any repairs that might be needed. Would suggest a home warranty be obtained to cover unexpected issues that might arise. Murphy's Law always shows up post sales in one form or fashion. Some frown on lease backs but if done properly will be a tremendous help to both parties.

Can complications occur? Unfortunately yes … sometimes sellers have not made the proper arrangements and feel they can take advantage by staying longer than contractually agreed to, leaves the home in total chaos, does not report broken items etc. Buyers get impatient and want possession sooner.

Escrow instructions should be mutually agreed to, to hold out a little more as a deposit for peace of mind on buyers side.

Both parties insurance company needs to be contacted to insure there is no misunderstandings in the event of a fire and / or other natural hazard that would result in claims.

Have contract or instructions in writing as to details of the leaseback. Remember failure of either party to perform could result in litigation.

Most lease backs perform without issue. Just KNOW your rights whatever side you are on and ALWAYS have instructions or contract in writing to lease back.

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Source by Terry Osburn

Equity of Redemption and Law of Mortgages

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Mortgages provide for the repayment of the loan on a specified date. The effect of failure to redeem on the due date meant that the legal right of the mortgagor to extinguish the mortgagee's rights had gone forever, and in addition, the mortgagee could sue for repayment of the loan. This did not appeal to equity, therefore the courts evolved a rule that the mortgagor could redeem the mortgage by paying back the mortgage debt and all interest on it at any time before the mortgagee sold or foreclosed. This has had a major impact on new home owners versus the frequency of Jamaica home rentals.

This right of the mortgagor to redeem after the due date is his equitable right to redeem. But from the start of the mortgage, the mortgagor has been possessed of a species of equitable interest known as the equity of redemption.

This interest is a bundle of equitable rights, including the equitable right to redeem.

Law of mortgages

A mortgage is a form of security for the repayment of money lent. Mortgagor (Borrower) is the party who conveys the property by way of security. Mortgagee is the lender who obtains an interest in the property. The importance of the mortgage is that if the borrower fails to repay the mortgage debt, the lender has the powers under the mortgage, of realizing the value of the mortgaged property and repaying himself out of the proceeds.

Equity of Redemption – suppose a house worth $ 100,000 was mortgaged to secure a loan of 25,000. Obviously, the mortgagor still has asset worth $ 75,000. This is an equitable estate – the equity of redemption. Without paying off the mortgage, the borrower can sell, lease or devise his interest. This is in fact transferring the equity of redemption. He can also mortgage it, so that there may be a number of mortgages affecting the property.

The mortgagor has two rights to redeem his property:

1) The contractual right on the date specified in the deed, and,

2) The equitable right to redeem, on payment of principal of the loan, the accrued interest along with fees and loan costs, and establishing proper notice to the mortgagee. This does not take effect until and unless the contractual right (the mortgagors prerogative) to redeem, on the date fixed in the mortgage has passed. This process of curtailing the equitable right to redeem and so leaving the mortgagee with a fee simple is known as foreclosure.


A foreclosure puts an end to the equitable right to redeem and so destroys the equity of redemption. It therefore follows that the right to foreclosure cannot arise until the legal date for redemption has passed; for only then does the equitable right – which is the victim in a foreclosure action – arise. An action may apparently commence immediately the legal date has passed, but in practice however, an action for foreclosure is not usually begun except after such default as might justify a sale. While the matter of frequency is not a grave concern it does affect Jamaica home rentals positively, so rent income increases for some property investors.

The effect of a foreclosure is that it vests in the mortgagee the fee simple (or the whole of the mortgagor's estate) and it also extinguishes the mortgagee's mortgage term and other corresponding mortgages. But prior mortgages are not affected by the foreclosure: they still subsist and the result is that the foreclosing mortgagee will have to redeem these prior mortgages if he wishes to be absolute master of the property. For example, suppose there are four mortgages of the fee simple in the property which were made to A, B, C and D in that order.

If it forecloses, then the unencumbered fee simple vests in him because all the subsequent mortgagees, that is, those of B, C and D are extinguished. But if C forecloses, he only extinguishes D's mortgage, those of A and B remain and he must redeem these mortgages by paying off A and B if he wishes to have the property unencumbered. Of course, in any foreclosure action by a mortgagee, subsequent mortgage must be made parties to the action and are also given the opportunity to redeem the mortgage of the foreclosing mortgagee. Thus, in our example, when A was foreclosing, B, C or D could pay off A and redeem A's mortgage, thus preventing their own mortgage from becoming extinguished.

This principle has given rise to the saying, "redeem up, and foreclose down". Therefore, any mortgagee can foreclose in an action to recover land and action must be brought within twelve years from the date upon which the right of recovery accrues.

Jamaica real estate agents with house rentals have identified that in recent times they have seen a growing number of listings coming from financial institutions as they are unable to divest foreclosed properties.

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Final Expense Agent Jobs Are Lucrative and It's An Easy Profession to Learn

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Final expense agent jobs are flourishing currently, which means that those looking for employment should seriously consider this field. These jobs are a great way to make a good income – as are most insurance jobs – whilst also providing an environment where you can meet various people all through the day. There are various places online where you can learn about the ins and outs of the role and how to sell final expense insurance.

The basic requirements to start up in a final expense sales job are minimal – yet another reason why this career is so enticing to many. All that is needed is a license to operate in the state you live in, some knowledge on the industry and some companies on the books who offer great rates. Finally, a little presentation that you can make to clients always goes a long way to securing their signature.

When it comes to a final expense sales job, the visiting of the potential customer is key, as this is the time you get to sell your product. Some small talk plus a bit of sales banter is essential, and should it be done correctly there is every chance of making up to $ 500 on every deal. Just imagine the amount of money if you did this three times daily.

My first foray in to this industry was when I replied to an advertisement for final expense agents wanted, which landed me a job as life agent in final expense insurance co – something I was excited about at the time. It quickly became apparent however that the company was not well regarded and as such they were unable to fulfill my needs – both financially and developmentally. I soon left and forgot about working insurance altogether for a long while.

It was not until I saw an article on how to sell final expense insurance online a few years later that my interest in the field peaked again. The article in question totally changed my outlook on the industry and gave me the confidence to know I could easily sell insurance to seniors if I could get an audience with them. This would allow me to finally fulfill my potential and make the money I had always wanted to.

The article affected me so much that I got back in to the business straight away, and almost immediately I was visiting one of my first customers. After an excellent meeting I walked away with his signature on a contract and the added bonus of $ 1300 in commission. When it is considered that I also got deals with my next two clients as well, my commission that day came to $ 2100 in total – more than I used to make in two weeks previously.

Since this great start I haven't looked back since. The money I am earning is beyond my wildest dreams and I would certainly encourage everyone to take a look in to this kind of work. After all, there aren't many jobs out there that give you both the freedom of being your own boss and the real chance of earning $ 20,000 a month.

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Source by Jody Haworth

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest – What to Do When He Is Getting Tired of You

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Learning how to recognize the signs your boyfriend is losing interest can save you lots of anxiety and heartache. When you understand men better, you can finally stop wondering if you're being over-sensitive, and figure out what to do when he is getting tired of you instead .

Read on to see whether you should be worried about the state of your relationship …

Sign # 1: He picks on you.

Do you remember a time when you could do no wrong in his eyes? A time when your flaws seemed adorable to him? When a man is interested in you, it's easy for him to look past your flaws. But when your boyfriend starts losing interest in you, and doesn't want to be honest about it, you'll notice him picking on your faults … increasingly. No matter how hard you work to change and please him, nothing seems to be good enough.

Dear girlfriend, if you have to give in to him most of the time – in order to keep the peace in your relationship, it's a strong sign that your boyfriend is losing interest. A man who is serious about you will do his best to please you. He will be HAPPY to please you – instead of you having to please him.

My advice is it's time to stop letting him bully you and pull away from him. If he doesn't treasure you the way you are now, there are no guarantees he'll love you – no matter how much you change.

Sign # 2: He's too busy to come and look for you.

When a man is genuinely interested in you, he will find a way to come and look for you. No matter how far, no matter what time of the day. "Too busy" is simply an excuse that's easy to make. Don't become the woman who goes out of her way to go and look for him. If he doesn't have to work hard to chase you, he won't treasure your presence and relationship. He will get tired of you if you do all his work for him. Hence, if your boyfriend uses the reason "I'm too busy" more than once a week, as a reason not to ask you out on a date, it's a warning sign that he's losing interest .

My advice is to stop waiting around for him. Get busy pursuing your life goals and allow yourself to make friends with other men. He needs to know that if he's too busy to come and look for you, other men aren't. You don't belong to him and you deserve to have a boyfriend who can't wait to see you everyday.

Sign # 3: He doesn't initiate contact even when you don't contact him.

Resisting the urge to contact him first when he doesn't contact you can be very hard (I know it used to be one of the hardest things for me). It takes practice to not call, text or email him first. But you MUST resist … so you can make sure how interested your boyfriend still is about being in a committed, long-term relationship with you. If he doesn't voluntarily contact you for more than a day, I would take it as a sign your boyfriend is losing interest.

My advice is to ignore his calls and let him sweat a little. If he doesn't apologize and do something to make you smile, prepare to move on. Don't forgive your boyfriend's bad behavior too easily … because your actions now will determine the way he treats you in the future as well.

Picking on you, using busy as a reason not to date you and not contacting you daily are warning signs your boyfriend is losing interest . Take my advice and walk away when he is getting tired of you . You deserve to be adored and cherished by a man you love.

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Source by Rachel Lim Shuling

Convert Your Single Family Home Into A Legal Multi Family Home

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Will it really be legal?

It can not be done legally! I've heard it literal hundreds of times, yet in my concrete cutting business, one that is critical in the conversion process, I have seen it done hundreds of times. How you may ask? It's actually not any more difficult than most major home renovations. And if you ask what are the benefits? That is a simple one: it can increase the value of your home by 50% and sometimes double. It also allows you to legally rent your new apartment (s) out to cut your personal living expenses.

Still sound impossible? Well, if you call your local building department and ask if it can be done, you may get laughed at but depending on your city or town's local by-laws you may be surprised to find out that it is not at all uncommon. However, there are several conditions that must be in place before a building inspector would even consider handing you an application for a building permit. You may or may not already meet the criteria for this undertaking, but if you do not, you may be able to easily make the necessary changes.

These conditions in most cases are / but not limited to:

* Ample parking for each unit – usually two parking spaces for each unit are necessary depending on the amount of bedrooms. If space permits, parking can easily be increased on your property with some excavating and / or by adding concrete retaining walls.

* Ceiling height – If the basement or attic is to be converted to an apartment there are limits to how low the ceiling can be. Lowering a concrete basement floor can be accomplished, in most cases, by cutting and removing the existing concrete, digging the dirt out and pouring a new concrete slab.

* Egress – This is the ability to enter and exit the new unit. There must be a set amount of windows and doors of certain widths and lengths. This is where our expertise comes in to play. We are a professional concrete cutting service. We cut egress windows and doors into concrete foundations and openings for the installation of basement stairs and bulkheads.

* Each unit must have a bathroom and kitchen in order to be considered legal.

We once cut in some egress windows for a woman in Revere, MA who already had an "illegal" in-law apartment that she easily converted it to a "legal" apartment. She had been asking $ 259,000 for her single family home but could not sell it. After seeing her neighbor convert her home into a two family she did the same. She completed the conversion and ended up selling her property for $ 379,000.

I remember doing a job for a man in the prestigious community of Brookline, MA in Boston. He owned a condominium in a six unit building which each came with a storage unit that was one sixth of the foundation of the building. He told the other five-condo owners that he needed additional storage and that he was willing to pay them to purchase their storage units. He ended up buying the other five storage areas for $ 15,000 each, 1,200 sq feet of prime real estate for a total of $ 75,000. We ended up cutting and removing the concrete slab and cutting in a doorway in the foundation for him. He lowered the basement floor and converted it into a beautiful condo and sold it for over $ 1,000,000.

These examples are evidence that anything is possible. By checking with your local building department and doing your homework, you too may be able to convert your single family into a multi-unit property.

(c) 2007 New Hampshire Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling, All Rights Reserved

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Source by Robert Short

7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Generate Mortgage Leads

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Need a few more loans but do not have the cash to do some serious marketing? Have no fear. In this issue I am going to reveal 7 fantastic ways to generate leads almost for free. These methods are super cheap (most are free) and work like gangbusters.

How do I know? Because I shared them with my coaching clients and they had excellent results.

These 7 methods are just a few of the over 30 cheap marketing methods I share in one lesson of my 24 lesson Jump Start Your Mortgage Career E-Class. This new class is for any loan officer who is new and struggling or any verteran that just needs a little help with their marketing. It took me over 2 years to create the content for this 12 week, 24 lesson class, and I can honestly say there is nothing available out there that compares to this class.

If you could use more loans, then do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself.

Here we go …

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip # 1. Join an Association

People join associations for one of three reasons:

Social – they want to build or maintain friendships and influences that may have taken years to build;

Promotional – they want to offer their own products or services to others in a cost effective and positive way;

Educational – they want to see what their competition is up to, and find out about the latest developments within their industry

Grow your network and your database by joining groups of already established people. By socializing with people who have something in common with, it makes it easier to generate business. People like to do business with people they like and trust. Most people like others who have the same interests as they do.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip # 2: Use Book Stores

One of the questions I keep asking all my coaching clients is "How can you tell if someone is getting ready to need a mortgage? What do they do?"

This is the million dollar question. If you can answer this question, you can easily be rich in the mortgage business. By being able to identify that they want a mortgage before they start looking for one, you can get a jump on all the other loan companies. This is one area of ​​our business that still annoys me. Most other businesses, have a way to identify when someone will need their service and can market to them accordingly. Like when someone buys a new home, they most likely will be buying furniture, blinds, home accessories, etc. So if we were selling any of these items, all we need is a list of new homeowners to market to. And that list is easily available. But how the heck do we figure out who is "thinking" of getting a mortgage?

The answer one of my coaching clients came up with was that they might go to the bookstore or library to read books on home buying, or mortgages, or real estate in general. And that's true. Every bookstore has a real estate section. And most of the books are for consumers who are buying and selling real estate.

So my next question is, "Now that we have identified what they do, how do we get our message in front of them?"

And my client came up with this simple method: Go to the bookstores and libraries and insert a business card into each book.

After doing it for a couple months, he came up with some simple observations:

First, he learned that the best place to put the card was somewhere in the front. Try for the first chapter because not everyone reads the whole book.

Second, pick the books with the best covers and graphics inside- they sell the best.

Third, not all books sell and some are sent back to the publishers.

Fourth, having a USP on the card helps boost response.

Fifth, it takes about 10 minutes per bookstore.

Sixth, he averages 3-4 calls a month, and one loan per month.

Seventh, he now has his assistant do it. And she goes once a week.

Eight, the people who call in search of more information, so offering them unbiased advice and more resources really turns them on.
If you have the time, and are brave enough to be seen doing it, try it and see what results you get. I wanted to test it in my market. So I went to three bookstores and put in about 120 cards. I got 2 calls, and one of them is a very serious prospect. If I do it more often, I have no doubt that it would work for me as well.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tp # 3: Orphan Files

When a loan officer leaves a company the clients he / she bought to the company are called orphans. These clients now belong to the company. Ask your manager to see if you can contact any orphan files in your office to see if they need any mortgage or real estate help. Be nice enough, and they will allow you to add them to your database.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip # 4: Tradeshows

Another coaching client of mine goes to tradeshows. But not the ones related to our business. He goes to unparalleled trade shows: electronic shows, design shows, car shows, and his favorite: women's trade shows.

Most of the time, he is the only mortgage company there. And he is averaging 2-3 loan applications per show. The trick is to tie in your business with the show. If it is a car show, you can advertise that you can help anyone buy any car in the place.

If you can pre-approve someone at a car show for a cash out refinance, they can go and buy that hot car they have been salivating on for the last 2 hours. Instant gratification.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip # 5: Join A Local Real Estate Investment Group.

Every major city has one. And they are full of people buying and selling houses. They need money to buy houses, and they need money to help others buy their homes.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip # 6: Realtor Open Houses

Stop by at realtor open houses on the weekends. Offer to leave some financing materials.

When you get to know a realtor, you can offer to do open houses for her where you sit in the house instead of her. It is not a fun way to spend an afternoon, but you might get some good leads out of it.

If you decide to go this route, make sure the house is in a well trafficked area and easy to get to. And make sure the agent does some advertising and lends you signs and balloons. You do not want to sit in a house, where no one shows up because it is hard to find or no one knew about the open house.

Another tip is to meet the neighbors of the home you are holding open. See if they know anyone wanting to move or buy. Chances are someone will know of a family wanting to move into the neighborhood.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip # 7: Realtor MLS

Want a source of thousands of people who will be getting a mortgage within the next couple months?

It's sellers. And the Multiple Listing Service used by Realtors is full of them. Do a search of homes for sale, get the owners' name from the tax records and you have yourself a good prospect list.

Mail them something about you or an offer for free information. Call them if you can get their phone number and they are not on the Do Not Call list, or just drop by their house if you have the guts.

This is exactly what one of my coaching clients does. He calls Realtors who have listings and requests them if he can market his services to the home sellers. Many Realtors say yes. When they do, he contacts the sellers, and tells them that their realtor said it was OK to call on them.

He tells me the majority of home sellers he talks to are willing to talk to him and he gets several loans a month using this trick.

If you liked the above lead generation tips and would like more, check out my Jump Start Your Mortgage Career E-Class today. As I said these are just a few of the dozens of cheap lead generation techniques I share in one lesson of the course. The other lessons cover every aspect of mortgage marketing that you need to succeed in this business.

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Source by Ameen Kamadia