Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest – What to Do When He Is Getting Tired of You

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Learning how to recognize the signs your boyfriend is losing interest can save you lots of anxiety and heartache. When you understand men better, you can finally stop wondering if you're being over-sensitive, and figure out what to do when he is getting tired of you instead .

Read on to see whether you should be worried about the state of your relationship …

Sign # 1: He picks on you.

Do you remember a time when you could do no wrong in his eyes? A time when your flaws seemed adorable to him? When a man is interested in you, it's easy for him to look past your flaws. But when your boyfriend starts losing interest in you, and doesn't want to be honest about it, you'll notice him picking on your faults … increasingly. No matter how hard you work to change and please him, nothing seems to be good enough.

Dear girlfriend, if you have to give in to him most of the time – in order to keep the peace in your relationship, it's a strong sign that your boyfriend is losing interest. A man who is serious about you will do his best to please you. He will be HAPPY to please you – instead of you having to please him.

My advice is it's time to stop letting him bully you and pull away from him. If he doesn't treasure you the way you are now, there are no guarantees he'll love you – no matter how much you change.

Sign # 2: He's too busy to come and look for you.

When a man is genuinely interested in you, he will find a way to come and look for you. No matter how far, no matter what time of the day. "Too busy" is simply an excuse that's easy to make. Don't become the woman who goes out of her way to go and look for him. If he doesn't have to work hard to chase you, he won't treasure your presence and relationship. He will get tired of you if you do all his work for him. Hence, if your boyfriend uses the reason "I'm too busy" more than once a week, as a reason not to ask you out on a date, it's a warning sign that he's losing interest .

My advice is to stop waiting around for him. Get busy pursuing your life goals and allow yourself to make friends with other men. He needs to know that if he's too busy to come and look for you, other men aren't. You don't belong to him and you deserve to have a boyfriend who can't wait to see you everyday.

Sign # 3: He doesn't initiate contact even when you don't contact him.

Resisting the urge to contact him first when he doesn't contact you can be very hard (I know it used to be one of the hardest things for me). It takes practice to not call, text or email him first. But you MUST resist … so you can make sure how interested your boyfriend still is about being in a committed, long-term relationship with you. If he doesn't voluntarily contact you for more than a day, I would take it as a sign your boyfriend is losing interest.

My advice is to ignore his calls and let him sweat a little. If he doesn't apologize and do something to make you smile, prepare to move on. Don't forgive your boyfriend's bad behavior too easily … because your actions now will determine the way he treats you in the future as well.

Picking on you, using busy as a reason not to date you and not contacting you daily are warning signs your boyfriend is losing interest . Take my advice and walk away when he is getting tired of you . You deserve to be adored and cherished by a man you love.

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Source by Rachel Lim Shuling

Buying Puppies for Sale Online

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There are different ways to find a new pet. You can adopt, buy at a local pet shop or at an online site. For those who don't have the time to visit a dog kennel, a pet shop or an agency, you can find puppies for sale online. There are different online sites in the web that offers pets for sale. Why buy puppies online?

The advantage of buying online is that you have more options to choose from. Another advantage of buying online is that it prevents you from wasting a great deal of your time traveling from one shop to another in order to find a better option. In a way, it will also help you save plenty of money from transportation or gas. However, many wonder if buying pets online is safe? How sure you are that they will deliver? What is your assurance?

Well, maybe you don't have an assurance. It will all depend on how well you choose an online pet shop and how you handle the purchase. As mentioned, there are plenty of pet shops in the internet but not all of them are trustworthy. If you're not careful, you may end up with a sick puppy. Then how to buy a puppy online?

Here are the tips on how to buy a pet through the internet:

1. Purchase a pet from a reputable website.

2. Do not buy a puppy without seeing the picture to confirm its breed and to know if he is in good health.

3. Make sure to see all the documentation or papers concerning the sale of the puppy.

4. Once you see the papers, verify all the information such as date of registration, visits to the veterinarian and other information.

5. Make sure to verify the seller of the puppy.

6. Ask for a phone number and make sure the seller has no issue about speaking to you on the phone.

7. Verify the address of the person or shop selling the puppies. Make sure that telephone numbers and addresses are indeed their address.

8. Contact their previous customer and ask about their experience on buying puppies on this particular seller.

9. Search for reviews or complaints by previous customers to this seller.

10. Work out a shipping arrangement to the seller. Settle how you are going to receive the puppy or how will you pay for the transportation of the pet.

These are the tips on how to buy puppies for sale through online sites. Take note that the safest way is to purchase from a reputable site and to check the information given by the seller. One of the most reputable online pet shops is .

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Source by Paul J Easton

Sell ​​Cookbooks – Get Cash Fast – Sell Your Old Cookbooks!

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It's a well-kept secret but many people are selling their old cookbooks to raise some cash in these harder economic times. They want to keep it a secret so they don't have as much competition. Because they've found that after selling their own old cookbooks that they can easily pick up the best used, old, rare, vintage and antique cookbooks at garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, etc.

The average person will have no idea that their cookbooks are valuable and could bring them a lot of money. They just consider them to be old cookbooks with no real value. If they do wonder, they don't know how to go about finding out what they're worth. The average antique appraiser is not going to know without a lot of research either.

Vendors, who are in business to put on garage sales, are completely unaware of the value of any of these cookbooks. These old, collectible cookbooks go for unbelievable prices of fifty cents to a dollar easily.

You can take advantage of this and earn yourself some nice cash. You can sell cookbooks for much more than you bought them for.

Go through your own old cookbooks first, if you have any, or through you mother's grandmother's or relatives cookbooks to start with so you can build up a little knowledge.

What to look for. Although there are hundreds of cookbooks you can make a lot of money with you want to at first concentrate on the Better Homes and Garden Cookbooks and Betty Crocker Cookbooks. Look for cookbooks that are from the 1950s and 1960s and older. Also look for the plaid covers or pie covers. You can also look for the Betty Crocker Boys and Girl Cookbooks. This is a good place to start because they're plentiful and still bring in a lot of money.

What you should forget about – newer cookbooks are generally not going to be sought after by collectors. They can easily get these. The only time you can make any money with these is if the publisher did a short print run and it's a small publishing company but this is usually not the case. Even then you may not get much for the cookbook.

You can sell cookbooks to collectors – old, rare, antique or vintage cookbooks – because they buy year 'round and the state of the economy doesn't make a bit of difference to them. In fact they know they can find even more as people are finding out that old cookbooks have value and selling them. Of course there's a lot more to learn and a lot of secrets in the cookbook market but too much to go into in a short article. You can quickly learn how to sell old cookbooks.

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Source by Helen Hecker

Prospecting For Clients in Commercial Real Estate

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In commercial real estate it is essential that you know and prospect the right people and lots of them. These people will be landlords, tenants, property investors, sellers, and buyers. The most successful real estate agents and brokers will consistently contact and know several hundred of these people. They will contact every person in their database at least once every 90 days, and commonly much more frequently so that the 'bridge of trust and relevance' is established. To do this you should be very organized at record keeping and collation; take personal ownership of the prospecting task.

At the fundamental level, the commercial and investment property industry is just about people with property challenges and problems. You should be the solution that they seek, and your solution should be better than your competition agents and brokers. So what solutions do you bring to the prospect? Do not say that:

  • You know your market
  • You have done the deals
  • You are the best around
  • You have the best team
  • You are the best communicator
  • You are the best agent
  • You drive the best car!
  • You have been in the market for 100 years!

All of this generic 'rubbish' is frequently 'dumped' on a prospect by ordinary agents in just about every property sales or leasing presentation. Be better than this by bringing real evidence, strategy, and knowledge to the table. Stand tall on what you know and what you can do. Show it! Be part of your own solution for the client so that no other agent can 'fill the gap' for the client.

Do not offer tempting and standard low level solutions to your prospects such as discounted commissions, and free advertising, as this will do little to give you quality clients. Quality clients know that a good property promotion and solution for a commercial property, costs money and takes considerable strategy. Demand the commitment from your prospects to be part of the property solution that you have designed.

Today we are blessed with technology (databases, and email) when it comes to maintaining contact with our prospects. It is the personal contact that is more important to build your business than anything else and will remain so. Personal branding is a key element of creating market share and the long term opportunity for you. People need to know you individually, and that vision should give them confidence that you can solve their property challenge in a timely and cost effective way. Build your personal brand each and every day without fail by lifting the telephone and creating appointments. Business cards and lots of them are the best way to leave your mark after every meeting; forget the glossy brochures and concentrate on marketing yourself.

So what are the rules for getting the first appointment up and going for the targeted people that you want to meet and build a relationship with? It all comes down to this:

  • Deal with your fears and weaknesses early. On a daily basis it is this that will stop or detract from your prospecting time. It does not matter what the market is doing or what the state of the economy is; people are still out there who want to lease or sell commercial property. You just need to find them and have something in your 'listing or service toolbox' that will help them. You will get lots of comments like 'no not today thanks' as you call and speak to many people in the industry. Importantly it is these people that you should maintain contact with, as one day they may need your services. Commercial real estate is special and it often needs the skill of good agents to close a sale or lease. You are in demand; perhaps not today, but certainly in the future.
  • Lift your communication skills. At the start of your career it pays to have outline scripts that you use and practice, especially on and for the telephone when cold calling. Importantly these scripts should just be guidelines and not something that you must read 'verbatim'. All prospecting calls should be natural and without the formality of a rigid script. Make lots of calls daily, and expect that you will not be of interest to many people. It is the constant calling process that builds the opportunity that you seek. On average, if you make about 100 cold calls, you will get about 5 opportunities or agreements to meet with decision makers. Over time it is this process that builds the 'tower of opportunity'. This process requires discipline from you to keep the process active and moving ahead. The best people that I have met and known in the industry consistently make about 250 prospecting calls a week. Impressive figures yes, but essential if you want to become very successful.
  • Have a contact system after all you are gathering information and collating it each day and that needs some control tool. The more people that you speak to, the more you will need a great database or contact record system. In the early stages of your prospecting it is fine to use Microsoft Outlook as it is available to most people on their computer. The more contacts that you generate you may find the need to move to something more special as a CRM program.
  • Always ask the right questions confidently. The commercial real estate market and client base is generally very sophisticated, and will see through a person that does not know much about what they are saying or doing. From the outset the knowledge that you bring to your dialogue is critical to the conversation. Sounding confident and relevant to the listener should be your target. Commercial real estate is specialized when compared to residential real estate. Respect the specialization and lift your knowledge and confidence about important things such as sales methods, prices, buyer trends, rents, leases, time on market, building types, and marketing methods. You must be a walking toolbox of commercial real estate information.
  • The power you get from providing significant benefits to the people that you connect with should not be underestimated. Benefits can include access to market segments or databases of sellers, buyers, tenants, landlords, developers, or investors. Benefits can also include special methods of promotion or your national network of offices to market the property. Be distinctly different than others when it comes to benefits, and know how to convey that to your prospects.
  • Persistence and consistency to a personal prospecting system is essential to your success. That means prospecting every day without fail. It does not mean prospecting once a week or whenever you have spare time. Prospecting is more important than even listing a property. It is the prospecting that sits at the very top of your income 'funnel'. Feed the 'funnel' daily and you will have a great career in any market.

As you analyze these key points and how they can apply to your commercial real estate career you may say that they are obvious; unfortunately most people in the industry do not consistently do them. That says that most people in the industry are average when it comes to building their business base and opportunity cycle. The longer you put off developing these key skills, the longer it takes you to build your market share and commission. It's that simple.

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Source by John Highman

Cleaning Business Profits, Earnings and Salaries – How Much Money Can You Make?

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The cleaning business, while not the most glamorous of industries is nevertheless a fast growing multi-billion dollar business in the US and offers entrepreneurs unique opportunities to profit and earn a ’six figure‘ annual salary.

Let’s examine the cleaning industry and look at how much money it is possible to earn and what it takes to get to the ’six figure‘ level.

How much Money can you make Cleaning?

Most small cleaning business owners who work at it full-time as sole operators in their first year are able to earn between $20,000 and $30,000. Once they are able to take on employee, build up some local reputation and get good systems in place then a $100,000 annual income is not unrealistic and much more is possible for those who put in the effort.

What Separates the ‚Six Figure‘ Operators from the Rest?

Here are ten factors to consider that typically separate the high income earners from the rest –

1) Different cleaning niche markets offer different opportunities. In some cities and states in can be easier to make it in the office cleaning sector and in other areas the carpet cleaning sector is more lucrative. It all depends on local demand and how many companies are catering to that demand.

2) Start building your brand right from the start and view it as your company’s most valuable asset.

3) Develop and refine systems that make sure that your business runs smoothly. Constantly look into ways of increasing the productivity of your cleaning crews.

4) Realize the importance of having a great sales system. Focus your efforts on converting an increasing number of leads into customers.

5) Up-sell your clients with services related to cleaning, premium services or more frequent service.

6) To scale up to the ’six figure‘ level you must learn how to hire, train and organize teams of workers to do the cleaning while you focus on running the business.

7) Learn how to run successful advertising campaigns and learn about modern marketing methods such as networking, cross promotions with related businesses and ‚word of mouth‘ marketing.

8) Value your customers. Treat them as individuals and frequently remind them how much you appreciate their business. Satisfied customers can lead to referrals, and acquiring customers through this method is free.

9) Have the right attitude. People sometimes stereotype cleaners in a negative way. There is nothing wrong with being a cleaner for a living but you should view yourself as a businessman or woman first and foremost.

10) Research and learn continuously. Educating yourself about the cleaning business and business management in general doesn’t stop once you set up your company.

Could you start a successful cleaning business and earn over $100,000 a year?

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Source by Steven Sutherland

Thinking of Buying a Condo Hotel? Here Are 20 Things You Need to Know!

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1. What is a condo hotel or condotel?

Think of a condo hotel (also sometimes called a condotel or hotel condo) as buying a condominium, although one that is part of a four-star caliber hotel. Therefore, as an owner, when you are on vacation, you’ll get the benefit of more four-star services and amenities than you’d get in a typical condominium.

2. What types of services and amenities are found in condo hotels?

If you can imagine the niceties you’d find in an upscale hotel, then you can picture a condo hotel. Among the features are often resort-style pools, full-service spas, state-of-the-art fitness centers, fine dining restaurants, concierge services and room service.

In some locations, like Las Vegas, you’ll find condo hotels with their own casinos, retail areas, and entertainment venues. In places like Orlando, you’ll find condo hotels with their own water parks and convention facilities.

3. What is the difference between a condo hotel and a traditional condominium?

The big difference between a hotel and a condo hotel is that a hotel typically has one owner, either individual or corporate, but a condo hotel is sold off unit by unit. Therefore, a 300-room condo hotel could have as many as 300 unit owners.

4. Is it evident to hotel guests whether they’re staying in a condo hotel or a traditional hotel?

A hotel guest will likely never know that the hotel has multiple owners because the property is operated just like a traditional hotel and often under the management of a well-known hotel company like Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood, Trump or W. Also, each of the individual condo hotel units will look identical in design and décor to every other, just as they would in a traditional hotel.

5. Who typically buys condo hotels?

They’re primarily sold to people who want a vacation home but do not want to deal with the hassles typically associated with second home ownership such as maintaining the property or finding renters in the off season.

6. What is the demographic of the typical condo hotel buyer?

The spectrum of condo hotel buyers is pretty broad. There are families that want a second home in a vacation destination. There are baby boomers who are at or nearing retirement and want somewhere they can „winter.“ There are also plenty of investors who purchase a condo hotel unit with little intention of ever using it; they’re in it for the potential appreciation of the real estate.

7. Can you live in a condo hotel?

Condo hotels are not typically offered as primary residences. In fact, many of them limit the unit owner’s usage of the condo hotel unit (typically 30-60 days per year) because the unit is expected and needed in the hotel’s nightly rental program where it can be offered to guests and generate revenue.

8. Who gets the money when your condo hotel is rented out?

The hotel management company splits the rental revenue with the individual condo hotel owner. While the exact percentages vary from property to property, the typical rental split is in the 50%-50% range.

9. Who finds hotel guests and then cleans and maintains the condo hotel units?

The hotel management company markets the property and books hotel guests. It also maintains the unit and ensures the smooth operation of all of the hotel’s services and amenities.

10. What are the advantages / disadvantages of purchasing a condotel over purchasing typical rental properties?

Advantages include:

· Hassle-free ownership; no landlord issues

· Rental revenue to offset some or maybe all ownership expenses

· A fantastic vacation home available for use whenever you want

· A real estate investment at a time when other investments may seem less attractive

· Strong likelihood of appreciation

· Pride of ownership –„I own a piece of a Trump“

Disadvantages include:

· Annual cash flow could be equal to or less than annual ownership costs

· Pets are usually not welcome.

· An owner’s condo hotel unit may be rented when the owner wants to it, so advance reservations are required to guarantee availability.

· The condo hotel unit is subject to the same dips in the market that affect all hotels in the competitive market set: hurricanes, terrorist threats, warm winters up north, price of gas, etc., all of which can affect a unit’s occupancy rate and the amount of revenue it generates.

11. Are condo hotel units difficult to finance?

Not at all, but they do take 20% down typically, whereas condos can be purchased with less cash down. It’s also important to make sure you use a mortgage broker who has had success in getting condo hotel financing deals done. Many banks still do not do them, but more and more are getting involved as condo hotels become more widely available.

12. How long have condo hotels been around and where are they located?

Condo hotels have been around for several decades, but the huge surge of four-star and five-star condo hotels that have been making their way across the country, started around year 2000 in the Miami area. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area still has the most condo hotels, but areas like Orlando and Las Vegas are developing condo hotel properties at an even faster rate and will likely surpass South Florida soon. Other up-and-coming areas are places like the Bahamas, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada and Dubai.

13. How much do condo hotel units cost?

That’s like asking how much a car costs. There are different quality condo hotels. Some require greater amounts of money than others, obviously.

There are inexpensive condo hotels out there for as little as $100,000. These are typically found in properties that have converted their use from an existing hotel. They are hotel room-sized, lack kitchen facilities, luxury franchises, and other first-class amenities.

Then there are the four-star or greater properties that may start in the $300,000 to $400,000 range, but can go all the way up to $800,000 just for a studio unit. One- and two-bedroom units cost substantially more than a studio. Of course, the studios do come fully furnished and finished, and will be significantly larger in size than a typical hotel room, and may attract guests because of its name like St. Regis, Ritz or W.

14. What are typical maintenance costs?

On average about $1.00 to $1.50 per sq. ft., but the range can exceed $2.00 sq. ft. in the most luxurious properties.

15. Do you buy condo hotel units after they have been built, or can you purchase condo hotels in pre-construction?

Unless you are in a hurry to get started vacationing or you need to complete a 1031 exchange, it’s best to buy condo hotels in pre-construction as early as possible. That’s when prices are lowest and unit selection is greatest. You will likely wait two years or longer before closing on and taking possession of your condo hotel unit, but you will have locked in the price and will get the benefit of maximum appreciation.

16. Is there anything else investors should want to know about condotels?

There is more to buying this type of real estate than the old phrase, „location, location, location.“ While most condo hotels are located in desirable resort and business area locations, what is most important is a good franchise with a strong reservation system.

Also, do not be fooled by an aggressive rental split. One way or the other, the developer of the property will have to staff, maintain and operate the hotel and its services like the restaurants, bars, spas and pools from his share of the proceeds. If he’s giving you a very favorable share of the rental, he’s also more likely to be charging you a higher monthly maintenance fee. Of course, this goes both ways. If the maintenance split that is offered is closer to 50-50, then your maintenance should be more reasonable too.

17. Any suggestions to investors in choosing which condo hotel to buy?

Get good advice. That means you don’t want to rely only on the pitch provided by an onsite salesperson at a condo hotel. You want to talk with a broker who specializes in condo hotels and who knows and understands the entire condo hotel market, not just the facts pertaining to a single property. He or she will listen to your wants and needs and then offer recommendations as to which properties best match your requirements. You’ll have an opportunity to comparison shop and consider the pros and cons of each available property.

A good broker can be the difference between your buying a condo hotel that will be problematic and not live up to your expectations or one that will provide you with years of great vacations, good annual revenue and a substantial profit when you sell.

18. Does it cost more to use a real estate broker to purchase a condo hotel than buying a unit on one’s own?

No. With new condo hotel properties, the prices are always set by the developer and are exactly the same whether you buy directly from an onsite salesperson at the property or using a broker.

The broker’s commission is always paid by the developer and is already built into the price regardless of whether an outside broker participates in the sale or not. Since a broker’s representation is free to buyers, it does make sense to enlist their aid and get the benefit of their advice before making a purchase.

19. How can prospective buyers find a good condo hotel broker?

Ask friends for broker recommendations or search online for „condo hotel broker.“ Visit condo hotel broker websites and see if the information they provide seems comprehensive and unbiased. If their website seems to focus on selling homes or office space, and the condo hotel information appears to be an afterthought, steer clear. Your best bet is to work with a condo hotel broker who specializes.

20. How can buyers learn about new condo hotel properties coming on the market?

Condo hotel brokers can be good information sources as they often learn about properties prior to their release to the general public. Another option is for them to subscribe to a condo hotel newsletter such as the one we publish called Condo Hotel Property Alert. We offer it for free on our website and it features a different condo hotel property coming on the market each edition.

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Source by Joel Greene

Montreal Property Tax Sale Procedure: Tax Sale Auctions

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Once a year the city of Montreal along with the Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire auction off all the properties that have not paid their tax bill in full. Montreal property tax sales is a great way to pick up properties for much less than they are worth. Before you think about how great it would be to get a great deal on real estate, you need to know how the procedures to follow to participate in the Montreal tax sale.

What is the Montreal Tax Sale Process?

The Montreal tax sale auctions occur once a year in late autumn. In order to participate, you must present yourself early to sign up. A revised list of properties will be produced and handed to everyone that is registered to bid. Once the tax sale begins, the properties will be auctioned off one by one in order that they appear on the list.

To make a bid, bidders must identify themselves, giving their name, address, occupation and mention if they are bidding for themselves or on behalf of someone else. Once the auction for a property is finalized, the buyer must pay the property in full along with any taxes. Payments are to be made in cash, certified check of bank draft.

What documents do you need to participate?

To participate, any person must produce a valid photo ID. Medicare card, driver's license, passport or any other official photo document is acceptable.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The buyer must pay the full amount of the purchase immediately:

* In cash
* By certified check
* By bank draft


What happens if the certified check is not the right amount?

If the buyer has a certified check of an amount greater than the bid, the difference will be returned to him by the city in a delay of 10 days. The surplus amount can also be applied towards another property if the buyer has made more than one bid. If the check is less than the amount required, the property will immediately be put back for sale and the buyer will be responsible for paying the difference his bid and the actual final sales price of the auction.

Are there conditions to the sales?

Yes. All properties are bought site unseen at the risk and perils of the buyers. This means that you cannot change your mind after the fact. Also, the previous owner may, within a period of one year, purchase the property back from the auction buyer for the amount he paid plus 10% yearly interest. This is known as the right of redemption and is an absolute right. The buyer cannot contest this right.

Will I really only pay the tax amount for the property?

It is possible but unlikely. You have to expect that many buyers will be interested in the Montreal Property Tax sale and since this is an auction, the price will surely be higher than just the tax bill.

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Source by Eric C. Giguere

Agent Marketing Minute: Let a Brag Book Tell Your Story

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In today's competitive real estate marketplace, I still amazed at how few agents know how to communicate their real estate business story to a home buyer and seller. First impressions count, and you need to be prepared verbally and visually to tell your story and why the consumer should use you and not the competition. Soon after I started in the business I developed for lack of a better name, my brag book, that take on all listing appointments and first meetings with buyers.

My books' contents are always evolving and are constantly updated with current information and examples. The first section has as many active, pending, and closed listings as I can fit in. I include property brochures, postcards and virtual tours on CD-ROMs. Include a variety of price points and locations.

The second section has examples of newspaper advertisements, magazine features, and screen prints from my and my brokers web site to illustrate what types of marketing I do for a specific property.

Third in my brag book are the actual cards, letters, and emails that have testimonials from clients, both buyers and sellers, about their satisfaction with my real estate business.

Lastly, any awards or non-profit work I do in the community, I like to point out that giving back to the community is an important part of my business. After a client goes through my book, they have an comprehensive idea of ​​what benefits I bring to the table. Let your brag book help tell your story to prospective clients.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Mark Nash

$200 an Hour Selling Kettle Corn – Owning a Kettle Corn Business

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Starting your own kettle corn business can bring in a good amount of income when implemented right. Most business owners started out making $50 to $70 dollars per hour in their beginning stages. They can make a good income of $80,000 dollars a year during busy seasons. This article will show you some main key points to owning and operating your very own kettle corn business.

Providing shelter for your business is an almost must have. Most active owners use tents made out of steel or aluminum which will provide the much needed strength to hold up against a small breeze. They usually are pretty cost friendly for beginning owners.

Having the necessary equipment for your business is a must for new owners. This is where people go a little overboard. They tend to think that the more they spend on kettle corn equipment, the more sales they make. In most cases, that is not true.

The location where you are going to setup is important. Places like carnivals, circuses, and festivals are pretty much mandatory places to be. They have lots of people who are generally tired, thirsty, and hungry after a long walk on the fair grounds. This is where you can really profit up to $200 an hour from their needs.

Some other important information to your business would also include proper sanitation, promotional stuff, retail and online sales, supplies, and other key issues. This article just showed you a few main key points to owning a kettle corn business. You too can take a piece of this billion dollar industry.

Would you like to make a living in selling kettle popcorn and make in upwards of $200 per hour profits?

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Kevin A Terrell

Fema Has Campers For Sale Super Cheap – But Should You Buy One?

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It will come as welcome news to many people. The trailers that FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) stockpiled in 2005 are again coming on the market for sale. Consumers have been buying them for a song.

But should you hop on the buying bandwagon? Here's a list of pros and cons.

The advantages :

Price : As I said, they're going for a lark. The Washington Post reported an average sale price of $ 7,367 on these trailers and mobile homes reputedly worth $ 18,620 each. In other words, buyers are paying about 40 cents on the dollar.

Condition . Many trailers were hardly used. Some are like new.

Availability . As of their most recent post, FEMA claims an excess inventory of 120,000 units. They say they will be selling trailers and mobile homes for the next 3 years to clear inventory.

The disadvantages :

Price . The majority of the 10,839 travel trailers FEMA sold between July 24, 2006 and July 23, 2007 were sold as scrap. So tht's $ 6, 936 for campers for sale and $ 11,479 for mobile homes that you cannot live in.

Condition . Many trailers are not in great shape. Those sold in the past have been uninhabitable. Which, in FEMA parlance, meant they could be used only as office space or storage containers. It was FEMA's way of handling the high levels of formaldehyde fumes given off by the building materials that you'll recall stung the eyes of Katrina victims and gave them unremitting upper respiratory problems.

The units coming on sale now are not classified as scrap. They're "repairable". Generally, that means they need up to $ 1,500 of work done to repair damage they suffered from sitting empty in damp places and being moved several times.

Availability . They are currently parked at an airport in Hope Kansas. And you have to pay to make them road worthy, and then to move them.

Our original question .

Should you buy one? Of course, the answer depends on where you are, how much you have to invest, and what you want to use it for.

FEMA campers are being scooped up monthly. The irony is that due to the economy, there are thousands of campers for sale at auction each month from government surplus and seized and repossessed inventory with starting bids as low as $ 100. People just don't know how to find them. There is no reason to ignore the FEMA campers. Just keep your eyes open for better deals on better RVs. They are out there and abundant.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
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Source by Michael Drover