How to Get Rich Buying Real Estate From Your Parents With No Money Down and No Credit

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You can get rich from the equity appreciation of real estate by buying property from your parents using traditional or creative financing that may or may not require a down payment or credit. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced investor, you can buy any type of property from your parents from a home you live in with them to an investment property you rent out to tenants. The following lists some reasons why you may find it faster, easier and financially more lucrative to buy from your parents than anyone else.

You Don’t Have to Buy an Entire Property

When you buy from your parents, you can purchase any percentage you want like 10%, 50% or 75%. If you pay less-than-full price, you will have lower mortgage payments and buying a house is more affordable. Regardless of what percentage you own, you still get the benefits of home ownership such as equity appreciation, mortgage interest deductions, property tax deductions and capital gains tax exclusions.

You Can Share the Responsibility with Your Parents

When you buy a partial interest in a property, you and your parents share the responsibility of owning it including the mortgages you each carry, the property taxes, homeowners insurance or homeowners association dues, and maintenance. Because you have more than one person responsible for a property, you can rely on each other for financial strength in the event of hardship.

You Can Elevate Your Status From Renter to Owner

Are you already living at home rent-free or paying rent? Is so, why not buy into your parents‘ house, since you already live there, and get an equity stake in their property? Then, you are no longer living with your parents but living in your house that you own with your parents. If your parents have more than one property, you can buy into one of their secondary or investment properties and live on your own.

You Don’t Have to Get a Loan From a Bank

When you buy from your parents, you don’t have to qualify for a loan from a traditional lender such as a bank which has income, asset and credit requirements because your parents can act as a bank and give you seller financing for your purchases.

You Can Create Your Own Home Loan

When your parents act as a bank, you can get favorable loan terms by structuring your own payment schedule with a manageable loan amount, lower-than-market interest rate and repayment term of your choice.

You Don’t Need a Down Payment

Unlike getting financing from a bank which has down payment requirements, you can buy from your parents with no money down.

You May Get Property Tax Benefits

Depending on the state you live in, your property taxes may not be reassessed at current values when you buy from your parents or grandparents because of a parent-child and grandparent to grandchild property tax reassessment exclusion. This is a huge benefit when parents and grandparents have had ownership for many years and have property taxes based on the values of their properties at the time they purchased them.

You Can Get Gifts From Your Parents

Your parents can give you cash or equity gifts toward your purchases, reduce the principal amounts of any loans you owe them and allow you to buy at a discount. Anyone can gift a limited amount of money in any given year to any number of people they wish without having to report it to the Internal Revenue Service. This is a way your parents can sell to you without you having to repay the entire debt you owe them. They can also credit you money at the close of escrow toward your closing costs by deducting the credit from their sales proceeds.

You Can Turn Your Financial Supplements into an Investment

If you are supplementing your parents financially because they don’t have enough to live on in their retirement or for any other reason, you can turn your supplements into an investment by buying into your parents‘ home and making mortgage payments to them. As a result, you will have an equity stake and the benefits of home ownership.

You Can Get Benefits if You are a Realtor Buying From Your Parents

If you are a realtor, you can get cash from your parents at the close of escrow. If there is enough equity in a property to pay off any existing liens and pay you a commission, you can get a traditional loan to buy an interest in your parents property and get a commission for representing yourself as the buyer, or both you and your parents as the buyer and sellers.

You Can Still Get Rich When Your Parents are Not an Option

If your parents are not an option to buy from, consider buying from other family members and any other sellers. You can purchase a partial interest in real estate and use seller-financing to facilitate your purchases. Also, think about joining forces with siblings, friends, roommates or other buyers to increase your buying power.

It May Be Easier to Buy From Your Parents than Strangers

There is an abundance of resources right in our own families but many of us overlook this fact because we are trying to achieve financial success by ourselves. Because your parents have worked their whole lives to achieve what they have, one of the smartest things you can do is work with your parents and build upon their success.

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An Expired Listing Letter Will Make Your Phone Ring

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An Expired Listing Letter can help you generate more leads, get more listings and make more sales. It’s a fact that many top producing agents can validate. However, don’t expect an agent in your market to actually do it, because doing so could ruin their business.

On the other hand I have nothing to lose by sharing this commonly known but underutilized tool with you. Why? Because chances are we’re not in direct competition with one another. So, if you aren’t conducting a letter writing campaign you should think about it.

5 Reasons For Starting an Expired Listing Letter Campaign Today

1) Expired listing campaigns are effective lead generators and when using them you can expect to generate listings on a consistent basis. So, let me ask you a question. How many listings are you currently generating on a weekly basis? That’s what I thought. Want more? Then target expired listings… and start today.

2) Every letter you mail is highly targeted and goes to someone known to be interested in selling their home; someone who may be more motivated to sell when they list with you than they were during previous listings. In fact, not only can you expect the owners of expired listings to price their homes competitively, you can insist on it.

3) Farming expired listings is easy to do and a good letter makes it even easier. Mail ten letters a day, which takes on average less than thirty minutes, and you’ll quickly be on your way to a renewable source of leads.

4) When you place a „For Sale“ Sign & Rider on an expired that you convert to a new listing it’ll enhance your stature as a successful agent in your community. Every passerby, property owner, renter, visitor and investor in the neighborhood will potentially look to you as an agent to do business with – and that will generate even more leads, listings and sales.

5) Finally, an expired letter writing campaign can also generate investment opportunities. Sometimes owners are willing to sell in a hurry, thereby creating attractive investment opportunities. You can establish relationships with real estate investors to buy some of the homes you list, or potentially line up investors to finance your purchase of them.

The Sound of Success

So, don’t procrastinate. Get yourself an Expired Listing Letter set and start mailing letters today. And when you do know that your phone will start ringing and when it does be assured that callers will be wanting to do business with you. Can you ask for anything better?

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Is the Relationship of Dishonesty and Appropriation in the Offence of Theft Free From Uncertainty?

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Theft is defined in section 1 of the Theft Act 1968. Dishonesty is under section 2 of that act and it forms part of the mens REA for theft and Appropriation is under section 3 of the act and it forms part of the actus reus for theft. The problem is that there are many decisions made within these two areas on the law of theft which leads to a few uncertainties which I will be discussing in further detail in this essay.

Section 3 (1) states that appropriation is: „any assumption by person of the rights of an owner amounts to an appropriation, and this includes, where he has come by the property (innocently or not) without stealing it, any later assumption of a right to it by keeping or dealing with it as owner.“ The rights of an owner also include the right to sell property. An appropriation by assuming the right to sell is demonstrated by the case of Pitham and Hehl (1977). In this case the defendant sold his furniture belonging to another person and was held to be appropriation. The offer to sell was an assumption of the right of an owner and the appropriation took place at this point. It didn’t matter whether the furniture was removed from the house or not. Even if the owner was not deprived of the property the defendant had still appropriated it by assuming the rights of the owner to offer the furniture for sale. The right to destroy property is also an owner’s right.

The wording in section 3(1) is „any assumption by a person of the rights of an owner“. One problem that the courts have had to deal with is whether the assumption has to be all of the rights or whether it can just be any of the rights. This problem was considered in Morris (1983), whereby the defendant has switched the price labels of two items on the supermarket shelf. He had then put the item with the lower price tag in his basket and taken the item to checkout when he was arrested. His conviction for theft was upheld. Lord Roskill said that „it is enough…if the prosecution have proved… the assumption of any of the rights of the owner of the goods in question.“ This case made it clear that there does not have to be an assumption of all the rights and therefore got rid of the uncertainty of whether the assumption had to be only one of the rights of the owner or all of the rights of an owner.

Consent to appropriation has been an area of law with has caused major problems. Most problems have surrounded the question of whether an item can be appropriated if the owner has given it to the person. The Theft Act 1968 does not state that the appropriation has to be without the consent of the owner. This point was considered in Lawrence (1971) in which an Italian student showed an address to the taxi driver and the journey should have cost him 50 pence but the taxi driver told him it was expensive so the student got out £1 and still he said it wasn’t enough and so the taxi driver helped himself to another £6. Both the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords held that there was appropriation in this situation.

The same point was again raised in Gomez (1993) and the effect of the decision in Gomez was that any removal of goods from a shelf in a shop is an appropriation. However, the complete offence of theft will only be committed if the person appropriating the goods has the required mens rea for theft. In this case the defendant, an assistant at an electrical shop was asked by the manager to supply goods (£16,000) in exchange for two building society cheques that defendant knew were stolen. Defendant obtained authority from the manager to supply the goods. Defendant did not tell the manager the cheques were stolen and he had not checked with the bank as he was instructed to do.

It was Held that there was an appropriation even though he acted with the authority of the shop manager. Lawrence was the appropriate authority on the issue of appropriation. The consent of the owner was irrelevant in deciding whether an appropriation had taken place. The defendant was found guilty.

There was a problem with the decision in Gomez and it was that did the decision made in Gomez extend to situations where a person has given property to another without any deception being made and it was raised in the case of Hinks (2000). In this case the defendant a carer of a 53-year-old man of low intelligence persuaded him to make gifts to her totalling £60,000 which was almost all his savings. Lord Steyn said that „It was held in R v Lawrence (1972) and DPP v Gomez (1993) that it was immaterial whether the act of appropriation was done with or without the owner’s consent or authority.“

„Appropriation“ is a neutral word comprehending „any assumption by a person of the rights of an owner“.

And so a person could appropriate property belonging to another where the other person made him an indefeasible gift of property, retaining no proprietary interest or any right to resume or recover any proprietary interest in the property. The defendant was found guilty.

Another effect of the decision in Gomez is that the appropriation is viewed as occurring at one point in time. This was shown in the case of Atakpu and Abrahams (1994). In this case the defendants hired three expensive cars abroad to sell in England. They argued that no appropriation had taken place in England and therefore the case was not triable in England.

It was held that goods once stolen could not be stolen again by the same thief, whether the theft took place in England or abroad. Therefore, the cars were stolen abroad where the appropriation took place.

In other words where a thief came by property by stealing it his later dealings with the property could not be an assumption of rights of an owner.

The first point that needs to be proved for the mens rea of theft is that when the defendant appropriated the property he did it dishonestly. There is no definition of what is meant by this in the Act but in section 1 (2) it states that „…it is immaterial whether the appropriation is made with a view to gain, or is made for the thief’s own benefit.“

The Theft Act 1968 does not define dishonesty though it does give three situations in which the defendant’s behaviour is not considered dishonest. They are; if he has in law the right to deprive the other of it, on behalf of himself or of another party under section 2 (1) (a), he would have the others consent if the other knew of the appropriation and the circumstances of it under section 2 (1) (a) and if the person to whom the property belongs cannot be discovered by taking reasonable steps under section 2 (1) (a).

It has been held in two cases Small (1988) and Holden (1991), that the fact that the belief was an unreasonable one does not prevent the defendant from relying on these sections. If the jury believe that the defendant had a genuine belief that he was under one of the three situations even if it were unreasonable then he would be found not guilty. In some situations the defendant may say that he is willing to pay for the property or may on taking the property leave money to pay for it. This does not prevent the defendants conduct from being dishonest as section 2 (2) states that ‚a person’s appropriation of property belonging to another may be dishonest notwithstanding that he is willing to pay for the property‘.

The case of Ghosh (1982) is the leading case on what is meant by dishonesty. In this case the Court of Appeal set out the tests to be used. They said that dishonesty has both an objective and subjective element to it which are that was what the person did dishonest according to the ordinary standards of reasonable and honest people? and Did the defendant realise that what he was doing was dishonest by those standards?

In conclusion I think that there are many areas of the law which have indeed been freed from uncertainty; however I also think that there are still some areas of the law which need to be further developed so that true certainty and understanding of case based law can be understood of the relationship between dishonesty and appropriation

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The Importance of Circuit Breakers

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A circuit breaker is a very important part of electrical wiring in a home because it is a very essential safety feature. Without circuit breakers, household electricity would not even be practical because of the potential danger of a fire and other hazards. It is an automatically, operated electrical switch that is especially designed to protect electrical circuits from any kind of damage, if there is a short circuit or overload. The main function of the circuit breaker is to detect any fault condition and stop continuity in order to discontinue the flow of electricity. Majority of the households, short circuits are responsible for the outbreaks of fire.

About Short Circuit and the Importance of a Breaker

A short circuit is generally an abnormal low-resistance current, in between two nodes of an electrical circuit that are usually meant to have different voltages. This ends up having an excess flow of electric current and causes circuit damage that can lead to a fire, overheating and even explosion. Short circuit mainly occurs due to overloading or mostly due to fire breakout. To avoid this, a good circuit breaker is important to protect your home. It is also necessary to get the electrical appliances checked by licensed and professional electrician.

The breakers are generally more expensive than fuses. But most homeowners prefer breakers than fuses because of the safety factor associated with them. Plus, most electricians and electrical wiring experts prefer these breakers instead of old fashioned fuses.

The Variety

Circuit breakers come in different shapes and sizes and a person should choose the one that suits the electric equipment at home. But before installing a breaker, one must be aware if there is enough space in the house to accommodate the device. Different people have various requirements with some opting for living room, some for kitchen while others for their bedrooms. This is nothing but a kind of protection for the house and the people living there more specifically.

Importance and the Repair Team

Circuit breakers are very important for the safety of a house and all residential electric specialists know that. Without them, a house can face many potential hazards, so for any kind of problem with circuit breaker you need to consult a team that specialize in circuit panel repair, replacement and upgrades. They must specialize in replacement, updating and repairing a breaker panel. Their licensed and bonded technicians must offer smart solutions for backdated circuit breakers, fuse boxes and even panels installed before 1974. These specialists must offer new installation and help to maintain them.

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Source by Danielle Sage

Make Money Writing Crossword Puzzles: Seven Tips For Newbies

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You might not realise it, but the crossword is still one of the most popular parts of many newspapers… with lots of people buying a copy for that reason alone. After the front and back page, the sport and the TV sections it’s high up on the list of ‚most read‘ pages. So there is a healthy demand for people to write and sell crossword puzzles.

This could be a great sideline opportunity for you. Especially good if you’re a dedicated crossword puzzler. But you can try it even if you’re not. You don’t need to be especially good at English.

Here are seven tips on how to write crosswords:

1. Start by thinking of a theme for your puzzle. For example something like history, or geography, travel, film and TV or famous people etc. You don’t necessarily have to reveal what your theme is to your readers. But it will make it much easier to come up with words and clues.

2. Now write a long list of words which relate to your theme. At least 25 or 30 to start with. Everything you can think of. This will be your ‚word bank‘, to draw words from for your puzzle. (But you don’t necessarily need to use them all.)

3. Include both long and short words… but don’t have many words under four letters. Try and choose words which include lots of ‚often used‘ letters… such as the vowels A, E, I, O, U plus S, T, L, M, N… which will be easier to fit together. Avoid too many words that use Z, Q and X for the same reason!

4. Now get some graph paper and a pencil. Pick five or six of the longer words from your list and try and link them together in the centre of the page, starting with a horizontal. Now try to fit in the smaller words around them. Build up your grid from there. Finish off by filling in the spaces with a blank.

5. Once your grid is complete number every square that contains the first letter of a word. Divide these into two lists, one of ‚Across‘ words and another of ‚Down‘ words.

6. Now the fun begins! The next stage is to create a clue for each word. Most crosswords either have simple clues or cryptic clues – don’t mix both types in the same crossword.

7. A thesaurus is a really handy way of finding clue ideas for crosswords. You can either buy one or find one free online. Just look up whatever your clue is and get a list of words which mean something similar and which could be the basis of your clue.

If you’re into crossword puzzling you might know that you can actually get computer programs to help you create and/or solve crossword puzzles. You can use these if you wish (although the good ones tend to be quite expensive). Also, some buyers prefer crossword puzzles that haven’t been created by a computer – so always check first.

Now to selling crossword puzzles: Most magazines and lots of magazines have crossword puzzles and might be interested in buying your puzzles. Write to them and ask. Start with smaller publications… not with The Times and so on!

Larger newspapers and magazines tend to have regular, in-house crossword compilers. But don’t be put off approaching those who do… they still buy puzzles from freelancers sometimes. And this could be your foot in the door to get a job as in-house compiler in future.

One more tip when compiling puzzles for newspapers: They tend to have a fixed grid size which they’re very reluctant to change. It’s also sometimes the case that the grid pattern is EXACTLY the same with every crossword, just rotated a different way or a mirror image and so on. So be sure to check some back issues before you write specifically for that publication.

There are also some puzzle agencies which write crossword puzzles for selling on to the publishing industry. Here’s one you could take a look at: Clarity Media at (Their website also has lots of useful info. about puzzling.)

Another place to sell your crossword puzzles is puzzle book publishers. They often have a need for hundreds or crosswords a year.

Educational publishers also need crosswords for books and study aids which are created for children or use in schools.

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The Best Way to Sell a Run Down House

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Are you living in a house that needs serious repairs? Have you ever considered the idea of selling it? This might be a difficult decision to make. In fact, most home owners are stuck between two choices: either they sell their house with no profits at all, or spend some cash on renovations and repairs. The latter is a natural step because all prefer to move into homes which are in perfect conditions rather than ugly houses. If you are one of the many who are sick of their run down homes, then you must consider the idea of selling your house to the buyers of ugly houses.

You might have a property which is not in a salable condition, and you are thinking of making repairs in it. Yet, give that decision a second thought as it might be way too expensive for you. Ugly houses can not be elevated to a selling standard by just applying paint to them. These homes call for structural repairs, and, in some cases, buying a brand new house can be cheaper than the long list of renovations you will have to make.

Moreover in the buyers‘ market, there are very few who are prepared to invest in property which is in need of repairs. Yet all is not lost yet. You just have to reach the right place where you can sell ugly houses according to the existing market rates. Once you reach it, you won’t have to worry about repair costs anymore. Besides, you will be getting profits on the sales of your property.

Another thing that you should know is that many professional property developers, who use to buy such homes, are keeping away from the market due to the risk factor. They only invest in property that is in semi- perfect condition. This leaves only one option and that is to sell your home to an ugly houses buyer company.

The best thing about ugly houses buyer companies is that they can purchase almost any home. Yet don’t start thinking that they are doing you a favor. It’s all pure business, and these companies are in it for the profits promised to them. They also have this DIY project in place, which means that you, the homeowner, don’t have to spend a single penny on renovations before selling the house. You simply leave all the repairs to these buyers of ugly houses.

It might also interest you to know that many home owners reaped incredible benefits by selling their ugly houses to such companies. These are the companies that specifically specialize in buying such a property. Regardless of the condition of your home, they can pay you the whole amount in a short frame of time (usually a fortnight). What more can you ask for?

Well, here’s another incentive that makes people sell their ugly houses to these companies: the guarantee of getting a sale. They take care of almost everything including things like legal paper work and their fees. This ensures a hassle free sale of your home. With all these reasons and more, remember to consider an ugly house buyer the next time you get sick of your run down home.

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Start Your Own Dip Mix Business – Sell at Special Events

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You can start your own chip dip mix business for less than $400.00. I have been selling dip mixes for years and have made very good money with very little work. These are dip mixes made of various herbs and spices that you mix with sour cream and mayo. They are great with chips, pretzels, pork rinds, fresh veggies, and sandwiches. With these same mixes you can make dips, cheese balls, spreads, salad dressings and they are great on baked potatoes.

You can easily add dessert mixes to your roster of products also. These are dry mixes that you mix with cream cheese and whipped topping (like Cool Whip). They make a wonderful no-bake cheesecake, fruit dip, bagel spread, cream pie, parfait or mousse. Both the dip mixes and dessert mixes come in a small zip lock bag. They last up to a year in your cabinet at room temperature.

All you do is buy the mixes from a dip mix company and stick your own labels on the bags. Presto! You now have a dip mix company. You can sell your products at flea markets, festivals, farmer’s markets, craft shows, fairs, and any other type of special event. All you do is make up samples of each flavor and provide inexpensive pretzel sticks for the customers to sample the dips. One taste and they sell themselves.

Try to buy your mixes from a company that will teach you the business. Find one that has a start up and operations manual for you to use. This is the sign of a really professional company that is really committed to your success. A manual will show you all of the tricks of the trade for learning the best ways to conduct your business while you are still learning. Don’t just buy the mixes from a company and then go out on your own to try to learn the business. Find a company that will help you sell and do things right with your new company. There is nothing difficult about this business, but you need someone to show you the way. It just helps you learn the business a lot faster with fewer mistakes.

You sell the dip mixes at 3 FOR $10.00. Your profit is about 60%. In other words, you will make a gross profit of about $6.00 per sale. Without needing any sales ability at all. The product sells itself when the customer samples the product.

There are many advantages to a dip mix business:

– You can work your own hours – part time or full time. Make up samples days in advance of your event. Completely flexible schedule.

– This is a fun business. All of the events you sell at are fun events. You have a good time, plus, you make money too. What could be better?

– No ongoing fees. All you do is buy the mixes at wholesale from a dip mix company and put your label on the package. That’s your only requirement. Much cheaper than a franchise.

– Start up costs are less than $400.00 for an assortment of mix flavors.

– It’s a very mass appeal product. Everyone likes at least some flavors of dip. Plus, weight conscious people can make a „light“ version of the dips by using fat free or light versions of the ingredients.

– No need to worry about the product going bad if it doesn’t sell quickly. All flavors sell, some just sell faster than others. No need to worry about having to throw some away.

– Dip mixes weigh very little and take up little space in your vehicle. You can store thousands of dollars worth of product in one large plastic tub. Also easy to move in and out of a building for a quick booth set up.

– Dip mixes are pre-packaged food. That means in most, if not all states, you don’t have to charge sales tax, keep track of tax or pay sales tax.

– You can easily add other staff members to expand your business into other locations. You can have several booths at different locations just by staffing the booths and making up more samples. Training your staff is a no-brainer because the sampling of the product does the selling for you. Your staff just takes the money and makes change.

– The best thing is the profits. About 60%, even more for the dessert mixes (which will sell at 3 for $12.00).

It’s a simple, profitable business with products that sell year round. People need to eat, even during a recession, and the public loves dip mixes. For such a small investment, it’s hard to find a better bargain for starting a small, home based business.

Want to get into the chip dip business? Take a look at the E-book I’ve written called, „START YOUR OWN CHIP DIP BUSINESS“. It’s 99 pages of nothing but specific information about starting and operating your own dip mix business.

Call 513-752-2646 for more information.

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Source by James L. Miller

Equity of Redemption and Law of Mortgages

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Mortgages provide for the repayment of the loan on a specified date. The effect of failure to redeem on the due date meant that the legal right of the mortgagor to extinguish the mortgagee’s rights had gone forever, and in addition, the mortgagee could sue for repayment of the loan. This did not appeal to equity, therefore the courts evolved a rule that the mortgagor could redeem the mortgage by paying back the mortgage debt and all interest on it at any time before the mortgagee sold or foreclosed. This has had a major impact on new home owners versus the frequency of Jamaica home rentals.

This right of the mortgagor to redeem after the due date is his equitable right to redeem. But from the start of the mortgage, the mortgagor has been possessed of a species of equitable interest known as the equity of redemption.

This interest is a bundle of equitable rights, including the equitable right to redeem.

Law of mortgages

A mortgage is a form of security for the repayment of money lent. Mortgagor (Borrower) is the party who conveys the property by way of security. Mortgagee is the lender who obtains an interest in the property. The importance of the mortgage is that if the borrower fails to repay the mortgage debt, the lender has the powers under the mortgage, of realizing the value of the mortgaged property and repaying himself out of the proceeds.

Equity of Redemption – suppose a house worth $100,000 was mortgaged to secure a loan of 25,000. Obviously, the mortgagor still has asset worth $75,000. This is an equitable estate – the equity of redemption. Without paying off the mortgage, the borrower can sell, lease or devise his interest. This is in fact transferring the equity of redemption. He can also mortgage it, so that there may be a number of mortgages affecting the property.

The mortgagor has two rights to redeem his property:

1) The contractual right on the date specified in the deed, and,

2) The equitable right to redeem, on payment of principal of the loan, the accrued interest along with fees and loan costs, and establishing proper notice to the mortgagee. This does not take effect until and unless the contractual right (the mortgagors prerogative) to redeem, on the date fixed in the mortgage has passed. This process of curtailing the equitable right to redeem and so leaving the mortgagee with a fee simple is known as foreclosure.


A foreclosure puts an end to the equitable right to redeem and so destroys the equity of redemption. It therefore follows that the right to foreclosure cannot arise until the legal date for redemption has passed; for only then does the equitable right – which is the victim in a foreclosure action – arise. An action may apparently commence immediately the legal date has passed, but in practice however, an action for foreclosure is not usually begun except after such default as might justify a sale. While the matter of frequency is not a grave concern it does affect Jamaica home rentals positively, so rent income increases for some property investors.

The effect of a foreclosure is that it vests in the mortgagee the fee simple (or the whole of the mortgagor’s estate) and it also extinguishes the mortgagee’s mortgage term and other subsequent mortgages. But prior mortgages are not affected by the foreclosure: they still subsist and the result is that the foreclosing mortgagee will have to redeem these prior mortgages if he wishes to be absolute master of the property. For example, suppose there are four mortgages of the fee simple in the property which were made to A, B, C and D in that order.

If it forecloses, then the unencumbered fee simple vests in him because all the subsequent mortgagees, that is, those of B, C and D are extinguished. But if C forecloses, he only extinguishes D’s mortgage, those of A and B remain and he must redeem these mortgages by paying off A and B if he wishes to have the property unencumbered. Of course, in any foreclosure action by a mortgagee, subsequent mortgage must be made parties to the action and are also given the opportunity to redeem the mortgage of the foreclosing mortgagee. Thus, in our example, when A was foreclosing, B, C or D could pay off A and redeem A’s mortgage, thus preventing their own mortgage from becoming extinguished.

This principle has given rise to the saying, „redeem up, and foreclose down“. Therefore, any mortgagee can foreclose in an action to recover land and action must be brought within twelve years from the date upon which the right of recovery accrues.

Jamaica real estate agents with house rentals have identified that in recent times they have seen a growing number of listings coming from financial institutions as they are unable to divest foreclosed properties.

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Get a Used Fifth Wheel RV For Dimes on the Dollar – Here’s How

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Everyone loves a great deal. For the true bargain hunter, it’s almost like a mission. They search high and low to find the very best price on the items they need. Some people, however, don’t have the time to spend on hours of research. They would rather have the information gathered for them. If you’re looking for used fifth wheel RV and you won’t buy one until you find the best price, then here’s some information to help you!


Repossessed RV’s are sold for dimes on the dollar. The finance companies do not want to pay for storage and many are simply hoping to recoup some of their investment. While some are damaged, many are in great condition, as many people lose their RV’s within just a few months after purchase.

Seizures and Surplus

The federal, state, and local government agencies all seize property for a variety of reasons. Some are for criminal activity, while others are for back taxes. After a specified period of time, these items, including RV’s are sold at auction to the highest bidder. Many will also sell repossessed RV’s, which is where the dealers often find stock.

Many of the same agencies also sell their surplus at auction, as well. FEMA, for example, is currently selling 10s of thousands of campers and trailers they previously stocked for hurricane relief. Some of RV’s maybe in salvage condition, but many others have years of life left in them. The key is knowing where to find the auctions.

Buying from the Government

It’s not as difficult as you might think to purchase a used fifth wheel RV at one of these auctions. You simply place your bid up to what you are willing to pay. Many of the RV’s start out for as little as $100. If your bid is the highest, you win, just like in any other auction. It’s up to you to get the RV home.

There are websites that offer listings of all the government auctions across the country. You can search by location, date, or by the items listed for sale. It’s a great way to see what is available. Some of the sites will even send you updates as new auctions are listed. If you are ready to purchase a used fifth wheel RV, a government auction should be your first destination.

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Makler Heidelberg

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How to Become a Famous Real Estate Agent

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So, you have taken the classes and you have now become a real estate agent. Or, you already are a real estate agent. Now that you are, or already are, a real estate agent, how do you become a famous real estate agent?

Before getting into the specifics of becoming famous, you need to sit back, kick up your feet and decide on your niche. Your niche will be the springboard from which you launch your campaign to become famous. Is the luxury market your thing, or maybe being a buyer’s agent is more your cup-of-tea. You need to decide where your strengths lie and then you’ll be able to better focus your energy and hone your expertise.

Once you have defined your niche, you are ready to proceed with THE thing that will make you famous in your niche.

It has been said of late that 80 percent of house hunting begins on the Internet. If you are to become a famous real estate agent, you must become Internet savvy. Most major brokers nowadays provide a website for their agents. It would be a good idea if you sought out training to make your website stand out from the rest.

In addition, obtain an inexpensive web domain from one of the online providers like GoDaddy. You can name it some creative name that will make people find you and help them remember it when they need to get in contact with you.

Branding is the key to standing out from the rest. You must have a brand that makes people remember you. You’ll want to link your branded domain name to your website with your broker to direct people to your listings and information. Also, find ways to use your brand to make it something that sticks in people heads. Association is a common method human beings use to retain memory. Associate your expertise or name with something related to real estate that people will remember. You want your brand to stand out from the rest.

Along with providing a web address for each agent, some brokers even provide training for their agents to learn how to set up their websites to make them individual and stand out. You’ll want to either attend training or hire someone to develop your website for you.

Either way, you’ll want to get your website up and running with splashy graphics and links that lead people to useful information. Make sure you insert a quality picture of yourself. Sales have been lost due to an amateur picture.

YouTube is a website where you can post videos you’ve created of useful real estate information. Along with posting it on your blog, some information you might want to consider teaching about on video is the rebate first-time homeowners can receive due to the approval of the federal stimulus package. Information like that is considered very valuable and would be visited many times over if you provided a professional presentation of it.

You’ll need a blog on your website that provides useful information for potential homeowners, along with enabling readers to comment on your website. Comments are sometimes quite useful in finding out what your audience is really interested in. Provide links to helpful and needful information and provide stellar aesthetics to create interest in your website. Along with the blog, make sure you actually create blog posts on a regular basis that are of great importance to your audience. This will create interest and keep them coming back for more. Establish a RSS feed to enable readers to subscribe easily to your blog. If you do not know what that is, the webmaster you hire can create it for you.

You’ll also want to consider signing up for several social networks, like Active Rain, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, LinkedIn and others. Make sure you include your website link on your profile of all social networking sites of which you become a member, along with your branded name.

While creating a stunning website, you’ll want to discover and decide how you will distribute your listings via the web. You want your clients to be wowed at your ability to expose their listings.

The last thing you’ll want to take care of is a means to determine your return on investment (ROI). You need a good method to track your marketing and advertising expenditures, so that you will know what your ROI is. Make sure you include a counter on your website that tracks unique visits to your site, along with some way to analyze the traffic your site receives in order to improve results.

Now that you’ve found your niche, become Internet savvy, have your website up and running and are experiencing some notoriety, make sure to keep track of how your clients found you. Ask them. Also, ask them if they have seen your website.

As you continue to promote yourself aggressively with electronic media, you will eventually become what you’ve always dreamed of – a famous real estate agent!

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Makler Heidelberg

Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
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