Cheap Home Appraisals – 2 Ways You Can Get a Free Home Appraisal

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If you are looking for a cheap home appraisal, or free home appraisal, then read this article. I will show you two ways to get your home’s value for free. In today’s real estate market you need to know the true value of your home before you list it for sale. If you are buying a home you need to know how much that home is really worth in a declining market.

Real Estate Agents – Using a local real estate agent you should be able to get a close estimate of the value of your home or property. Real estate agents have at their fingertips many tools that will give a fairly accurate estimate of your home’s value. What will this cost? Usually it is free. So what’s the catch? Well, most realtors will do this for you in hopes of getting your business. Should you let just any real estate agent do this analysis? I say no. You want to select a real estate agent that is familiar with your subdivision or area. You also want an agent that understands how the features in your home will either increase the estimate or decrease the estimate. Once you receive an home value estimate, then you should use the next method to verify that the estimate is correct.

Home Appraisal Websites – I like using some of the free online home appraisal websites, like HomeGain. HomeGain will give you a fairly descent estimate within a few seconds. All, you have to do is supply your address and a few details about your home. Click the button, and within a second or two you will have a free home appraisal. There are other sites on the internet that do this type of appraisal but many are not free. I suggest that you get at least two estimates from an online source and then compare it with a real estate agents estimate. This should give you a fairly good idea of how much your home is worth.

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Source by Jordan S Ashton

How Soon Can You Be Evicted After The Foreclosure Sheriff Sale?

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Homeowners in foreclosure are rightfully worried about not being able to save their homes and how quickly they will be evicted after the sheriff sale. Although the lender and various „experts“ will threaten them with the sheriff showing up the next day to violently kick them out of the house, this is just not the case in foreclosure situation. The county sheriff and the eviction crew will not show up the next day after the sheriff sale, and homeowners should ignore the fear-mongering that threatens this possibility.

Owners should be aware of the implications of the foreclosure auction, though. The sheriff sale will transfer ownership of the property, and the foreclosure victims will not own the house after this point. But this does not mean that the eviction process will happen automatically right after the house is auctioned, as there are more steps that will need to be taken by the new owner.

The high bidder at the auction will most likely have to have the sheriff sale confirmed (this is not a specifically detailed step in every state). This can take from a few days to a couple of weeks after the auction, depending on how quickly the courts and new owner act. But this is generally just a simple step in the foreclosure process after the sale that involves the sheriff and judge confirming the auction was for a legal amount and that the deed has now been awarded to the new owner.

The new owner will most likely be the original foreclosing bank that the homeowners had been dealing with in the first place to stop foreclosure. About 95% of foreclosures end up being purchased by the lender, rather than a third party.

In order to evict former homeowners, the lender will have to request the court grant it possession of the property and order the county sheriff to evict any remaining people or personal items and change the locks. This is a legal process, though. Homeowners should not fear that a bunch of government thugs with badges and guns will show up at their house the day after the sheriff sale to kick them out. Of course, this is exactly what happens, but at a later date if the foreclosure victims do not move out in time.

But the entire eviction process can take up to a month after the sale; throwing people out of their homes is not a simple process before or after a county auction. The court will have no problem ordering the eviction (unless the former owners go and try to contest the sale, eviction order, etc.), but the sheriff’s department will have to give notice of the impending removal. This can be as little as posting a piece of paper on the property with three days notice to move. Thus, after the sheriff sale, former homeowners better be prepared to leave on their own or work out another solution.

People facing foreclosure should not be overly concerned about being kicked out of a house with little notice. The sheriff will not just show up the next day or a few hours after the sheriff sale, as there is still a legal process that must be followed for a bank to take back possession of a foreclosed property. Homeowners probably have at least two weeks to a month after the sheriff sale date to arrange for a new place to move into.

In any event, homeowners are always encouraged to call the sheriff’s department to ask them when then eviction will take place. Even more promising, they can also usually ask for a few extra days or a week in order to move everything out and give up the house peacefully. There is still a chance to negotiate with the local government for more time (courts and sheriff) so that the former owners are not taken by surprise by the eviction.

Thus, the banks and government officials will not evict foreclosure victims right away after the auction, but there is no time to spare, either. Having a couple of weeks to move out can give people a chance to find a place and move in at their own pace, but even a month-long eviction process will go by very quickly. If in doubt, homeowners should contact their local government officials and ask about the eviction — the courts or sheriff will be able to inform them of the date and try to work out the most reasonable solution. They want as little trouble after foreclosure as the former homeowners do.

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Source by Nick Heeringa

Can You Juggle a Baby and Being a Mommy Real Estate Agent?

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Many pregnant women and moms of young babies start to think about finding a career that will bring them the opportunity of decent money while also being flexible enough to allow for spending time with the baby. And real estate seems to combine that potential for large commission checks with a flexible schedule. But can you really juggle the demands of motherhood and a real estate business?

If you are pregnant or just had a baby, you’re in luck! It’s a great time to start a real estate business. While pregnant, you have some time to devote to your licensing education and finding a broker. By the time you have your baby, you’re all set to start looking for clients.

But if you have a young baby (or two), you’re still in luck! Most normal human beings LOVE babies. Especially cute babies who aren’t too fussy. If you have a baby who is not walking yet then you have a marketing strategy wrapped up in a baby blanket!

Once the licensing is out of the way and you’ve found a broker, you can hit the ground running and start finding clients. You can easily find clients with your baby in tow, from the mall to the grocery store to Mommy groups. So some of your prospecting can be done while you’re just doing your day-to-day Mommy routine. And you can also take your little one to the real estate broker’s office on those days where you need to drop off paperwork, make copies or perform other office duties.

Once you start working with clients, you can’t get away with taking a baby to every single appointment. Especially on buyer appointments where you are showing multiple properties, it may get a bit arduous to lug a baby with you while opening lockboxes, pulling out keys, opening doors and showing homes that you may not have ever walked through before.

Not to mention that a really cute baby can sometimes be the wrong distraction…you want your clients to buy a home, not drool over how cute your child is. So you have to use your common sense as to when you can include your baby in any aspect of your real estate business.

In these instances, you’ll want to have someone lined up to watch your baby. If you have family or a friend close by who can watch your baby on short notice, that’s ideal. But if you need to make other arrangements, then plan ahead. You need to know what you will do when you have that demanding client who needs to meet you on short notice.

Baby naptimes are a great time for you to prospect for new real estate clients or make phone calls to your current clients. You can research online, create marketing materials, return emails and more.

Can real estate be a great business for mommies of young babies? Most definitely! Much of your real estate business can be worked on with your baby along for the ride. Few other industries are as Mommy-friendly as real estate.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Tina McAllister

How to Sell Fine Art Photography

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The photographs that are created by an artist to impress upon the creative vision are called Fine Art Photographs. Pictures created to display for sale are known as Fine Art Photographs, whereas a photograph taken on a commercial intention and to earn a commission is called Art Photography. Fine art photography is very different from commercial photography and photojournalism.

Gradually, many photographers have started viewing fine art photography with a modern outlook. Light and stage are important to present day photography. Earlier, photographers used natural sources and ready to use stages, such as waterfalls, hills and other natural scenic beauties.

Framing and printing a photograph is another important factor in this kind of photography because it helps in improving the appearance of the photographs and thus betters the chance of selling. Highly glossy wall sized prints are used rather than small prints and glass is commonly used to portray the photographs instead of canvas.

Selling of fine art photography is not an easy task. The basic problem faced during selling this type of photography is fixing the price of the photographs. Economics plays an important role during the fixation of the price of a photograph. There are some other points which should be kept in mind while selling your photographs, such as empathizing your own fine art photograph, understanding the targeted buyer, identify venues for display, fixing reasonable price tag. Aficionados, collectors and patrons basically collect these prints.

Selection of a genuine buyer, for your photographs, is also important. It helps if you try to know your community and the events being held there in different places. You should also understand the buyer’s psychology. The convenient way is to look for local activities in newspapers and the Internet and participate in various competitions. Your primary concern is to attract buyers to your stall and impress upon them by explaining the ideas behind the photos.

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Source by Anne Coster

Beginners Guide to Your Commercial Real Estate Lease

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Trying to completely cover the leasing process in a few paragraphs would have understated its importance. Your rent will be one of, if not the single largest monthly expense. Upon finding a location satisfactory, you must then be able to negotiate the lease to terms which will facilitate your startup, coincide with your anticipating opening (which in our industry is imperative), insure your long-term profitability, and make it possible for you to sell your business in time to someone who may continue on successfully. In order to do so, you must understand that everything is negotiable in a lease. Anything is fair game for discussion. And the stronger your business plan and financials, you will find the more flexible landlords will be.

Negotiating a commercial real estate lease should not be a battle. Remember, and you should not have to remind the landlord of this, that it is in both of your best interests that you are successful. If you lease on bad terms, you go out of business, and they have no tenant. In fact, many landlords now recognize that providing "superior tenant service" begins by making the lease negotiation process as simple and efficient for tenants as possible. As important as it is to arrive at a lease agreement that meets the needs of both tenant and landlord, long delays over minor details serve either party.

It has become more commonplace that landlords have 'standard' alternate clauses prepared to substitute should the situation dictate. This prevails delays in legal counsel having to re-prepare specific language repeatedly.

If you choose to deal with an agent, make sure that they are looking out for YOUR best interest. Just hiring an agent does not commit them to your success. Bear in mind that oftentimes that they are going to be paid by the landlord for filling the space. Building a relationship with your agent can be done, just as building a relationship with your banker, your realtor you bought your home with, or your advertising agent – with communication. Ask around, ask other agents, ask the agent questions, leave nothing to question.


Some basic terminology, to simplify the explanation process.

Request For Proposal (RFP): To be sent, via your agent, to the landlord to request a copy of their standard lease form agreement. The RFP will address many important issues but should always include a section outlining the tenant's expectations with respect to Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and Tax Escalation.

Standard Lease Form Agreement: The standard lease that every landlord has prepared for any commercial property up for lease. Terms and language may differ from property to property, landlord to landlord, but remain very similar in structure.

Base Rent: The asking price for the space itself, not including any taxes, maintenance, insurance, or any type of funded money that may be used for buildout.

CAM: Common Area Maintenance. Do not absorb or mistake CAM for Triple Net, or you may be in for a surprise.

Triple Net: The total between the CAM, taxes, and insurance. Depending on the number of other tenants, you may pay a pro-rata share of this cost, or if you are a free-standing unit, you may have the entire cost.

Gross Rent: The base rent plus the Triple Net. This should be the amount you expect to pay through the lease.

Vanilla Box: Very vague terminology that can vary tremendously. Generally defined as primed drywall shell, concrete floor, basic commercial lighting, electrical to breaker box, and basic HVAC. Depending on the landlord's understanding of a 'vanilla box', you may walk into more or less than this. Make sure the 'vanilla box' is clearly defined in the lease.

CPI: Consumer Price Index. CPI is a government derived number to measure the value of a dollar relative to previous years. CPI is typically the factor used to figure any increase in lease amounts from year to year or during option periods because the government updates the number on regular intervals and it is easily accessed.

Build Out: Also called TI, or Tenant Improvement. This is the amount of money estimated to go from 'vanilla box', to a finished club minus equipment. Build out is a major bargaining tool for you, especially while trying to start with little cash on hand.

Option Periods: Option periods are the time periods, if any, following the initial lease period. Option periods are very important because of the potential fluctuation of lease amounts that may occur. This reveals the importance of the CPI and asking for a cap on the increase. You must define as stringently as possible the costs operating in the future of your business. If you, you may end up paying whatever the market will bear, and that could either put you out of business, kill your profits or business value, or make it is simply impossible to sell.

Before getting into specifics of the lease, remember your objective: Secure the space you want, at the best rate possible, keeping as much money in your pocket as possible, until you decide to want to / are able to, sell at a good price to someone who can continue to make money. When you sell your business you are selling this lease also, so make sure you negotiate with that in mind.

A brief overview of the basics of a lease:

An initial lease period of (x) years, option periods to extend after the initial period. If the landlord is uncomfortable with the option periods, you may extend your initial period to 7 or even 10 years, depending on your assessment of the area. For a longer lease term, if your business plan and financials are strong enough, you may negotiate for a lower lease amount per square foot. Security over a longer duration is more valuable to the landlord than high dollar, short term, shaky tenants.

When negotiating option periods, your objective is to define your future rent as accurately as possible. To do so, the rent should be adjusted relative to the CPI, and a cap of no more than three percent annually should be in place.

I recommend asking for a number of months free rent and / or half rent for several months, from the date the Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Your business needs time to get healthy and grow, and this rent / reduced rent period facilitates that.

When negotiating the buildout, the ideal scenario for you would be that the entire amount will be paid by the landlord. Again, if you have the financials and the business plan, the likelihood of this happening goes up. Even if you do not have strong statements, you can still get some help here. You may get a percentage of the buildout paid for (ideally the larger ticket items – HVAC, electrical, etc.), or the landlord may factor the amount into your lease and you repay it over time, or a combination. Be careful that any concession on the landlord's behalf is not overpopulated for in your dollars per square foot lease amount. If the landlord refuses to pay for any of the buildout, you may have to get them to move on the free / discounted rent duration, or some other facet of the lease.

You should be able to sublet space in your own space to another small, related business. This may be chiropractic, massage, or physical therapy. All considerations should be included, from insurance and liability to the access to the building allowed to these subcontractors.

There should also be a specific clause in the lease relating to your right to assign the lease without undue landlord interference. At any point you decide it is time for you to sell, dealing with a generic right to assign clause is a headache you want to avoid. This is a clause that you may want to have your attorney draw up, to make sure it is strong enough to prevent a problem.

The Lease should contain exclusions that the landlord will not accept competitive businesses in the same center or specified area. This should include all other fitness centers, and may include tanning centers, weight loss centers, supplement stores / juice bars, massage therapists, etc.

Signage should not be overlooked by the tenant, as you can be sure that the landlord has not. First, make sure of your legal rights in your community as they refer to signage. Research sign codes and get in writing exactly what those rights and codes are from the landlord. It must be absolutely clear to both parties exactly what the expectations are with the signage. Size, colors, attachment, etc., all have to be defined and understood in order to avoid any last minute surprises due to violations.

One final note, but certainly not missing in importance, is the required guarantee on the lease. Similar to banks, most landlords will want you to sign as a business, as a personal guarantor, and possibly a co-signor will be needed. It is in your best interest personally to not sign as a personal guarantor, if at all possible. If the business guarantees the lease, and something goes wrong, the business is liable, but you are not personally. If you personally guarantee the lease, then the landlord may come after your personal assets to satisfy the amount of the lease. This is extremely important if you are involved in a partnership or corporate entity in which the financial burden is unbalanced, meaning someone in the group has more to lose financially. The personal guarantee will also reflect directly on each person's financial statements. This will be very important when you decide, either individually or as a company, to borrow more money. All of this should be addressed in the business plan ahead of time. If the financials are strong, you may be able to sign as a business, and not worry about the personal guarantee. If not, one way to negotiate is to ask for a clause which will let you sign personally for a designated time period, and then if your business and financial statements are healthy enough, to resign as a business only, removing the personal guarantee, and continuing the reminder of the lease.

To increase the likelihood that you sign the lease that you need and are going to get what you pay for, make sure that you:

o Describe in detail the landlord's responsibilities to tenant. For example, a carefully drafted lease will set forth the hours during which heating and air conditioning will be provided and will establish agreed-to temperature and humidity ranges.

o Define what constitutes a default by the landlord and describe the remedies available to the tenant if the landlord fails to perform its obligations. Many landlord lease forms eliminate these provisions entirely or severely water down the remedies available to the tenant.

o Provide a method for quick, inexpensive and final resolution of any disputes over the lease.

o Do not get too emotional about a space or time frame, and make sure you have your money before you sign for anything.

o Negotiate for the future of your business.

Other ideas to consider further:

Option to buy property

Sound proofing the location.

Rent averaging – lower rate escalating yearly to higher rate.

Substantial and Partial Destruction and Timely Remedies.

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Source by Nick Berry

How To Be An Expired Listings Guru (Note: This Is 100% Legal)

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The biggest mistake you can make in real estate sales is overlooking the ripest fruit.

Where is the ripest fruit in real estate sales?

Here is the list of the easiest targets for your quality, professional real estate brokerage services:

In order of COLD TO HOT prospects:

9. People hiding under random targets (cold calling, door knocking)

8. People you know (your „sphere“) (just slightly better than random)

7. People who have listed property with a competing real estate broker

6. People who promise someone they will list their property

5. People who promise you they will list their property soon

4. People who have listed, and are currently dissatisfied with their broker

3. People who, today, will drop their current broker and might look for a new one

2. People who promised to give you the listing

And the NUMBER ONE HOT PROSPECT is sort of almost a client already:

1. People who signed a listing agreement with you that is post-dated for the day their current listing agreement expires

I am sure this list could be fortified in many ways. In some of my writings on my website I let you know about some more prospects and how to get them. But for right now I want to let you in on a little-known secret.

This secret is information that most real estate salespeople would pay a lot of money to get, and I will give it to you free here.

The way to get this information is to log into the MLS system of your choice (Rappatoni, MLX, e.g.) and search the database for listings which expire within two weeks. NOT EXPIRING TODAY. That is too late.

Then, contact those sellers with a very plainly stated letter which says in BOLD CAPS: this is not a solicitation to list your property during the present time, but in the future, when NO OTHER LISTING MIGHT EXIST on your property.

Include a statement a listing agreement. Why? Because your sellers may be interested in selling their property still, if their current broker does not hold up.

Make sure you POSTDATE the listing agreement and put it in the envelope.

OK, the big question is….

…Is this ethical? Absolutely. Here is why.

From the REALTOR® Code of Ethics : Standard of Practice 16-4: REALTORS® shall not solicit a listing which is currently listed exclusively with another broker. However, if the listing broker, when asked by the REALTOR®, refuses to disclose the expiration date and nature of such listing; i.e., an exclusive right to sell, an exclusive agency, open listing, or other form of contractual agreement between the listing broker and the client, the REALTOR® may contact the owner to secure such information and may discuss the terms upon which the REALTOR® might take a future listing or, alternatively, may take a listing to become effective upon expiration of any existing exclusive listing…. – Emphasis mine

This practice is known as the Postdated Listing. It is a real contract, but its effective date is after the expiration of the current exclusive listing.

Now, there may be a problem with exclusive listings broker in this case. The broker may say, „You found my listing through the MLS and that is unethical.“ You tell that broker, „The unethical thing is for you to take a listing which is not selling. I am not protruding into your listing agreement. You may sign another, postdated listing or get the listing extended. I am not prohibiting you to do that. And if you have done a good job, your client will sign again. But let’s let the seller decide.“

Be professional, be polite, be a business person. But be competitive. Don’t sit back and wait for the expiration of the listing, or you may find that one of your competitors had the same idea but took action, and that seller will put a new sign up the very next day after the active listing expires…. And you would be too late.

Enjoy this sales tactic, and think through it properly. Also beware that you may make some enemies using this technique. But the only competitor that everyone likes is the one who lays on the ground and does nothing to challenge your business.

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Source by Brooks Hanes

The Purpose of an RSS Feed – In Simple Terms

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An RSS Feed is a web format used, to publish current information in real time to other websites. You are able to set up an RSS feed on your site which will include automatic feeds from other websites or any specific page, topic that interest you.

Visitors to your website can see updates from other websites in real time from the RSS feed. It is also useful to provide notification of anything which is happening. A RSS feed can be pretty handy for those who want up-to-date information from their favorite site or to be able to combine all their favorite sites so they can see them all in one feed.

RSS feed is actually great tool for business owners. A business owner could use feeds to keep his visitors updated on current, updated information of any industry. Visitors would be able to see it on the feed and do not need to leave the website to read it.

News websites make good use of RSS feeds to draw in customers. Many people out there subscribe to a news site to keep themselves updated on current events and to have news within easy reach. It is a way to stay informed. You can get all the information you need on one page, without going from page to page or site to site. It is like having someone constantly feeding you the latest information on what is happening around the world.

Be rest assured as well that your readers or subscribers would not be overwhelmed with details. The feed would provide just the right amount of details. If a reader wants more details, they could simply click the item and go to the website where the information is coming from.

There are sources of information that can be accessed through RSS feeds:

* Forum feeds

* Blog feeds

* Article feeds

* News feeds

Feeds are particularly useful for broadcasting news on many subjects like houses for sale, upcoming events, auctions, legal items, job listing and entertainment. The possibilities of their usage are practically endless.

When people subscribe to your feed, they know that they can rely on you to provide them with interesting information and to keep them updated on all the information they want to know. You, on the other hand, could use RSS feeds to post items of interest (or information which adds value to others) which you want to be sure people are aware of. Of course, visitors have the option of opting out of the feeds anytime that they want.

Use RSS feeds as a strategy to market and to supply the public with value-added information.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Louis YP Ng

Why a Good Bartender Has the Skills to Be a Good Real Estate Agent

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Some people do begin their real estate careers right after high school or college, but most come to real estate after doing something else. Some have retired, and other are just looking for a change of pace.

When writing agent bios I always look at those past careers to see how they can tie in to real estate sales. Often past experiences can reinforce the skills that the agent wants to emphasize.

Some past careers make for a tougher transition than others. For instance, school teachers have to teach themselves listening skills after years of being the one doing the talking. On the other hand, a good school teacher has the skills to educate buyers and sellers about the reality of today’s market.

That’s one skill that a bartender might not have, but I think good bartenders possess the majority of skills needed for a successful career in real estate.

My definition of a good bartender is one who has a following – a person who is a „draw“ for the establishment where they work. They can mix a good drink, but it’s their people skills that turn occasional customers into „regulars.“

So what skills do bartenders possess that would make them be good real estate agents?

A good bartender knows how to listen. Just think of the time they spend listening to their customers. And while they may not have to listen wholeheartedly to everyone, they need to pay close attention to their regulars. Just as good real estate agents need to pay close attention to their buyers and sellers.

And then they’d better have a good memory. Not only does he (or she, of course!) need to remember what each person at the bar wants when they hold up a finger for another drink, he needs to remember what to set down in front of a regular when they walk in. And then, he needs to remember what that person does for a living, the names of their children, etc. Agents need to remember the personal information along with their clients‘ wants and needs.

A good bartender respects what the customer wants – he doesn’t try to suggest that something else might do. As an agent, he probably won’t show someone a home on a busy street if they’ve specified wanting to live on a quiet cul-de-sac.

A good bartender can talk to people from all walks of life and treat them equally. He must be non-judgmental and friendly, in all but the most extreme cases. And when faced with those extreme cases he has to think and act quickly without getting flustered. Good practice for dealing with the surprises buyers and sellers sometimes spring on an agent.

A good bartender knows how to keep confidential information. Good bartenders can’t be gossips. Can you imagine how fast they’d lose their following if they started mentioning that Mr. Smith came in for a drink with Miss Jones, or if they mentioned that a salesperson from X company was involved in a long conversation with the owner of Z company? In real estate, keeping client information confidential is a must.

A good bartender has to have people-management skills. He needs to be able to say „You’ve had enough“ without turning a customer into an enemy. That takes a bit of finesse! This skill could translate well into the finesse that’s needed when clients ask an agent to do things that go against regulations.

So – if you’re a bartender and thinking of a change, consider real estate. You have the skills!

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Source by Marte Cliff

Marketing Plans for Commercial Real Estate Office Sales or Leasing

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When it comes to marketing commercial real estate office space for sale or lease, it is important to understand the end target market that you are trying to reach. A few key decisions about the property and the location need to be made before the marketing strategy and campaign are implemented.

Vendor Paid Advertising

At the outset it should be said that client or vendor paid advertising or marketing is the norm in commercial office property marketing and should be sought at each and every opportunity. Any vendor that chooses a real estate agent based on the offer of ‚free‘ or ‚discounted‘ marketing are doing themselves an injustice. Getting the message out to the tenants and buyers about the property first and foremost, is of prime importance. A quick sale or lease is far more important than offered savings on marketing costs.

Some experienced agents will rightfully walk away from listings where the client will not contribute to marketing; this is a good idea considering that the client is really not motivated to help themselves sell or lease the property. The client is not really genuine or has not taken the market trends into account. Wasting time on clients that are less than realistic is not good real estate business practice.

Each Property is Special

Every property owner will regard their property as special; they want their challenges resolved as quickly as possible. The only way to do this is to tap into the target market relative to the property given the current levels of enquiry currently. Today the property market is changing and shifting almost on a monthly basis. As the local real estate agent, it is important to understand those shifts and changes so that each and every property can be correctly matched to the trends in the local area.

Here are some key questions to address in the marketing campaign for the property listing.

  1. Identify exactly who the ideal purchaser or occupier is for the office property. Factors that will have impact on the decisions here will be time of promotion, indicative price or rent, and the levels of improvements.
  2. Given the ideal purchaser or tenant for the property, how large is the audience and where can they be located? How can you reach this target audience?
  3. Most buyers and tenants for any property that is taken to the market today are already located in the local area. That is why local knowledge and networking is so important in your role as a real estate agent.
  4. What message should the property and advertising promote? What facts and points of difference does the property give you to work with in the marketing?
  5. Is the property known locally, does it have a history of note, and is that good or bad? Obviously these factors may have impact on your marketing choices.
  6. What segments of the media will best connect with the target audience for the property? Think outside the box with this. Use both traditional and non-traditional methods of marketing.
  7. How will you track the marketing impact or enquiries, so you know what results are achieved? This fact is critical so you can make changes with the marketing for things that do not work.
  8. What message should go into each advertisement? Advertising content is far more important than the media that is used when it comes to generating enquiry.
  9. What advertising budget do you have to reach the target audience? If money is limited, create 3 alternative budgets for the client to choose from. They will usually choose the middle of the range.

The marketing of office space and office property is a simple process if you keep to these rules that help you build the campaign.

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How to Optimize Your Tenant Mix Analysis

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In a retail shopping centre, a tenant mix analysis remains the most important part of property performance. When you get the tenant profiles and mix well balanced you can drive more sales to the property and strengthen the rental for the landlord. It is an ‚equation‘ of property performance, and it should be respected.

In these times where retail shopping and shopping centre performance is under some pressure, it is essential that you do a property business plan once per year and bring into that plan key elements of activity and planning. The parts of that plan should include:

  • Tenant mix analysis
  • Tenant mix strategy
  • Lease standards
  • Anchor tenants
  • Vacancy management plan
  • Vacancy marketing
  • Income and Expenditure analysis and benchmarks
  • Customer profiles
  • Sales records for tenant segments
  • Marketing strategies for the property
  • Landlord lifecycle plans
  • Tenant retention programs
  • Capital expenditure and refurbishment initiatives
  • Maintenance planning
  • Competitor analysis

So let’s go back to the point of analysing the tenant mix. Here are some ideas to help you get started with that.

  1. What anchor tenants do you have in the property and how long do they have remaining in occupancy? If your anchor tenant is important to the property and the mix (that is likely to be the case), you will need a renewal or replacement program that is in place to resolve any vacancy threat.
  2. Specialty tenants should be well matched to the property and the shopper. The placement of specialty tenants should occur in ‚clusters‘ that encourage sales and shopper attention. If a shopper purchases goods in one shop, the adjacent shops should be complementary to potentially extend the sale potential from each shopper purchase.
  3. Some of your tenants will be ‚destination‘ in type. That means you will see people visit that shop regardless of its location. A post office is a good example. In a shopping centre it is good to have a few of these destination tenants and spread them into locations where they benefit the overall tenant mix.
  4. Look at the ‚permitted use‘ as detailed in each of the tenants leases. For example, and when it comes to food courts, it is important to ensure that the ‚permitted uses‘ and ‚exclusivities‘ noted in each lease are respected. One of the most common problems in a food court is the sale and providing of ‚coffee‘. If you have a major coffee shop retailer in the shopping centre, you could be destroying its trade by allowing every other retailer to sell coffee. That is where a ‚permitted use‘ strategy is useful.

Taking all of these issues, you can plan the tenant mix and tenant profile in the property. A successful retail property is all about strategy and planning. If you manage or lease a shopping centre, it is your job to recognise that fact and implement the plan.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Source by John Highman