What is the Title Company’s Responsibilities?

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Buying and selling real estate is certainly not an easy proposition; innumerable factors have to be taken into consideration, exhaustive researches have to be conducted, important financial and legal matters have to be efficiently handled, and endless paperwork has to be done meticulously. In such a complex scenario, the helping hand of the Title Company provides the much needed relief and peace of mind.

What is a Title Company?

Before we deal with the definition of the Title Company, it is essential to understand the term Title. A Title is basically a document that confirms that a particular person or company is the owner of the property. It is very different from Possession, where a person just holds the property, irrespective of whether he has any right to do so or not. Title, on the other hand, confirms true ownership.

The company that looks for such Title Deeds is called a Title Company. In addition to this, the company examines the title thoroughly to validate its authenticity, and also tries to delve out all the legal and financial issues related to the property. Furthermore, it facilitates the smooth closing of the real estate deal.

What exactly are the responsibilities of a Title Company?

The primary responsibility of a Company tackling issues related to the title is to search for the Title Deed to ascertain whether the seller is the true owner of the property or not. Apart from the ownership details, the company also looks for possession details. False claims can adversely affect the deal; for this reason, Title research is crucial.

The next important responsibility of a Title Company is to find out all the legal and financial upheavals that are bordering the property. Pending litigations, back taxes, first and second mortgages, debt, mechanical liens, and so forth are the matters of grave concern. Although they have to be tackled by the seller, but when the deal closes, the buyer becomes the owner of the property and thereby inherits all these hassles. If you wish to acquire a clean and clear title, hire a Title Company without a second doubt.

Yet another significant responsibility of the Company checking titles is to help in closing the deal properly. When the deal is about to be closed, tons of documents have to be read and signed. A good company not only makes the process really easy, but also helps you to understand all the intricate terms and phrases. When you mind is clear of confusion, you can think about and enjoy your newfound landowner status.

Some additional duties that a Title Company performs

An important responsibility of the Company dealing with titles is to issue title insurance. A superlative company would leave no stone unturned to authenticate the legitimacy of the Title Document. However, if the company makes any mistake in finding the ownership details or tracking the legal and financial problems associated with the property, the title insurance would provide you all the protection. Thus, title insurance is exceedingly important, but such a situation is preventable too. All you need to do is to select a Title Company that has an impeccable track record.

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31 Items to Put in Your Lease Addenda Rental Form

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The Lease Addenda is a very, very important form for landlords. This lease addenda spells out in plain English all the key things that we’ve learned over the years that our renters really need to be informed about. This document includes but is not limited to (there are actually 31 items covered in this document) items like:

  1. Deposits and last month rent (not to be used for).
  2. Due dates and late fees for rent.
  3. Smoke Alarm Batteries Reminder
  4. Air Conditioning Filter Reminder
  5. Landscaping Responsibilities
  6. Unauthorized Repairs / Improvements
  7. 30 Days Notice Reminder
  8. Criminal Activity
  9. Move-in Inspection (Rental Property Condition) Reminder
  10. Subletting

You’ll want to copy and paste these items as well as others items that you can think of that make sense for your specific property into the body of the document at the bottom of this post (which is just a sample header and footer for ease of use). So, with out further ado, here are the 31 items that we put in every lease addenda for every rental agreement that we sign with a tenant:

  1. Tenant understands that the Security/Cleaning/Redecorating Deposit is NOT to be used toward the last month’s rent.
  2. Rents are due on the 1st of each month and are delinquent on the 2nd. 5-day notices will be served; there is a service fee for each notice, and this is charged to the tenant. Late fee is $35.00 per day retroactive from the 5th day of the month.
  3. Tenant shall take responsibility for checking batteries in the Smoke Alarm at least once a month and replacing when needed. If the smoke alarm is not functioning, the Tenant should notify Owner/Landlord immediately.
  4. Tenants are to change air conditioner filters every 30 days. Tenant’s failure to change filters may cause the Tenant to be billed for damages. Tenant to maintain the home interior in a neat, orderly and „maid serviced“ manner. Failure to do so may be a cause for excess wear and tear, and may be considered a material breach of the lease terms.
  5. The Tenant is responsible for maintaining the lawns, desert landscaping, shrubs, trees and other landscaping including mowing and trimming. Failure to maintain the exterior of the premises is justification to withhold deposits to restore the property to pre-rental condition.
  6. Repairs caused by resident neglect or negligence will be charged to the Tenant (i.e. a child’s toy causes blockage in a toilet or sewer line, or excess hair stops up sink or shower line). Such charges must be paid within ten (10) days of written notice from the Landlord/Owner.
  7. The Property Owner/Landlord will NOT pay for unauthorized repairs.
  8. Tenants will not work on/repair vehicles at the premises; there should be no unregistered, non-functioning or commercial vehicles parked on, in front of or adjacent to the property that is visibly in sight from the street.
  9. The Owner/Landlord only warrants serviceability on the following appliances: air conditioner, heater, conventional water heaters, range/oven, refrigerator and dishwasher, if provided, and all other major electrical and plumbing systems. Owner/Landlord does not warrant or repair washer(s) and dryer(s).
  10. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to acquire and maintain liability insurance if the Tenant has a waterbed and/or pet. As noted in lease, written permission must be obtained from the Owner/Landlord to install a waterbed or have a pet at the property.
  11. The Owner/Landlord is not responsible for the Tenants personal belongings. Tenant understands that they may choose to obtain Renters/Tenants Insurance.
  12. Tenant must give written notice thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of this agreement to vacate or renew. On a month-to-month basis, the termination of this lease can only coincide with the end of a calendar month, unless agreed to by all parties.
  13. Tenant is to allow Landlord/Owner/Real Estate Agents to show the property for lease or sale during the last thirty (30) days of tenancy with proper notice. Tenant will allow placement of a Lockbox with property key the last 30 days of tenancy. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of deposits.
  14. Tenant may obtain a free copy of the AZ Residential Landlord/Tenant Act from the Secretary of State office.
  15. Non-refundable fees will be applied to the following: cleaning/carpet cleaning/re-keying property.
  16. Tenant acknowledges receipt of a move-in inspection form. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to return to Owner/Landlord within ten (10) days of occupancy.
  17. Criminal Activity: Tenant(s) or members of Tenant’s household will not permit the dwelling to be used for, or to facilitate criminal activity, including drug related activity, regardless of whether the individual engaging in such activity is a member of the household or a guest. Violation of this provision shall be a material and irreparable violation of the lease and good cause for immediate termination of tenancy. Proof of violation shall not require criminal conviction, but shall be by preponderance of the evidence.
  18. Indemnity: Tenant(s) shall indemnify and hold Owner harmless from and against any and all claims, liability, penalties, damages, expenses and judgements for injuries or accidents to people or property of any nature however caused, occurring on or about the leased premises during the lease term and any other period of occupancy, including costs, expenses, attorney’s fee incurred by Owner in defense of any such claims, whether or not such claims are adequately covered by insurance.
  19. Waiver: Either party’s waiver of any breach of this lease shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any such breach on subsequent occasion, and failure of either party to insist on performance of the terms, agreements and conditions of this lease shall not constitute a relinquishment of such party’s right thereafter to enforce such term, agreement or condition but the same shall remain in full force and effect. Should any provision or any part thereof in this lease agreement be determined unenforceable or illegal, the remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect.
  20. Utilities: Tenant(s) are responsible for having all utilities placed in their own name(s) prior to move in. Tenant further agrees to pay any and all deposits (if any) as required by utility companies.
  21. Assignment and Subletting: The Tenant may not assign or sublet the premises without the express written permission of the Landlord/Owner. An application fee will be charged by the Landlord/Owner to cover the cost of credit and background checks.
  22. Alterations: The Tenant shall make no alteration, addition or improvement to the property, either inside or outside, without the written consent of the Owner/Landlord.
  23. If property has an electric garage door opener, remotes will be operable upon move-in. Remotes are not warranted beyond move-in.
  24. Tenant agrees to return all house keys, mailbox keys, garage door openers and any other keys at time of move out. A $75.00 re-keying fee will be charged if all keys are not returned and $35.00 for each garage door remote.
  25. Tenant agrees to conduct a final walk-through inspection with Landlord/Owner at the end of the lease term. Tenant agrees to have all personal property removed from the premises at the time of final walk-through inspection. Owner/Landlord has no obligation to conduct a joint move-out inspection with the Tenant if A.R.S. 33-1321C shall apply.
  26. FIRSTNAME LASTNAME and FIRSTNAME LASTNAME are owners of said property.
  27. Tenant understands that smoking is not permitted inside the home or garage.
  28. Tenant agrees to notify Landlord/Owner immediately of any water leaks that occur (i.e. leaks at sinks/vanities/tubs/showers/laundry spigots/appliances, ceiling stains or any water penetrations observed).
  29. Tenants are responsible for carpets being professionally cleaned prior to lease expiring; proof of cleaning is by receipt.
  30. If property is located in a homeowners association, Tenant is responsible for any fines assessed to property for violations caused by the Tenant. The two most common violations are garbage cans being left out on non-pick-up days and weed control. Homeowner’s rules and regulations are available upon written request only.
  31. In the event that the property is sold the lease / rental agreement between landlord and tenant is cancelled on the date the new owner takes possession of the property. Tenant has 30 days to vacate the property or sign a new lease with the new owner at the owner’s option.

Actual.pdf and word documents are available on the post of this article I made on my blog. Located here:


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Makler Heidelberg

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10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost Real Estate Agents Thousands

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Are you satisfied with the amount of taxes you pay? Are you confident that you’re taking advantage of every available tax break? But most of all, is your tax preparer giving you proactive advice to save on your taxes?

The bad news is that you probably do pay too much tax and you’re probably not taking advantage of every tax break. And most preparers do a poor job of actually saving their clients money.

The good news is that you don’t have to feel that way. You just need a better plan. This article reveals some of the biggest tax mistakes that business owners make. Then, it gives brief solutions to actually solve these problems. Please note that this article is designed to be an informational tool only. Before you implement any of these strategies, you should consult a tax professional for more specific guidelines and requirements.


The first mistake is the biggest mistake of all. It is failing to plan. It doesn’t matter how good your tax preparer is with your stack of receipts on April 15. If you didn’t know that you could write off your kid’s braces as a business expense, it’s too late to do anything when your taxes are prepared the following year.

Tax coaching is about giving you a plan for minimizing your taxes. What should you do? When should you do it? How should you do it?

And tax coaching offers two more powerful advantages. First, it’s the key to your financial defenses. As a real estate agent, you have two ways to put more cash in your pocket. Financial offense is increasing your income. Financial defense is reducing your expenses. For most agents, taxes are their biggest expense. So it makes sense to focus your financial defense where you spend the most.

And second, tax coaching guarantees results. You can spend all sorts of time, effort and money promoting your business. But that can’t guarantee results. Or you can set up a medical expense reimbursement plan, deduct your daughter’s braces, and guarantee tax savings.


The second big mistake is nearly as important as the first, and that’s fearing, rather than respecting the IRS.

What does the kind of tax planning we’re talking about do to your odds of being audited? The truth is, most experts say it pays to be aggressive. That’s because overall audit odds are so low that most legitimate deductions aren’t likely to wave „red flags.“

Audit rates are actually as low as they’ve ever been for 2008 – the overall audit rate was just one in every 99 returns. Roughly half of those audits targeted the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income working families. The IRS primarily targets small businesses, especially sole proprietorships, and cash industries like pizza parlors and coin-operated laundromats with opportunities to hide income and skim profits.


If you’re like most business owners, you pay as much in self-employment tax as you do in income tax. If that’s the case, you might consider setting up an „S“ corporation or limited liability company to reduce that tax.

If you run your business as a sole proprietor, you’ll report your net income on Schedule C. You’ll pay tax at whatever your personal rate is. But you’ll also pay self-employment tax of 15.3% on your first $106,800 of „net self-employment income“ and 2.9% of anything above that in 2010.

Let’s say your profit at the end of the year is $60,000. You’ll pay income tax at your regular tax rate, depending on your total taxable income. But you’ll also pay about $9,200 in self-employment tax. This tax replaces the Social Security and Medicare tax that your employer would pay and withhold if you weren’t self-employed.

An „S“ corporation is a special corporation that’s taxed like a partnership. The corporation pays the owners a reasonable wage for the work they do. If there’s any profit left over, it passes through to the shareholders, and the shareholders pay the tax on their own returns. So the „S“ corporation splits the owner’s income into two parts, wages and pass-through distributions.

„S“ corporations are so attractive because even though you pay the same 15.3% on your wages as you would on your self-employment income, there is no Social Security or self-employment tax due on the dividend pass-through. Let’s say your S corporation earns the same $60,000 as your proprietorship. If you pay yourself $30,000 in wages, you’ll pay about $4,600 in Social Security taxes. But you’ll totally avoid $4,600 in self-employment tax on the $30,000 pass-through distribution.

The „S“ corporation takes a little more paperwork to operate than the proprietorship. And you have to pay yourself a reasonable wage for your service. That means something like you’d pay for an outside employee to do the same work. But the IRS is on the lookout for agents who take all their income as pass-through. The reasonable wage for agents varies, depending on the amount of time spent on real estate activities and your location.


If you want to save more than the current $5,000 limit (additional $1,000 for taxpayers 50 or older) for IRA’s, you have three main choices: Simplified Employee Pensions (SEPs), SIMPLE IRAs, or 401ks. Generally, if you have a business retirement plan, it must be offered to all your employees and the calculations for contributions must be applied in the same manner as for yourself or any family employees.

The SEP and SIMPLE IRAs are the easiest plans to set up and administer. There’s no annual administration or paperwork required. Contributions are made directly into employee retirement accounts. For SEP plans, self-employed individuals can contribute up to 25% of your „net self-employment income,“ to a maximum of $49,000 for 2010. For SIMPLE IRAs, the maximum contribution for 2010 is $11,500 (50 or older can contribute an extra $2,500 catch-up.) SIMPLE IRAs may be best for part-time or sideline businesses earning less than $40,000. You can also hire your spouse and children, and they can make SEP or SIMPLE contributions.

For even larger retirement contributions not limited to 25% of your self-employment income, consider a 401(k) retirement plan. You can even set up what’s called a „solo“ or „individual“ 401(k) just for yourself. The 401(k) is a true „qualified“ plan. And the 401(k) lets you contribute far more money, far more flexibly, than either the SEP or the SIMPLE. For 2009, you and your employees can „defer“ 100% of your income up to $16,500. If you’re 50 or older, you can make an extra $5,500 „catch-up“ contribution. You can also choose to match your employees‘ contributions, or make profit-sharing contributions up to 25% of their pay. That’s the same percentage you can save in your SEP – on top of the $16,500 or $22,000 deferral, for a total maximum contribution of $49,000 per person in 2010. 401(k)’s are generally more difficult to administer. There are anti-discrimination rules to keep you from stuffing your own account while you stiff your employees. Like SEPs and SIMPLE IRAs, you can still hire your spouse and contribute to their account.

If you’re older and you want to contribute more than the $49,000 limit for SEPs or 401(k)’s, consider a traditional defined benefit pension plan where you can contribute an amount to guarantee up to $195,000 in annual income. Defined benefit plans have required annual contributions. But you can combine a defined benefit plan with a 401(k) or SEP to give yourself a little more flexibility.


Hiring your children and grandchildren can be a great way to cut taxes on your income by shifting it to someone who pays less.

  • The IRS has upheld deductions for children as young as 7.
  • Their first $5,700 of earned income in 2010 is taxed at zero to the child. That’s because of the standard deduction for a single taxpayer – even if you claim them as your dependent. Their next $8,375 is taxed at just 10%. So, you can shift quite a bit of income downstream.
  • You have to pay them a „reasonable“ wage for the service they perform. This is what you would pay a commercial vendor for the same service, with an adjustment made for the child’s age and experience. So, if your 12-year-old son cuts grass for your rental properties, pay him what a landscaping service might charge. If your 15-year-old daughter helps keep your books, pay her a bit less than a bookkeeping service might charge.
  • To audit-proof your return, write out a job description and keep a timesheet.
  • Pay by check so you can document the payment.
  • You have to deposit the check into an account in the child’s name. But the account can be a ROTH IRA, Section 529 college savings plan, or custodial account that you control until they turn 21.
  • If your business is unincorporated, you don’t have to withhold for Social Security until they turn 18. So this really is tax-free money. You’ll have to issue them a W-2 at the end of the year. But this is painless compared to the tax you’ll waste if you don’t take advantage of this strategy.


Surveys used to show that taxes were small business owners‘ main concern. But now it is skyrocketing health care costs. If you’re self-employed and pay for your own health insurance, you can deduct is as an adjustment to income on Page 1 of Form 1040. If you itemize deductions, you can deduct unreimbursed medical and dental expenses on Schedule A, if they total more than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. But most of us don’t spend that much.

But there is a way to write off all your medical bills as business expenses. It’s called a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP), or Section 105 Plan. This is an employee benefit plan, which means it requires an employee. If you operate your business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or S corporation, you’re considered self-employed and don’t qualify. But if you’re married, you can hire your spouse. If you’re not married, you can do this with a C corporation. But you don’t have to be incorporated. You can do this as a sole proprietor or LLC by hiring your spouse.

The one exception is the S corporation. If you own more than 2% of the stock, you and your spouse are both considered self-employed for purposes of this rule. You’ll need to use another source of income, not taxed as an S corporation, as the basis for this plan.

Let’s say that you are a self-employed real estate agent and you’ve hired your husband. The MERP plan lets you reimburse your employee for all medical and dental expenses he incurs for his entire family -including you as his spouse. All of these expenses qualify for reimbursement: major medical insurance, long-term care coverage, Medicare and Medigap insurance, co-payments, deductibles, prescriptions, dental care, eye care, chiropractic care, orthodontists, fertility treatments, special schools for learning-disabled children, vitamins and herbal supplements, medical supplies and even over-the-counter medicines.

You can reimburse your employee or pay health care providers directly. You will need a written plan document and a method to track your expenses. There’s no special reporting required. You’ll save income tax and self-employment tax.

If you have non-family employees, you have to include them too, but you can exclude employees who are: under age 25, work less than 35 hours per week, work less than nine months per year, or have worked for you less than three years. Non-family employees may make it too expensive to reimburse everyone as generously as you would cover your own family. But, if you’re offering health insurance, you can still use a Section 105 plan to cut your employee benefit cost. You can do it by switching to a high-deductible health plan, and using a Section 105 plan to replace those lost benefits.

For example, a married self-employed agent with two children pays 25% in federal income tax and 15.3% in self-employment tax. A traditional insurance plan was replaced with a high-deductible plan – $5,000 for the family which cut his premium by $7,620. So, even if he hits that $5,000 deductible, he saves $2,620 in premiums. And now, since he deducts his medical costs from his business income, his self-employment tax savings add another $1,156 to his bottom line. He’ll save at least $3,121 in taxes by switching from his traditional healthcare plan to the Section 105 Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan.

If you can’t use a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan, consider the new Health Savings Accounts. These arrangements combine a high-deductible health plan with a tax-free savings account to cover unreimbursed costs.

To qualify, you’ll need a „high-deductible health plan“ with a deductible of at least $1,200 for singles or $2,400 for employees and an out-of-pocket limit of $5,950 for singles or $11,900 for families in 2010. Neither you nor your spouse can be covered by a „non-high deductible health plan“ or Medicare. The plan can’t provide any benefit, other than certain preventive care benefits, until the deductible for that year is satisfied. You’re not eligible if you’re covered by a separate plan or rider offering prescription drug benefits before the minimum annual deductible is satisfied.

Once you’ve established your eligibility, you can open a deductible health savings account. You can contribute 100% of your deductible up to $3,050 for singles or $6,150 for families. You can use it for most kinds of health insurance, including COBRA continuation and long-term care plans. You can also use it for the same sort of expenses as a Section 105 plan.

The Health Savings Account isn’t as valuable as the Section 105 plan. You’ve got specific dollar contribution limits, and there’s no self-employment tax advantage. But Health Savings Accounts can still cut your overall health-care costs.


If your home office qualifies as your principal place of business, you can deduct a portion of your rent, mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance, home maintenance and repairs and utilities. You will also depreciate your home’s basis over 39 years as nonresidential property.

To qualify as your principal place of business, you must (1) use it „exclusively“ and „regularly“ for administrative or management activities, and (2) have no other fixed location where you conduct substantial administrative or management activities of your trade or business. „Regularly“ generally means 10-12 hours per week. The space doesn’t have to be an entire room.

Your business use percentage is calculated by either dividing the number of rooms used by the total rooms in the home if they are roughly equal, or by dividing the square feet used by the total square footage in the home. Special rules apply when you sell your sell your home, but the home office deduction is still a very valuable deduction for most agents.


If you take the standard mileage deduction for your business, you may be seriously shortchanging yourself. Every year there are various vehicle operating surveys that are published. Costs vary according to how much you drive – but if you’re taking the standard deduction for a car that costs more than 50 cents/mile, you’re losing money every time you turn the key. If you’re taking the standard deduction now, you can switch to the „actual expense“ method if you own your car, but not if you lease. You also can’t switch from actual expenses to the standard deduction if you’ve taken accelerated depreciation on the vehicle.


The basic rule is that you can deduct the cost of meals with a bona fide business purpose. This means clients, prospects, referral sources, and business colleagues. And how often do you eat with someone who’s not one of those people? For real estate agents and other professionals that market themselves, this might be „never.“ Generally, you can deduct 50% of your meals and entertainment as long as it isn’t „lavish or extraordinary.“

You don’t need receipts for business expenses under $75 (except lodging), but you need to record the following information: (1) How much?, (2) When?, (3) Where?, (4) Business Purpose?, and (5) Business Relationship.

You can also deduct entertainment expenses if they take place directly before or after substantial, bona fide discussion directly related to the active conduct of your business. You can deduct the face value of tickets to sporting and theatrical events, food and beverages, parking, taxes and tips.


Now that you see how real estate agents like you miss out on any so many tax breaks, you should realize what the biggest mistake of all is – failing to plan. Have you ever heard the saying „if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?“ It’s a cliché because it’s true.

With just a simple investment of your time, you can implement valuable tax-saving strategies that will make a major difference come April 15.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Julie Bohn

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest – What to Do When He Is Getting Tired of You

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Learning how to recognize the signs your boyfriend is losing interest can save you lots of anxiety and heartache. When you understand men better, you can finally stop wondering if you’re being over-sensitive, and figure out what to do when he is getting tired of you instead.

Read on to see whether you should be worried about the state of your relationship…

Sign #1: He picks on you.

Do you remember a time when you could do no wrong in his eyes? A time when your flaws seemed adorable to him? When a man is interested in you, it’s easy for him to look past your flaws. But when your boyfriend starts losing interest in you, and doesn’t want to be honest about it, you’ll notice him picking on your faults… increasingly. No matter how hard you work to change and please him, nothing seems to be good enough.

Dear girlfriend, if you have to give in to him most of the time – in order to keep the peace in your relationship, it’s a strong sign that your boyfriend is losing interest. A man who is serious about you will do his best to please you. He will be HAPPY to please you – instead of you having to please him.

My advice is it’s time to stop letting him bully you and pull away from him. If he doesn’t treasure you the way you are now, there are no guarantees he’ll love you – no matter how much you change.

Sign #2: He’s too busy to come and look for you.

When a man is genuinely interested in you, he will find a way to come and look for you. No matter how far, no matter what time of the day. „Too busy“ is simply an excuse that’s easy to make. Don’t become the woman who goes out of her way to go and look for him. If he doesn’t have to work hard to chase you, he won’t treasure your presence and relationship. He will get tired of you if you do all his work for him. Hence, if your boyfriend uses the reason „I’m too busy“ more than once a week, as a reason not to ask you out on a date, it’s a warning sign that he’s losing interest.

My advice is to stop waiting around for him. Get busy pursuing your life goals and allow yourself to make friends with other men. He needs to know that if he’s too busy to come and look for you, other men aren’t. You don’t belong to him and you deserve to have a boyfriend who can’t wait to see you everyday.

Sign #3: He doesn’t initiate contact even when you don’t contact him.

Resisting the urge to contact him first when he doesn’t contact you can be very hard (I know it used to be one of the hardest things for me). It takes practice to not call, text or email him first. But you MUST resist… so you can make sure how interested your boyfriend still is about being in a committed, long-term relationship with you. If he doesn’t voluntarily contact you for more than a day, I would take it as a sign your boyfriend is losing interest.

My advice is to ignore his calls and let him sweat a little. If he doesn’t apologize and do something to make you smile, prepare to move on. Don’t forgive your boyfriend’s bad behaviour too easily… because your actions now will determine the way he treats you in the future as well.

Picking on you, using busy as a reason not to date you and not contacting you daily are warning signs your boyfriend is losing interest. Take my advice and walk away when he is getting tired of you. You deserve to be adored and cherished by a man you love.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Rachel Lim Shuling

Where to Find Used Toy Haulers So Cheap You’ll Think You’re Buying a Camper

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Once only created to haul an ATV or a motorcycle, toy haulers have almost become as much of a traveling home as an RV. Some now contain sleeping quarters, bathrooms, and even kitchens. If you have priced one of these units lately, you have seen how attractive used toy haulers can be.

Where to Start Your Search

The typical places to begin are the local classifieds, such as in your newspaper or on Craigslist. However, you are limited to a small number of listings and you should always be a little bit wary of the seller. Few are going to tell you if there is anything wrong. You can find a good deal, as long as you exercise some caution.

The Best Place To Find Used Toy Haulers at Gigantic Discounts

Government auctions are a great alternative for finding toy haulers at the best price. These are units that have been repossessed, seized, or are simply surplus. You will find toy haulers in every possible condition:

New: Repossessed units may only have been off the lot for a couple of months. They may have only seen the road a couple of times. These are sold for dimes on the dollar, as the banks just want to recoup some of their money and storage costs are expensive.

Used: These units may have a few miles on them, but have thousands of miles left. You can find one of these toy haulers about just about every government auction and some starting bids are only a $100.

Repairable: Some of these units may require a few repairs before they are road-worthy. However, when you pay next to nothing for this type of toy hauler, a simple fix or two is worth it.

Scrap: A few units will simply be sold for scrap or for parts only. This could be a great buy if you are looking to repair a toy hauler you already own.

How to Find the Auctions

It used to be very difficult to find the auctions. However, there are several websites today that list these auctions. They are categorized by agency, location, or by the items for sale. You can learn what is required to place a bid, how you can see the items first, and what is required after the sale. If you’re looking for used toy haulers, this is your best option.

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Source by Michael Drover

How Not To Get RIPPED OFF Selling Your Gold Jewelry

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Read this before you sell your gold!

In this difficult economy, more and more people are selling their gold jewelry for cash. Have you seen the people standing out on street corners, spinning their „WE BUY YOUR GOLD“ signs, beckoning you to their stores or booths?

There are a few things you need to know BEFORE you sell your broken and unwanted gold chains, earrings, bracelets, watches and rings. Below is the chart which shows how gold prices have skyrocketed in just one year:

What is your gold worth today?

So how do you calculate the price per gram weight on gold? It’s a little complicated. When your gold is purchased, it is then sent to a refiner. The refiner has a lot of overhead expenses, such as pricey equipment for environmental restrictions (alloys can contain very harmful agents), acids, labor, etc. plus there are impurities also. Your 14K gold may not be exactly 14K gold. Unless it states „14K P“ on the hallmark of your jewelry, it probably is a tad less than 14K. The „P“ means Plumb, or exactly 14K. The refinery will typically charge a 12 to 15% fee for refining down your gold or silver.

Here are equations that we use and will typically work as the NET per gram price, after refining fees: 10K gold: spot price X.0119 = price per gram 14K gold: spot price X.0168 = price per gram 18K gold: spot price X.0220 = price per gram 22K gold: spot price X.02745 = price per gram

You can easily find the current price of gold (spot price) on the Internet. Today gold is about $ 1500 per ounce. That means 14K will be worth: 1500 X.0168 = $ 25.20 per gram to the person that buys your gold. A good price for you to get today for 14K gold would be $17.00 per gram.

What you need to know:

1. If your jewelry has a gemstone(s) in it, chances are you will be giving it to the gold buyer. Almost all of these buyers are interested in ONE THING – the metal. Some of them don’t have a clue about colored gemstones. They usually know about diamonds, but very few know anything about colored gemstones. Some of these buyers will pay you their gold per gram rate for the gemstone, especially if it’s small to medium size. It’s easier for them just to weigh the entire piece of jewelry and pay you – besides, they’re usually making a lot of money on the transaction, and can afford to do it this way. It may not be a good deal for you however. For example… let’s say you have a 14K gold ring with a small blue gemstone in it. The gold buyer will weigh the ring and give you the price based upon the total gram weight of the ring, including the gemstone. That might great for you if that blue stone is quartz or topaz (less expensive colored gemstones), but what if it’s Apatite, Zircon, Aquamarine, Spinel, Blue Diamond, Sapphire, Paraiba or Indicolite Tourmaline,… etc.? Any of these gemstones are very valuable, and it probably would be a good idea to remove the gemstone and either reset it in a setting that you will wear or sell it. When you are talking about gemstones, the weight is measured in Carats. The conversion from Carats to Grams (what your gold is measured in) is: 5 Carats = 1 Gram. So, let’s say you have a 5 carat Paraiba Tourmaline and you choose to leave it in the setting. You will get a price of $15. per gram, so this Paraiba is worth $15. (1 gram). A little checking on the Internet will tell you that Paraiba can be worth upwards of $5,000 per Carat, or $25,000. (This is an extreme example, as Paraiba Tourmaline is copper-bearing and VERY rare, but it illustrates the point).

2. Let’s say you want to have a gold buying party. All of your friends come to the party with their gold jewelry that they don’t wear anymore and want that extra cash that their jewelry might bring. Did you do any price comparisons? There are a lot of people that put on these parties and make a fortune – on your jewelry. Do your homework! ASK THE IMPORTANT QUESTION – HOW MUCH WILL THEY PAY PER GRAM FOR Silver, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and PLATINUM jewelry. It’s much better to use an established, local resource for this party. Ask about security. How many people will be there from the buyer’s business?

3. As of this week, gold is at an all-time high, with the price for 14K to be at about $ 25. per gram. That means an HONEST Gold Buyer will purchase your 14K gold jewelry for about $15. per gram. That’s a good price. Some of the people that are putting on gold buying parties in your home, or in their stores are paying $9. or $10. per gram – that’s a ripoff! Just ask them how much they pay per gram, and comparison shop. This could save you hundreds of dollars!

4. What about Gold Filled, Gold Plated and Silver Jewelry? That is valuable too… same applies – ask the gold buyer what they will pay per gram, and price shop – it’s worth your time.

5. Do not ever – I repeat – ever mail in your gold jewelry to anyone for conversion to cash. They can rip you off any number of ways, i.e., underestimate the gram weight in their favor, etc. Once they have your jewelry, it’s out of your control.

6. Be VERY wary of the new gold buying shops that are popping up everywhere. You will fare much better at an established store that has been there for many years. Whether it’s a pawn shop or a jewelry store, I would give them your business. If their per gram price is less than their competition, I would give them the opportunity to match the price. These gold buying shops that pop up are typically a satellite store of a large business far away, are there for a short time and will severely hurt your long-time trusted local businesses.

7. Recently, there was a gold buying set up at a local Holiday Inn. They did a LOT of advertising, and there were a lot of people who brought their unwanted gold and silver to sell. I was SHOCKED at how people didn’t even realize that they were getting ripped off, and didn’t ask what they would be paid per gram. It turned out to be $ 5.00/gram. One woman had 63 grams of 14K gold (most people had more gold for sale). Because she didn’t realize she was being ripped off, she was thrilled with $315.00 she was paid. She didn’t realize that a fair price for her broken and unwanted jewelry should have been $1,008.00.

8. The current trend right now is Antique Jewelry. If you have really nice piece of Antique Jewelry, and you can’t keep it, get it appraised by a reputable Jeweler – but don’t tell them that you want to sell it (they may quote you a very low appraisal and try to buy it themselves). You might want to try eBay. You will only get wholesale pricing on the jewelry, but it will be better than the scrap prices offered.

9. Remember – the buying and selling of jewelry can be a lot like the car business. They talk „deals“, and some of them employ the same selling tactics. If you are looking to purchase some new jewelry, treat your unwanted jewelry like a used car trade-in. Get the appraisal on the jewelry first, including the gram weight, then negotiate on the new purchase.

In summary:

• always ask what the buyer is willing to pay per gram, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, Silver and Platinum

• shop and compare prices

• never mail your gold for cash

• try to do business with a local merchant (Pawn Broker or Jewelry Store). If they offer less per gram, give them the opportunity to match the price from the pop-up gold buyer

• only use a reputable LOCAL source if you are planning to have a gold buying party; be security conscious and shop for the best price per gram

• determine what the gemstones are in the unwanted jewelry before selling it… if they are worth anything, remove them

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Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Mariel Baker

House Painting Odors – Getting Rid of the Smell

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Homeowners, especially those with small children, often ask me how to get rid of paint odors. It’s such a big concern for some folks that they’ll ask me about potential odor control before they even book the painting estimate.

The good news is that the evolution of house paint has come a long way with low-odor and even odorless lines for some applications. The bad news is there are still so many reasons to use the smelly stuff, especially if you’re repainting an older home. Alkyd (oil-based) and shellac or alcohol primers are especially effective in sealing water damage and old oil painted surfaces to upgrade them to Latex top coats. But they’re also very smelly with potentially long-lasting vapors. Even the most common low-odor alkyd paints often used today to repaint wood work can have a lingering odor for days under the most ventilated conditions.

So how do you get rid of the smell?

I’ve just received an email from a mother asking me that very question. Her young child’s room was painted almost two weeks ago and she’s left the windows open and the fan on ever since. Still, the paint smell is strong enough that she’s concerned about letting the child sleep in the room. The painting of this room involved a lot of priming to cover the dark brown oil paint used by the previous home owner. Since the color needed to be lightened up and the surfaces converted to a far more Eco-friendly Acrylic Latex, a common top brand Alkyd primer was used to give the whole room a fresh start. And although it had „Low Odor“ printed on the can, it obviously was NOT odorless. To compound matters, all the woodwork had to be finished in a leading „Low Odor“ brand of Alkyd semi gloss which produced a smooth lustrous finish as well as a migraine inducing vapor.

So what can you do? Well, there a few ways you can overcome these situations beyond obvious ventilation to control, eliminate and even prevent odors from lingering.

„An ounce of prevention“… Before there was such a thing as „low odor paint“ we used to add a splash of vanilla extract to every gallon of oil paint to make it „low-odor“. It was cheap, easy to do and had no effect on the color. Now that low-odor alkyd paints are commonplace on the market, adding about a tablespoon of vanilla extract makes them virtually odorless.

Or, as in the case above, the painting is already done. It’s too late for vanilla and the smell won’t go away as quickly they’d like. What’s happening here is that the odors are being trapped in the walls while the paint cures and probably in all the fabrics and rugs in the room as well. They need something else to absorb them for good. So, here’s what I advised her to do. Cut up a few onions and place them in a couple of bowls of cold water. Put one of the bowls in the room and the other in the closet. As simple and crazy as it sounds, the onions absorb and actually eliminate the paint fumes and odors… sometimes as quickly as overnight!

I first learned this trick while creating a baby’s room about 17 years ago. I had spent about 5 weeks converting a badly crumbling and dusty old attic room into a nursery pending the baby’s birth. And as it turned out, the baby was born about two weeks early and was ready to come home just as I was finishing the project. The job required a lot of smelly primers and sealers to bury decades of neglect and water damage. As was customary in those days, I added vanilla extract to minimize the paints‘ odor (and damage to my brain cells) but the smell wasn’t clearing up fast enough to bring the newborn in. The homeowner’s Nanny, who was moving into the bedroom next door (and who was also troubled by the smell) used a couple of bowls of cut onions in cold water over night and the smell was gone the next day. I couldn’t believe it!

I’ve recommended this technique ever since with great results. But it should be noted here that this example was in an empty room. In the case of a fully furnished room, as in our case above, you should consider airing out clothing, drapery, rugs or anything else which might be trapping the odors and give them a shot or two of Febreeze to do the trick nowadays.

Now sometimes, there are extreme cases where odors are simply not an option. Some people are highly allergic to the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) contained in paints and the tints used to color them. Some can become quite ill with even short term inhalation of the fumes. In these cases, you have to resort to the whole gamut of tricks:

  1. Before you paint, empty the room completely to make sure there is nothing that will trap the odors.
  2. Open all the windows before you open the paint cans and keep them open throughout the entire painting process.
  3. Add vanilla extract to your Alkyd, Alcohol or Shellac based paints. (Latex paints don’t usually need this step as they’re relatively low-odor to begin with).
  4. Place several bowls of onions around the room (as above) while you paint to absorb the fumes as they escape.
  5. When the painting is finished, seal and remove all paint cans, bag your drop sheets in plastic before taking them out through the rest of the house (or throw them out of the window if possible) to keep from spreading the fumes they’ve trapped indoors.
  6. Refresh your supply of onions in water as the old ones will have had their fill of vapors by the time your finished the painting.
  7. Keep the windows open and wait until the paint has fully dried and the odors have gone before you replace the furniture and other belongings.

Of course, these tips are offered in connection with interior painting but you should also try adding some vanilla to your paint when painting the exterior in Alkyd coatings as well. It saves the painter a lot headaches… literally. But whether inside or out, these simple ideas combined with some good old fashioned common sense should produce a fresh new look with clean, breathable air you can live with.

Happy painting!

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Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Dee L. Potter

Cheap Home Appraisals – 2 Ways You Can Get a Free Home Appraisal

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If you are looking for a cheap home appraisal, or free home appraisal, then read this article. I will show you two ways to get your home’s value for free. In today’s real estate market you need to know the true value of your home before you list it for sale. If you are buying a home you need to know how much that home is really worth in a declining market.

Real Estate Agents – Using a local real estate agent you should be able to get a close estimate of the value of your home or property. Real estate agents have at their fingertips many tools that will give a fairly accurate estimate of your home’s value. What will this cost? Usually it is free. So what’s the catch? Well, most realtors will do this for you in hopes of getting your business. Should you let just any real estate agent do this analysis? I say no. You want to select a real estate agent that is familiar with your subdivision or area. You also want an agent that understands how the features in your home will either increase the estimate or decrease the estimate. Once you receive an home value estimate, then you should use the next method to verify that the estimate is correct.

Home Appraisal Websites – I like using some of the free online home appraisal websites, like HomeGain. HomeGain will give you a fairly descent estimate within a few seconds. All, you have to do is supply your address and a few details about your home. Click the button, and within a second or two you will have a free home appraisal. There are other sites on the internet that do this type of appraisal but many are not free. I suggest that you get at least two estimates from an online source and then compare it with a real estate agents estimate. This should give you a fairly good idea of how much your home is worth.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Jordan S Ashton

Flipping That House in Oregon – Big Profits Or Big Headaches?

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Flipping, the real estate investment vehicle in which you purchase a property below value and soon sell it for a profit, is a very good way to generate positive cash flow. Cash flow is important if you want to pay the bills and feed the family. Flipping has become a big business. I encourage my protégées to buy and sell for a profit without getting into the rehab business if their goal is to be an investor.

In Oregon you need to be careful how you proceed with a flip. If you buy a house and sell it without doing work on it you will not butt heads with the state construction contractors board (CCB). But be careful. If you think you can buy a house, remodel it, and then sell it, you can – if you have a general contractors license or a developers license. In other words, it’s regulated by the state. The purpose is to offer some semblance of protection to the consumer.

The stated mission of the CCB is:

„The Construction Contractors Board protects the public’s interest relating to improvements to real property. The Board regulates construction contractors and promotes a competitive business environment through education, contractor licensing, dispute resolution, and law enforcement.“

A general contracting license with allow you to do the work yourself on a house you plan to buy, fix up, and sell. A developers license will allow you to buy, hire contractors to do the rehab, and sell.

Who needs to be licensed?

According the CCB:

Oregon law requires anyone who works for compensation in any construction activity involving improvements to real property to be licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB). This includes roofing, siding, painting, carpentry, concrete, on-site appliance repair, heating and air conditioning, home inspections, tree service, plumbing, electrical, floor covering, manufactured dwelling installations, land development and most other construction and repair services.

A CCB license is also required for:

*those who purchase homes with the intent to fix them up and resell them, even if they do not perform the work themselves.

*material suppliers that receive compensation for installing or arranging the installation of the materials.

It’s not difficult to meet the requirements for a contractor or developer license. You simply take a short course that costs around $200 and you learn about OSHA, lien laws, and such – there’s very little in it about how to be carpenter, etc. You then take a test which adds an additional $50 to $100. The test is designed, like most state tests, to be passed so the state can collect fees. You can get through it. When I was first licensed all I needed was a bond and liability insurance, which cost about $125 if I remember correctly, and $50 for the state license, and I was a contractor – no course to take and no test.

The hard part of the process now is securing liability insurance you can afford. My insurance broker, Bob Gorham at Century Insurance in Bend (541-382-4211), has done a good job for me in the past. The insurance part of the equation is tough but you have to obtain it in order to comply with the state regulations.

Who does not need to have a license to work on a house?

The July issue of the Construction Contractors Board Bulletin says the answer to that question is:

1. A person who works on their own house

2. A person who furnishes the materials, supplies or equipment and does not for compensations, install or arrange to have them installed.

3. An owner who arranges for the work to be done by a licensed contractor. But this exemption does not apply to a person who in the pursuit of an independent business, does the work themselves or arranges for the work with the intent of offering the structure for sale before, upon or after completion. It is considered prima facie evidence that it was the intent to offer the structure for sale if the owner does not occupy the structure after completion.

4. A person who performs work on property they own even if they do not live there. And an owner’s employee can perform work.

5. A real estate licensee who performs work on the structure that the real estate licensee manages under contract.

For more information on licensing, you can call the CCB at 503-378-4621. Their web address is http://www.oregon.gov/ccb.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
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Source by Donald Loyd

7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Generate Mortgage Leads

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Need a few more loans but don’t have the cash to do some serious marketing? Have no fear. In this issue I am going to reveal 7 fantastic ways to generate leads almost for free. These methods are super cheap (most are free) and work like gangbusters.

How do I know? Because I shared them with my coaching clients and they had excellent results.

These 7 methods are just a few of the over 30 cheap marketing methods I share in one lesson of my 24 lesson Jump Start Your Mortgage Career E-Class. This new class is for any loan officer who is new and struggling or any verteran that just needs a little help with their marketing. It took me over 2 years to create the content for this 12 week, 24 lesson class, and I can honestly say there is nothing available out there that compares to this class.

If you could use more loans, then do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself. http://www.mortgagebrokertraining.com/jumpstart.html

Here we go…

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip # 1. Join an Association

People join associations for one of three reasons:

Social – they want to build or maintain friendships and influences that may have taken years to build;

Promotional – they want to offer their own products or services to others in in a cost effective and positive way;

Educational – they want to see what their competition is up to, and find out about the latest developments within their industry

Grow your network and your database by joining groups of already established people. By socializing with people who have something in common with, it makes it easier to generate business. People like to do business with people they like and trust. Most people like others who have the same interests as they do.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip #2: Use Book Stores

One of the questions I keep asking all my coaching clients is „How can you tell if someone is getting ready to need a mortgage? What do they do? How do they act?“

This is the million dollar question. If you can answer this question, you can easily be rich in the mortgage business. By being able to identify that they want a mortgage before they start looking for one, you can get a jump on all the other loan companies. This is one area of our business that still annoys me. Most other businesses, have a way to identify when someone will need their service and can market to them accordingly. Like when someone buys a new home, they most likely will be buying furniture, blinds, home accessories, etc. So if we were selling any of these items, all we need is a list of new homeowners to market to. And that list is easily available. But how the heck do we figure out who is „thinking“ of getting a mortgage?

The answer one of my coaching clients came up with was that they might go to the bookstore or library to read books on home buying, or mortgages, or real estate in general. And that’s true. Every bookstore has a real estate section. And most of the books are for consumers who are buying and selling real estate.

So my next question is, „Now that we have identified what they do, how do we get our message in front of them?“

And my client came up with this simple method: Go to the bookstores and libraries and insert a business card into each book.

After doing it for a couple months, he came up with some simple observations:

First, he learned that the best place to put the card was somewhere in the front. Try for the first chapter because not everyone reads the whole book.

Second, pick the books with the best covers and graphics inside- they sell the best.

Third, not all books sell and some are sent back to the publishers.

Fourth, having a USP on the card helps boost response.

Fifth, it takes about 10 minutes per bookstore.

Sixth, he averages 3-4 calls a month, and one loan per month.

Seventh, he now has his assistant do it. And she goes once a week.

Eight, the people who call are in search of more information, so offering them unbiased advice and more resources really turns them on.

If you have the time, and are brave enough to be seen doing it, try it and see what results you get. I wanted to test it in my market. So I went to three bookstores and put in about 120 cards. I got 2 calls, and one of them is a very serious prospect. If I do it more often, I have no doubt that it would work for me as well.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tp #3: Orphan Files

When a loan officer leaves a company the clients he/she brought to the company are called orphans. These clients now belong to the company. Ask your manager to see if you can contact any orphan files in your office to see if they need any mortgage or real estate help. Be nice enough, and they will allow you to add them to your database.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip #4: Tradeshows

Another coaching client of mine goes to tradeshows. But not the ones related to our business. He goes to unrelated trade shows: electronic shows, design shows, car shows, and his favorite: women’s trade shows.

Most of the time, he is the only mortgage company there. And he is averaging 2-3 loan applications per show. The trick is to tie in your business with the show. If it is a car show, you can advertise that you can help anyone buy any car in the place.

If you can pre-approve someone at a car show for a cash out refinance, they can go and buy that hot car they have been salivating on for the last 2 hours. Instant gratification.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip #5: Join A Local Real Estate Investment Group.

Every major city has one. And they are full of people buying and selling houses. They need money to buy houses, and they need money to help others buy their houses.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip #6: Realtor Open Houses

Stop by at realtor open houses on the weekends. Offer to leave some financing materials.

When you get to know a realtor, you can offer to do open houses for her where you sit in the house instead of her. It is not a fun way to spend an afternoon, but you might get some good leads out of it.

If you decide to go this route, make sure the house is in a well trafficked area and easy to get to. And make sure the agent does some advertising and lends you signs and balloons. You do not want to sit in a house, where no one shows up because it is hard to find or no one knew about the open house.

Another tip is to meet the neighbors of the home you are holding open. See if they know anyone wanting to move or buy. Chances are someone will know of a family wanting to move into the neighborhood.

Cheap Mortgage Lead Generation Tip #7: Realtor MLS

Want a source of thousands of people who will be getting a mortgage within the next couple months?

It’s sellers. And the Multiple Listing Service used by Realtors is full of them. Do a search of homes for sale, get the owners‘ name from the tax records and you have yourself a good prospect list.

Mail them something about you or an offer for free information. Call them if you can get their phone number and they are not on the Do Not Call list, or just drop by their house if you have the guts.

This is exactly what one of my coaching clients does. He calls Realtors who have listings and asks them if he can market his services to the home sellers. Many Realtors say yes. When they do, he contacts the sellers, and tells them that their realtor said it was OK to call on them.

He tells me the majority of home sellers he talks to are willing to talk to him and he gets several loans a month using this trick.

If you liked the above lead generation tips and would like more, check out my Jump Start Your Mortgage Career E-Class today. As I said these are just a few of the dozens of cheap lead generation techniques I share in one lesson of the course. The other lessons cover every aspect of mortgage marketing that you need to succeed in this business.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Ameen Kamadia