God's Will is Prosperity

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„Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth“ 3 Jn. 2

T he programme of God above all things is that you should prosper. Not above some things or few things but above ALL things. This is God’s ultimate desire for you. Prosperity is God’s will. That is His agenda for all believers including you. God is eternally committed to your prosperity. And the good news is that the devil cannot do anything about it…

„The counsel of the Lord that shall stand“Pro. 19:21 “ For the Lord of host hath purposed who shall disannul It ? And His hand is stretched out, who shall turn it back? Is 14.27

God has purposed that you should live a prosperous life. That is His counsel for you. It is time to rise up and lay hold on God’s ultimate for your life.

He said concerning you „wealth and riches shall be in his house“. Ps. 112:3

This is His plan for the righteous. And you are that righteous person once you are washed in the blood of Jesus.

To make this plan good in your life. He has also put in place strategies that will help you achieve this.

The beloved, there is no Naira, no dollars in heaven, all the money you desire is here on the earth. Money will never fall from the sky or heaven. That is not how God prospers.

God has planned that you should be wealthy, but you must work out His plan for it to become a reality.

„But thou shall remember the Lord thy God, for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day“. Deut 8. 18

God gives power to get wealth. In helping you to realize your destiny and heritage of prosperity in Christ, God gives you power to get wealth. The word power here connotes-ability. Inside every child of God is the ability to prosper.

„For the kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods.

And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey.

Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents. And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two. But he that had received one went digged in the earth, and hid his lord’s money. After a long time the Lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them. And so he that had received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talent more. His lord said unto him, well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord …“ Matt. 25:14-30.

There is a deposit of heaven in every believer that should make him or her a prosperous personalty on the planet earth. „He gave to every man“ „He gave“, God has given you. There is something on your inside that will change your financial world for better. He has empowered you to prosper. What you do with the empowerment will determine what happens at the end of the day. He has given you gifts and talents. There is no untalented or ungifted person in the kingdom of God. Your God-given gifts and talents are your high way to a prosperous life.

They are there. God will never take them away from you. „For the gift and calling of God are without repentance“ Rom. 11:29.

God has strategically programmed your prosperity to the use of your gifts and talents. There are what I call „3 Ds“ of Prosperity, which will help you make the most of God’s deposit in your life.



Recovery in finances begins with a discovery. Those who are willing to discover will recover. No matter what you have lost, this time you will recover all in Jesus‘ name. You need to take time out to discover what God has put in you. The gift of God is there deep in the inside of you. There is a gift God put in you that should make the world seek after you. You have something to offer the world, for which they will be willing to pay you in return. There is something the world is waiting to benefit from you that will cause money to come your way.

Money comes essentially to people for solving problems and meeting needs. There is a gift in you that will meet somebody’s need, solve a problem for somebody. That will make them give you their money. Money will come your way in exchange for services and goods that you can deliver.

Are you gifted in the area of music, acting, fashion designing, teaching? Or yours could be in sales. As you deliver these services money will come to you. „A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth“. Pro. 17:8.

Nothing opens doors of prosperity like gifts, it will take you to high places. „A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men“ Pro. 18:16

Your gift will make room for you in the world of prosperity. It is your highway to a world of prosperity and abundance. You will not miss your place in life in Jesus‘ name.

Many are struggling today in vocations and careers they are not gifted for. Many are in certain business they should not be, some should not even have anything to do with going into business because they are not gifted in this area. This is the reason many are frustrated. Can you imagine a woman that can’t stand the noise of children going out to open a Day Care Centre for children; she would end up a frustrated person. Friend you are a champion in your area of gifting.

Your gift is the natural endowment in you, this is your point of strength. You operate without much effort in your area of gifting, its just part of you. Make the discovery, it is worth it.


Once you have succeeded in discovering your gift, it is wisdom for you to develop yourself along this area so as to make the most of it.

„Wherefore I put thee to remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God which is in thee“ 2 Tim 1:6

Talented footballers and musicians spend hours practicing to perfect their skill. Train, study and know all you need to know. Basketball legend Larry Bird became an outstanding free throw shooter by practicing 500 shots each morning before he went to school.

The secret of success is found in our daily agenda Champions don’t become champion in the ring, they are merely recognized there. The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his time when it comes.


„Neglect not the gift that is in thee“ 1Tim.4:14.

Whatever gift God has blessed you with, it’s for you to bless others with. It is in using your gift to meet the needs of others, and to solve people’s problems that money will come into your hands. Wealth does not fall on people, it is created. You are to use your gift to create yours. From the scripture quoted in Matt.25. Those that prospered and profited from what was given them, went and traded with same.

Trade the same not another person’s gift, don’t try to be somebody else. Don’t wish you were gifted in some other areas. Your gift is good, it can take you places if you give attention to it. The problem most of the time is not what we don’t have but what we are doing with what we have.

Do something with what you have. Stop looking around to other people’s gift and wishing „if I had that sister’s gift, life will be more comfortable“. Comparing yourself with others is not wisdom. Be yourself. You’re unique. Trade what you have. Don’t just go around the town talking about it. Do something worthwhile with it.

As a gifted singer there is somebody waiting to be blessed by your music, who will in exchange pay you for it. People pay so much to watch footballers play. Go out and put your gift to work. There is a market for it. Don’t let what you studied in school lock up your destiny. Some study certain courses they are not gifted for, as a result they do jobs they are not enjoying and therefore can’t really be effective. And that is why they are poor.

Finally responsibility is the price for greatness. You need to wake up and look inward. Discover what God has put on the inside of you. It’s a pointer to what you can do effectively and successfully. Discover it! Develop it! and distribute same for a prosperous life. It is truly your hour of prosperity in Jesus name.

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Can You Juggle a Baby and Being a Mommy Real Estate Agent?

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Many pregnant women and moms of young babies start to think about finding a career that will bring them the opportunity of decent money while also being flexible enough to allow for spending time with the baby. And real estate seems to combine that potential for large commission checks with a flexible schedule. But can you really juggle the demands of motherhood and a real estate business?

If you are pregnant or just had a baby, you’re in luck! It’s a great time to start a real estate business. While pregnant, you have some time to devote to your licensing education and finding a broker. By the time you have your baby, you’re all set to start looking for clients.

But if you have a young baby (or two), you’re still in luck! Most normal human beings LOVE babies. Especially cute babies who aren’t too fussy. If you have a baby who is not walking yet then you have a marketing strategy wrapped up in a baby blanket!

Once the licensing is out of the way and you’ve found a broker, you can hit the ground running and start finding clients. You can easily find clients with your baby in tow, from the mall to the grocery store to Mommy groups. So some of your prospecting can be done while you’re just doing your day-to-day Mommy routine. And you can also take your little one to the real estate broker’s office on those days where you need to drop off paperwork, make copies or perform other office duties.

Once you start working with clients, you can’t get away with taking a baby to every single appointment. Especially on buyer appointments where you are showing multiple properties, it may get a bit arduous to lug a baby with you while opening lockboxes, pulling out keys, opening doors and showing homes that you may not have ever walked through before.

Not to mention that a really cute baby can sometimes be the wrong distraction…you want your clients to buy a home, not drool over how cute your child is. So you have to use your common sense as to when you can include your baby in any aspect of your real estate business.

In these instances, you’ll want to have someone lined up to watch your baby. If you have family or a friend close by who can watch your baby on short notice, that’s ideal. But if you need to make other arrangements, then plan ahead. You need to know what you will do when you have that demanding client who needs to meet you on short notice.

Baby naptimes are a great time for you to prospect for new real estate clients or make phone calls to your current clients. You can research online, create marketing materials, return emails and more.

Can real estate be a great business for mommies of young babies? Most definitely! Much of your real estate business can be worked on with your baby along for the ride. Few other industries are as Mommy-friendly as real estate.

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Makler Heidelberg

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What’s Up With the "We Buy Houses" Signs?

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There are many companies in Phoenix, AZ that offer the services of „We buy houses“. In fact, one would easily notice the large amounts of street signs that state We Buy Houses in Phoenix throughout major roads. These companies have become very popular these days due to the tough real estate market. With over 50,000 homes currently for sale on the MLS, selling your home fast is a very difficult task. Because of the long wait, many homeowners are starting to see the value of using a company the pledges We Buy Houses in Phoenix.

Businesses that state We Buy Houses in Phoenix have some definite advantages. We Buy Houses companies will typically pay with cash, close fast and many don’t charge any commissions or fees. Although these companies do not pay market value for your home, they will buy your home in as is condition. Many homeowners these days simply don’t have the money to repair or fix up their homes before selling.

The company that advertises We Buy Homes in Phoenix can actually save homeowners money. Frustrated homeowners often give up and abandon their homes. An abandoned home can be an invitation for neighborhood kids and transients to enter. Vandalism, graffiti, and theft can be present with an abandoned home. Furthermore, the stress on a homeowner who has a vacant home can be enormous.

Many people see the value in calling a We Buy Houses company in Phoenix. We Buy Homes in Phoenix companies can close on the home quickly. They usually don’t charge any fees and will buy the home in as is condition. Selling a damaged home in a tough market can be huge relief of stress for a homeowner.

There are many We Buy Houses companies in Phoenix, AZ. With that in mind, homeowners who are looking for a We Buy Homes company to buy their house must make sure the business is legitimate. One way to verify the track record of a We Buy Houses company in Phoenix is to call the Better Business Bureau. Make sure to check and see how long the company has been in business, and how many complaints the company has received. Many companies that advertise We Buy Homes in Phoenix are highly reputable and honest businesses. But with that in mind, always do your homework before signing any documents.

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Makler Heidelberg

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14 Great Games to Play With Reference Materials!

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Are you feeling trapped in the house this winter? Looking for a solution for the mid winter blahs? Break up the boredom by opening up a few reference books and playing a few games.

Reference books can be as dry as toast made in the Sahara and as boring as watching paint dry on a rock, but with gentle competition, your family can practice using reference materials and still have fun!

Here are several games to play as individuals, teams, or a family using a dictionary, a set of encyclopedias (the old-fashioned kind, not the computer kind), an atlas, and a phone book (like the Yellow Pages). These games will not only break up the long winter day but also reinforce skills that might have been overlooked during the course of the year. Most of these games are suited for fourth graders and older, but younger readers can still benefit with assistance from a parent or older sibling.


Dictionary skills include alphabetizing, using guide words, and recognizing parts of speech. These games reinforce those concepts while adding a bit of fun. Nearly any dictionary will work for these games, but the more complete the dictionary, the more fun the game and the more the student will learn. Picture dictionaries are not recommended.

Guide Word Trap

2+ players

Guide words are the words at the top inside and outside corners of each page in the dictionary. One player opens to any place in the dictionary and reads the two guide words aloud. The other players must say or write a word that they think should come between the two guide words. For example, the guide words might be „candle“ and „carry.“ Players who say words like „carpenter“ or „cantaloupe“ are correct and get a point because those words are alphabetically correct. Points can be acquired with each correct word. Players should take turns finding the guide words, looking through the dictionary for hard words to try to stump the other player.

Word Drills

3+ players Each player needs his own dictionary. One player says a word (either from another dictionary or off the top of his head). Players wait with their dictionaries closed until given the signal to go. When the signal is given, players try to find the word as fast as possible. Points are given to the fastest finders, and players take turns coming up with the word to look up.

The Biggest Entry

1+ players

Ordinary words like walk, play, or read have multiple definitions. As a group, or even individually, brainstorm for simple words that have many meanings. With a ruler, measure from the top of the first line of the definition to the bottom of the last line to find out which of these words has the longest entry, using centimeters, not inches. Record which words have the longest entries, or even estimate their length before measuring. Words to consider: plane, house, bear, set, rock, run, stand, cup, pitch, sink.

Syllable Score

2+ players

Students take turns rolling three dice to come up with a three-digit number, which becomes a page number. For example, player 1 rolls a 1, a 3, and a 5—135. He turns to page 135 in the dictionary and finds the word on that page with the most syllables. The number of syllables in the word is the number of points he receives for that turn. In my dictionary, the longest word on page 135 is bouleversement, which has 5 syllables. I would get 5 points. The next player rolls the dice, turns to that page (1, 3, and 5 could be page 531, 351, or 153), and finds another long word, hopefully one longer than five syllables. As the students take turns, they collect points. Whoever gets to 25 points first is the winner.


Encyclopedia skills are similar to dictionary skills, because alphabetization and guide words are used. However, other skills, such as finding the main idea, timeline, and summarizing can also be reinforced with these games. These games require a full set of books, such as World Book or Encyclopedia Britannica, but it doesn’t matter how recently they were published.

Six Degrees of Biography

1+ players

Each player selects a famous person such as Queen Elizabeth I and searches that person’s entry for the name of another famous person, such as William Shakespeare. The student then goes to the second person’s entry to find another famous name. The student continues with this process until he finds the name he started with. Many famous people in history are connected to each other. The point of this exercise is that within six entries, the original entry should be found. No fair looking up people who were partners, spouses, or known adver- saries. Your six „degrees“ may look like this: Elizabeth I, King Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell, Pope Clement VII, Martin Luther, and so on. This can be a time-consuming project and is recommended for upper grades.

Where Am I?

1+ players

Find where your name, as well as the names of your friends and neighbors, would fall alphabetically in the encyclopedia. What entries would be before and after it? Do any seem funny or fitting to the person’s name?

Apples to Apples, The Encyclopedia Version

4+ players

This game is played much like Apples to Apples. Using your green adjective cards from your Apples to Apples game (or a lengthy list of adjectives), each player opens a volume from his encyclopedia set, say, the G book. Each player chooses an entry from the volume that best describes the adjective (or green card) given by the judge (for instance, „clumsy“). The judge then chooses which entry is the best fit for that adjective (or the most humorous, if you play like my kids do).


A thesaurus, a collection of antonyms and synonyms, requires dictionary skills. These games can familiarize a student with how to use a thesaurus and build vocabulary, all while having a bit of fun.

ABC Opposites

2+ players

With a thesaurus for each player, write down a pair of antonyms for every letter of the alphabet (for example, antecedent and after, bulky and bantam, cheerful and complaining). Once the lists are completed, or after a set amount of time, compare lists. Any duplicate answers between the players are omitted and only original answers count as a point. The player with the most points wins. Recommended for sixth grade and older.

Who Has the Most?

1+ players

Choose one of these simple words: big, happy, pretty, fast, smart. Each player predicts which word has the most synonyms, antonyms, or both. Look each word up in the thesaurus to find out. Can you find other words that have more? Brainstorm for your own words and find their entries too. Recommended for lower grades.

Describe Yourself

1+ players

Think of ten words that describe yourself, such as short, funny, cheerful, compassionate, and cute. Then with the thesaurus find multi-syllable synonyms of each of these words (for the given words, for example, diminutive, whimsical, effervescent, commiserative, and pulchritudinous). Try describing others in your family, your pets, or your friends.

Phone Book

A phone book also requires dictionary skills. Even though this isn’t an academic pursuit, learning to use a phone book is a necessary life skill, especially during an emergency. The following games require commercial telephone listings (Yellow Pages)—the bigger, the better.

Fairy Tale Fix-It

1+ players

Consider your favorite fairy tale, such as „The Three Bears.“ What businesses might the Three Bears consult in order to avoid the whole Goldilocks fiasco? A home security company? A furniture repairman? A caterer who might provide a breakfast that is „just right“? Search the phone book for businesses that might help the poor bear family and discuss their ads, the words they use to market their business, and their location. Try this same exercise with „Cinderella,“ „Little Red Riding Hood,“ „The Three Pigs,“ and any other stories in your memory.

It’s a Dirty Job

1+ players

Each player creates the columns „Jobs I Would Want“ and „Jobs I Would Not“ on a piece of paper. Search through the Yellow Pages for 10 jobs to list in each column. To make this a competition, compare lists with other players, eliminating duplicates and assigning a point per original job. For an even greater challenge, find 26 jobs you do or don’t like, one for every letter of the alphabet.


1+ players

Your community is full of businesses that have opposing or contradictory jobs or services. Flip through the phone book for examples of this, such as obstetricians and funeral directors, construction and demolition, swimming pool supplier and snow removal, wedding chapels and divorce lawyers. Brainstorm for more examples and count them up. With more than one player, compare the number of pairs each player can identify to determine the winner.

Try these reference book games on a snowy afternoon. You might break up a dull routine, learn a great word or two, and perhaps even have a little fun!

Kathy Grubb lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with her supportive husband and her five enthusiastic children. Before she was married, she was a public school teacher and a professional writer. She also had no idea just how much work it takes to be a mother, much less one with two fifth graders, one second grader, and two toddlers.

Copyright 2008.
Originally appeared in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Winter 07/8.
Used with permission.


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Makler Heidelberg

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Top Ten Ways To Get Out Of Your Timeshare Contract

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1 – Sell it to someone else! – This is usually the first method that timeshare owners will look into. It is unfortunate that this rarely works, however, when people first purchase their timeshare they are assured that if they ever want to get rid of it that they can easily sell or rent it out. This misconception has caused a lot of timeshare owners to spend a lot of time and money trying to sell their timeshare with little to no success. The fact is that the timeshare resorts still have hundreds of thousands of timeshare intervals to sell, so you basically have to compete with them to resell yours and it just doesn’t work for most timeshare owners.

2 – Rent it out to cover the cost of ownership! – This is another common response that people choose for getting out of their timeshare obligations. However, the problem with this option is that, again, the timeshare resorts are already renting out empty timeshare units for cheaper than the cost of ownership. This makes it really hard to rent your timeshare out for any amount that would cover the cost of owning the timeshare.

3 – Donate it to a charity! – When timeshare owners realize that they will most likely not be able to make a profit from selling or renting out their timeshare they look for ways to just get rid of it. The only problem is that charities and organizations that accept timeshares are wise to what it means to take over ownership. Most charities will simply not accept a timeshare unless they are positive they will be able to make money from it or at least put it to good use. Usually only the most luxurious top notch timeshares are eligible to be donated.

4 – Just stop paying for it and don’t use it! – A lot of timeshare owners are under the impression that they can get out of their timeshare whenever they feel like it. These owners think that if they stop using their timeshare then they can just stop paying for it. They assume that the resort will take over ownership for it, sadly this is incorrect and the timeshare resort you purchased from has a lot of legally binding obligations with serious consequences if not abided by. This is one option that no timeshare owner should try out, you will only end up with a lot of timeshare debt that you may not be able to get out of.

5 – Pay someone to take it off your hands! – Recently a lot of timeshare owners have opted to actually pay someone else to take their timeshare obligations from them. These have been called „timeshare relief“ companies and they offer an exit solution that gets you out of your timeshare once and for all. The only problem with these is that you have to pay for the services of timeshare removal, the good thing is that after you use them you will not receive any more maintenance fees or other timeshare related charges.

6 – Give it back to the resort! – This option is technically a very viable option in some situations. However in most timeshare contracts it will state that the resort is in no way obligated to take your timeshare back. In these contracts it often states that there must be a name on the timeshare contract at all times, which pretty much guarantees the resort will be receiving their regular maintenance fee dues no matter what. If your timeshare contract is not full proof you may be able to use this to get out of your timeshare contract.

7 – List it and hope it sells! – This is probably one of the first stops a lot of timeshare owners will check. They are happy to see that you can list your timeshare for sale for only $20 or $30 a month and people will contact you to buy or rent it. The problem is that there are so many timeshare listing sites and none of them really work. They make a lot of money by charging each user a listing fee or advertising fee, which is small but adds up. What is the real problem with listing your timeshare is that no one will ever find it, people do not go to these listing sites to search for a nice timeshare to buy or rent, they are already sitting at a timeshare presentation like you did and are going to buy a new one to make sure they get the most up to date rewards and bonuses upon purchasing their timeshare.

8 – Try to get a timeshare salesman to sell for you – This is a fairly unique idea that not many timeshare owners are sure to have tried. This method for timeshare removal would require you to essentially entice a timeshare salesman to sell your specific unit and interval in return for a commission on the sale. This is not a legitimate method as I have not heard of anyone ever actually getting a timeshare seller to help them sell their week, and they would probably say no as they have their own brand new timeshare units to try and sell 52 intervals on.

9 – Find a loop hole! – If you are savvy enough you may be able to find a technicality or legal method to get out of your timeshare. Some timeshare contracts are not as iron-clad as they are made out to be. It is true that most timeshare contracts are extremely full proof and there is little to nothing you can do to get out aside from putting someone else on the timeshare contract so that you can take your name off. If you do happen to find a way to dispose of your timeshare contract legally please share it with the online community so that others may try to legally get rid of their timeshare obligations at little to no cost to them.

10 – Pass away – This is by far the worst, most unfortunate way to be free from your timeshare. And in many cases, even dying does not solve the problem of timeshare ownership. If you have anyone to inherit your assets they will be assigned as the new owners of your timeshare. This is a terrible thing to pass on to your loved ones and is why it is important to take care of your timeshare before it is too late. You would never want to leave something as financially burdensome as a timeshare to your family.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Writing Case Studies Using the Reader-Centered Approach

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Case studies are a highly-effective selling tool for your products or services. You take a success story where your company’s products or services provided a successful solution for one of your clients — and write a 1-to-5 page summary of how you were able to solve your client’s problem. In doing so, you demonstrate the value and effectiveness of your products or service solutions.

Potential clients are hungry for this kind of information. A success story with a previous client provides evidence of the value of your products or services. The potential client wants to know how your products or services can solve their problems as well. A case study may make the difference in convincing a potential client to do business with you.

That’s why it’s best to use a Reader-Centered Approach to write your case studies. With this approach, you write your success story from the point of view of the reader — that is, the potential client — who will read the case study.

What Is Your Market?

First, define your market(s) for the case study. Which customers, in which markets, are you trying to impress with your success story? Will your case study be a general case study about your work for a large, high-profile company or organization? Or will your case study target customers in a specific market, or sub-set of a market?

It’s important to have both kinds of case studies. General case studies show the versatility of your company in providing solutions to different, high-profile industries, hospitals, universities, government organizations, etc. Market-specific case studies let you target potential customers within those same markets.

Once you have defined the markets for your case study, select a success story for a client company that appeals to those markets. For example, if you are targeting high-tech customers with your case study, select a success story where you provided a solution to a high-tech client.

Who Is Your Reader?

What position will your reader hold at the company where they work? Are they the CEO? The CFO? The Chief Technology Officer? The Director of Business Operations? The VP of Sales and Marketing?

Ask yourself, who have you dealt with in the past? Look at the client company that is the subject of your case study. Who did you work with there? Which executive or manager made the first call to engage your company? Who made the decision to buy? These same kinds of executives and managers at other companies will be the people who will read your case studies.

One trick I’ve learned is to go to your client company’s web site, and read the short biographies of the executives and managers that you will mention in the case study. It’s probable that readers of your case study will have similar backgrounds, duties, and responsibilities.

What Does Your Reader Know?

How familiar is your reader with the basic concepts of your products or services? What do they know about the solutions you provide? What do they NOT know? How much will you need to explain to them?

If your readers are familiar with your products or technology, you probably won’t need to explain the basic concepts. You can focus instead on the technical features of your products or services, and how those features provided benefits to the client company.

If your readers are CEOs or other executives, they will be focused more on the „bottom line“ — the problems you solved for the client, the cost savings, ROI, TCO, etc. You don’t need to go into too much technical detail. But be wary of assuming that a CEO or other executive automatically understands your products or services. You may need to explain some basic concepts to them.

Once, a high-tech executive returned a case study draft to me with a section crossed out. He added a margin comment: „We don’t need to explain this. Everyone already knows this part of the technology.“

I wrote back to him: „Everyone in your industry knows this part of the technology. But we are targeting your high-tech solutions to business CEOs, real estate executives, and hospital boards. They have no prior knowledge of this technology. Therefore, we need to explain the concepts to them.“

Anticipate Your Reader’s Questions

A case study should answer specific questions that your reader may have about your product or service. As an example, say you are writing a case study for a network software product. The reader may have the following questions:

  • How is this software product installed on a company network?
  • How will the features of this software help our employees to do their jobs better?
  • What kinds of benefits can we expect from using this software product?

You can easily adapt these questions into an „interview questionnaire,“ to use when you interview the people at the client company that is the subject of the case study. For example:

  • How was the software deployed on your company’s network?
  • In what ways did your employees use the specific features of the software? What tasks or goals did they accomplish through the software?
  • What benefits did your company experience from using the software? (Increased productivity? Faster time-to-market? Etc.)

Tell Them A Story

The information in a case study should not be a bland listing of facts and bullet points. The reader is looking to see how your products or services work in a „real world“ scenario. Therefore, as you write the case study, you want to tell the reader a story.

The trick here is to keep the story focused on the client company. You want to focus not on the various features of your products or services, but on how those features were used to the client’s benefit. How were the features employed to help the client company achieve their goals? What tangible benefits did the client company receive as a result?

Describe how individual people or departments at the client company made use of your solutions. Use real names if you can; or, if not, use titles like „the Director of Product Management.“ The more personal you make the case study, the more readers will begin to trust that your solutions can help their company as well.

Organize for Maximum Effect

Organize the information in your case study into sections according to a basic template. This allows you to present the information in a logical format, so that the reader can follow the story and understand how your solution worked.

Use headings and sub-headings to guide the reader through the various sections. The template I use for a case study is:

  • Company Overview — A short description of the client company.
  • The Challenge — The problems that the client company faced before they employed your company’s products or services.
  • The Solution — The product or service solutions that your company provided to the client company.
  • Key Benefits — The key benefits that the client company received by implementing your solutions.

The final section, „Key Benefits,“ should be divided up into four or five sub-sections, with one or two paragraphs each that examine each benefit. Examples of the sub-sections for „Key Benefits“ might include:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Lower Production Costs
  • Easy Tracking of Production Data
  • Faster Time-To-Market

Whatever template you use, make sure that all of your company’s case studies follow the same standard template.

Use Illustrations, Photos, Graphs, and Quotes

Whenever possible, illustrate concepts in your case studies using illustrations and photos. Use graphs to provide statistics and analytics on the effectiveness of your solutions (i.e. increases in sales, etc.). Readers appreciate visual input to help them understand concepts and benefits, and to break up the large blocks of text they have to read.

Also, be sure to highlight quotes from executives at the client company who describe and praise the effectiveness of your solutions. (Example: „Acme Company’s solution allowed us to reduce our time-to-market by 66%.“Ron Jones, VP of Operations.) A good place to put these quotes is in text boxes in the left-side margin of the case study, so the quotes are highly visible to the reader.

Give Them the Numbers

Readers are looking for statistics. They want some idea of how effective your solutions have been for other client companies. Some common statistics to use in your case studies include:

  • Increases in productivity
  • Time and cost savings
  • Decreases in waste and unnecessary expense
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Increased sales or revenue

Provide an Abstract

Provide a one-paragraph abstract at the beginning of each case study. This makes it easy for the reader to find out if the case study relates to a client company similar to theirs. Also, a short abstract may attract the reader to read the case study, especially if it concerns solutions your company provided for a well-known, high-profile client.

In addition, be sure to print the case studies on a company letterhead that includes the company’s address, web site URL, and phone number.

Think Outside the Company

The most important thing in writing a case study is to put yourself in the place of someone outside your company. You want to write the case study from the point of view of a reader who is not familiar with your company, and who wants to know how your products or services can solve their problems and help them achieve their goals.

It’s not always easy for people inside your company to see things from the perspective of the potential customer. That’s why it’s sometimes better to have a professional writer to write your case studies for you. A professional case study writer has a better view of things from outside your company. They can see your company from the point of view of the would-be customer, ask questions that a would-be customer might ask, and write a case study to answer those questions.

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Effects of High Blood Pressure – What Are the Short and Long Term Effects of Hypertension?

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The effects of high blood pressure are real and damaging. Little wonder then that doctors call this condition the „silent killer“ as it is responsible for millions of deaths worldwide each year. In this article, I’ll show you exactly what effects hypertension has on the human body.

The Vascular System And The Organs

When the blood pressure of the blood is too high, this is equivalent to running your home water system on too high a pressure. Pretty soon leaks and breakages will start to appear.

In your body, your arteries are most directly affected. Anywhere that the blood runs is affected so this also includes all the organs of your body. Let’s see in further detail what the long term consequences of this are.

The Eyes

The eyes contain very tiny blood vessels that are especially susceptible to rupture. In fact, many people are diagnosed with hypertension when they visit an eye doctor.

In extreme cases, you can even go blind.

Increased Risk Of Stroke

The brain features an advanced network of blood vessels. The higher the pressure of the blood flowing through them, the greater the chance of damage.

Eventually, you can have a breakage in one of these vessels or a blockage. This is a stroke. You are 5 times more likely to suffer one if you have this condition.

Heart Problems

The heart must work harder if the pressure is higher. This leads to thickening of the heart muscle, reduced inefficiency and heart failure.

Arterial deposits are also more likely in those with this condition. This can lead to an increased risk of death due to heart attack.

Kidney Failure

A third of those who receive dialysis are there because their blood pressure is too high. And a quarter of those on dialysis will die because of it.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Chris Cage

Hair Bow Business: 11 Tips to Start Selling Hair Bows

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1) Caution! Don’t Start Online“…“Yet: Everyone wants to sell on the internet as it opens your business up to the entire world. Many people try to immediately start selling online via a website only to find out they make very few sales. Why? No one is finding their site. Selling online is great, but it can take time to get sites set up or traffic to your site. Simply put, starting a website will get you nowhere if you don’t get traffic to see it. There are lots of variables in getting your website noticed by Google but we will save that for a later article. Easier ways to begin selling online are by listing your bows on eBay or Etsy. Both of these sites allow a beginner to showcase their products with ease. If your product is priced competitively and you have good pictures to display, you should be able to start selling right away via these sites.

2) Local Business Marketing: We recommend this as one of the best ways to start selling your hair bows and ribbon products. This is why we listed it as the first „do“ item. Many people try to immediately start selling online via a website. Selling online is great, but it can take time to get sites set up or traffic to your site. To get off to a quick start, focus your efforts initially on your local market. Find local boutiques and children’s stores and drop by with examples of your products. Be sure to have an idea of how you both will benefit from working together. You can sell your bows at a wholesale price or work out a commission for the store if they agree to sell your hair bows. Get in touch with the local schools cheer leading and dance teams. Consider creating school fundraisers and doing „hair bow parties“. Hair Salons are also great avenues to sell your bows. Finally, do what we did starting out and sell at some nearby community craft shows or public events where a booth can be purchased.

3) Social Networks: Facebook and Twitter and similar networking sites are the rage these days. Don’t forget to use these sites to market your business. Learn the options of each type of site and focus your efforts on getting followers by posting great relevant posts. Use these sites to show pictures of your creations and post bow ideas to your followers. Announcing promotions and sales are a must on social networks.

4) Blogs: There are lots of Blogging sites you can use. Blogger and Word Press are two popular options where you can easily create a blog for your business. Post pictures and write about your products. Come up with creative designs that will catch the eyes of your readers. Make sure you link your blog to your website which can help drive sales

5) eBay and Etsy: Rather than starting with a website, start generating business online with eBay or Etsy. These sites already have huge amounts of shoppers and you can list your bows here for a small fee. Both of these sites allow a beginner to showcase their products easily and effectively. Key points to selling via these sites: price your hair bows competitively and use good pictures and descriptions. Once you have developed a good number of sales through these sites, it may be time to consider starting your own branded website.

6) Starting Your Own Website: We started our first website at WahmShoppes. For $8 per month, you can open your very own e-commerce store. Customize the look of your store by using any of their various templates. It takes time to start getting web traffic organically. If your budget permits, Google Ad words is an immediate way to start driving traffic to your website. With Ad words, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Be careful as it can be quite expensive, especially if people are just clicking and not buying. Gaining traffic organically is a whole subject to itself but make sure you submit your site to the search engines and to some online directories to start. To take online payments, we suggest using PayPal and/or Google Checkout to save on monthly merchant account fees until your volume may dictate a merchant account will pay for itself.

7) Ribbon Suppliers: If you are going to sell hair bows, you are going to need lots of ribbon. Sure you can go to Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby but generally the selection will be less and the prices will be higher versus finding a niche online store that serves the hair bow industry. Look for a company carrying abundant variety, quality products, great pricing, excellent customer service and ships promptly. You want to build a long-term relationship with your supplier and these points mentioned are key to your sanity and success. Be sure you can get color cards from your suppliers so you can accurately match multiple colors on the bows you create with real samples. Don’t rely on images on a computer monitor for color matching. Let your customers use the cards to pick out their colors for a custom bow made to their specifications. Do a web search on a search engine for „hair bow supplies“ to come up with a list of good suppliers.

8) Hair bow Templates: Save yourself lots of time and frustration. Use hair bow templates! Create a consistent bow size every time and eliminate your grosgrain ribbon waste by using a template. By doing a search online for „hair bow templates“ you will find several retailers offering templates you can purchase online.

9) Hair bow Instructions: There are so many different types of hair bows you will never learn them all. Many sites sell instructions but others offer them for free. Search around on Google and even EzineArticles to find an abundance of free instructions. If you prefer video tutorials, check out YouTube for some excellent videos to view.

10) Shipping: The goal of every business is to get to the point where they have so much business they can’t keep up. When we got to this point we purchased a shipping tool called Ship Rush. This program ties your computer and electronic scale together and allows you to click and copy the customer information right off the email or customer receipt. It then quickly prints out a custom shipping label for the US Post Office or UPS without you having to type in any address information. Trust me, it will become a huge time and money saver as your business grows if you ship out a lot of packages.

11) Financial Software: The number one reason businesses fail is by failing to understand and manage their finances correctly. Your business finances must stay organized and your cash flow needs to be handled carefully. With money coming in and out constantly, this can quickly become a real challenge. Using accounting software such as Quicken or QuickBooks can keep your finances organized. Talk to your CPA to see what they recommend.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Source by Kristi J Banwart

The Trend Towards Vendor Consolidation 1

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About a fortnight ago, an interesting – and increasingly far-reaching – debate began to make waves through the blogosphere and other channels following a report highlighting a decision by Procter & Gamble to „create a shortlist of production companies its brand agencies must work with, cutting the number from last year’s total of around 125 down to a list closer to 30“ (www.creativity-online.com).

Reaction to the story has been fierce from all sides, with some voices raised in outrage (with leading procurement blogger Jon Hansen writing on his Procurement Insights: „It never ceases to amaze me how the bigger companies lack the creative insight to look beyond the old standby of vendor compression or rationalization as a means of driving procurement savings“) while others leapt to the defense of P&G in the face of outdated and self-aggrandizing practices on Madison Avenue (typified by the MultiCult Classics blog’s comments that „perhaps these measures would not be necessary if advertising agency dinosaurs didn’t consistently insist on hiring A-level directors for lame talking-head commercials—while staying at 5-star hotels and maxing per diems like corporate CEOs on crack“).

The specifics of this particular story are not in themselves worthy of a great deal of focus here. But what is indeed of great interest to the shared services and outsourcing community –  and in particular that element thereof concerned with procurement practices – is the trend represented by P&G’s apparent move towards cutting provider numbers: the move, on a global level, towards vendor consolidation among large-scale organizations.

That there is such a trend appears in little doubt. While firm figures on vendor numbers are impossible to obtain on a global level, anecdotally it seems telling that not a single person contacted for input into this article disagreed that there was a trend towards vendor rationalization, with many believing that the process  is actually accelerating.

For instance, global sourcing executive Robert Dixon believes that „the trend is continuing… There are multiple reasons for this; among those reasons are performance improvement of the supply base and internal organization. First, the more suppliers a company or organization has, the more internal resources are required to manage those suppliers. Second, during the down cycle, it gives companies opportunities to eliminate suppliers who are not performing. This could be for cost, quality, delivery or flexibility reasons.  But the time to reduce suppliers is during a down cycle, not during an up cycle when the resources are focused on getting material.“

Dan Hunt, IT procurement director for a financial services company, agrees: „Vendor rationalization and consolidation are becoming a daily discussion topic, even though we’ve already done quite a bit of consolidation. The impact is not insignificant; it can be a time-consuming task to consolidate spend, often fraught with emotional issues for your end users (everyone likes their supplier and doesn’t want to change).“

Interestingly, the view from those at the center of the trend is echoed by those looking inwards from a less embedded perspective. Christina Langley, MD of procurement-focused recruiters Langley Search & Selection, says that the topic of vendor consolidation is arising increasingly frequently during her organization’s conversations with big companies.

„In this space,“ Langley comments, „through talking to candidates and clients, we find there is a trend towards vendor rationalization which is driven by trying to minimize the cost of doing business with multiple suppliers, consolidate spend to drive cost reductions through volume price reductions and in some cases wanting to build better long-term partnerships with a more limited number of suppliers to enable competitive advantage (either technological, cost down or service driven). In some cases procurement is now influencing areas of spend that they have not before – e.g. marketing, legal and other professional services areas – hence this process is just part of implementing a cohesive strategy for these areas.“

So there does appear to be a consensus that firms are looking to reduce the number of vendors with whom they need to interact. However, significantly – and fascinatingly – there is a much smaller degree of consensus around precisely why this is taking place, with many commentators unwilling to attribute too much responsibility to the recent global slowdown (which has become such a convenient scapegoat in so many other areas). While the pressures of the recession are, of course, having an impact, many people view other factors as contributing hugely to the trend.

Claudine Paccio, President, The Sourcing Authority, is one who highlights the consequences of the downturn: „Growing revenue in the current economy has proven to be a significant challenge, as a result, companies have turned their focus toward cost savings initiatives. There are consistently two main areas of focus that we see companies addressing in order to get their cost savings efforts started — spend analysis and supplier rationalization.“

Dan Hunt echoes these sentiments: „From what I hear, the ONLY driver is cost savings. The economic slowdown may not have started this effort, but it certainly accelerated the need to realize savings, and has driven the willingness to consolidate where it didn’t exist before.“

However, Umesh Bordivekar of Pionnier Supply Chain Services takes a different view.

„In my opinion, reducing procurement costs is the primary driver behind this trend.“ says Bordivekar. „This cost can be reduced in two ways, namely, renegotiating contracts with the new supply base and reduction in the transaction costs due to fewer suppliers. I do not think the global economic slowdown is responsible for this. This is mainly because vendor consolidation is an approach for gaining long term benefits and creating strategic relationships with suppliers, while the global slowdown is a short term effect. Apart from financial stability, other metrics like R&D capabilities, production capacity, customer diversity, etc. are equally important while consolidating vendors. Though the slowdown is a good time to rethink vendor consolidation efforts, the consolidation should not be a reaction to the crisis.“

Meanwhile supply chain consultant Tony Noe believes that the current trend towards fewer vendors results from „a recognition of the need to utilize the spend analysis to help bring volume pressure to bear on our supplier base.“

„That analysis also tends to point to too many suppliers for a scarce volume of purchases. The global economics have a direct effect driving the activity, but once learned and the results are seen it will continue,“ Noe adds.

The fact is, of course, that in tough operating conditions the pressure from all sides on every aspect of a business to achieve savings can be overwhelming; regardless of the debate over the precise causes of the trend towards vendor consolidation it’s pretty obvious that the global economic slowdown is at the very least contributing to the process via the pressing need to cut procurement costs. The problem is that opinion seems also to be divided as to whether or not this makes sense in either the short or long terms. Remember that the report on P&G’s own consolidation moves kicked off a stormy debate precisely because there was no clear consensus on whether or not this was the right thing to do for the reasons attributed by those participating in the debate (many, it must be said, with little or no knowledge of the exact sequence of causes and events which led to the move in the first place).

Supply management professional Steve Adolt highlights one of the major issues at play: the trade-off between short-term and long-term benefits to organizations considering vendor rationalization.

„Strategic sourcing coupled with good supplier management has always proven to be an excellent way to reduce and control costs,“ Adolt says. „Cutting off or reducing suppliers unilaterally and beating the remaining ones up to reduce costs will provide limited short-term gains. If companies are in this for the long haul – and, strategically, they should be – the keys to a successful and strong supply chain are the strength and development of the relationship(s) between the company and their suppliers. The best way to bring this to the table on a regular basis is to formalize the relationship (contract) and then challenge the relationship to get better.  Companies that fail to do this now, or have failed to do it in the past, will be the economic losers when the economy comes back. Being a ‘preferred customer‘ in today’s market will almost guarantee being a ‘preferred customer‘ when the market comes back. And who will suppliers remember? The companies that stood by them and that they stood by during these unstable economic times.“

Claudine Paccio looks upon vendor rationalization as something unavoidable but which must be handled carefully and with common sense: „I think it is a necessary exercise – but again, there needs to be controls in place to guarantee that the resultant supply base can meet the needs of the business. In addition, the initiative should address the vendor ‚onboarding‘ process to protect against bringing on new vendors for products and services that could be procured from the existing supply base.“

While making plain his view that „consolidation, where it generates economic benefit, is a logical and sensible response to today’s conditions,“ Dan Hunt maintains that the trend towards consolidation can prove „a tremendous opportunity for smaller providers to make a name for themselves and grow, and potentially a challenge to the larger players who may not be a nimble as they need to be to react to their customers‘ needs.“

Hunt continues: „There’s a hundred sides to this question, which is to say that there’s no easy answers. I have found that consolidation CAN lead to excellent savings, especially when what you’re buying is not a commodity (let’s face it, you can easily do reverse auctions and RFPs for things like standard office supplies or basic raw materials). But economies of scale do apply, especially if your provider is not a large company, or if what you’re buying is huge quantities of something. But, it also can easily lead to complacency; the ‘chosen‘ vendor begins to think they’ve got a lifetime gig and starts to lose their competitive edge. You can combat this by routinely reviewing your vendors, keeping vendor scorecards, and using contracts to govern the relationship. Every time the contract expires, the vendor is subject to a new RFP and must re-win your business. Another perspective is that you lose the ability to move quickly if there’s a problem. For this reason, I always keep the lines of communication open with a couple alternate providers, maybe send them a bone now and then, so that if something happens to my primary provider, I have a fall-back position.“

(..to be continued..)


This article was first published on the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) – Read it here: http://www.ssonetwork.com/topic_detail.aspx?id=5422&ekfrm=6&utm_source=ssonetwork.com&utm_medium=SMO&utm_campaign=DIRECTORIES&mac=SSON_External_Listing_2080

About The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON)

SSON is the largest and most established community of shared services and outsourcing professionals, with over 25,000 members.

SSON provides the roof under which key industry experts and organizations share their experience, knowledge and tools, and practitioner peers connect with other all over the world, both face to face and online.

SSON focuses on developing its members through providing training, tools, and networking opportunities. SSON staff works from international offices in New York, London, Singapore, Sydney, Berlin and Dubai to research current trends and developments in shared services.

More information visit the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) website. Stay up to date with SSON’s latest twitter posts at twitter.com/ssonetwork, connect with global practitioners, providers and advisors on the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) LinkedIn group and Sign up to receive SSON’s weekly updates today

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Source by Jamie Liddell

Injury Lawyers for you on new type of Legal Directory

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