Real estate behavior has changed a lot! Why do you still need Newport real estate broker?

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When it comes to real estate dealings, a lot have changed in terms of buyer and seller behavior. Usage of modern technology has taken a front seat over it and agents just do not stay connected to clients with word of mouth only but through this medium too. Studies conducted by various real estate agencies reveal the following trend in both buyers as well as sellers‘ behavior-
Rise witnessed in the purchase of residential property
Around 14% rise has been witnessed in the buyers‘ confidence over the last two years. Studies reveal that, proportion of buyers looking for properties that come within the range of $400,000 has now witnessed a downward trend, registering a sink of around 41%.
Buyers seeking for properties that come within a decent range, is now at a comfortable position, that of 11%.
Web and mobile technology have grown much stronger
Two most important means of communication used by all buyers and sellers for any kind of real estate property decision making process, is a reliable websites. This website could be that of any real estate broker or it could be that of any real estate listings conducted privately.
At present most experienced agencies started coming up with apps to make searches fast and accessible at any situation. Say one needs to take out a detail of all the property listings of Newport region of Oregon, they can simply do it after browsing authentic apps of Newport real estate, right in their tablet or mobile.
Almost 44% of buyers have been registered to enquire details of property in phone only after carrying out full findings of listings online. Around 34% go for open inspection, while 15% first visit door to door of different agents‘ office to enquire about properties.
Email is still considered as one of the hot favorites of both buyers and sellers in terms of property enquiry. Around 52% have been recorded to email agents to find out more about property they find online.
Users more inclined towards deriving local information
Most buyers look for listings, while they are browsing for properties online. Buyers look for detailed information on areas such as Suburb sold prices, interest rates, mortgage rates, suburb amenities and valuable advice from real estate experts on selling a property.
Buying procedure has till now recorded maximum timing when judged right from the time of purchasing a property till any deal closes finally. Actually, for any buyers the initial month goes on just finalizing what they are actually looking for. Then searches begins and rest the procedures consumes time.
Real estate agents still hold importance for dealings
Experienced real estate agents assistance is still considered to be highly important for any buyer/ seller. This agent gives high reassurance and security alongside providing negotiating skills to cut down on prices of property.
Hence for any kind of dealings related to purchase or sale of real estate property in the Portland area, contact Brenda Clifford-Newport Oregon Real Estate broker to help you out. She is not only reliable but is an associate of the leading Willamette Valley for the last 15 years.

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Source by Brendaclifford

How to Care for Your Kitten – A Short Guide

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While caring for kittens is not that difficult, they do have special needs.

What to Feed a Kitten

When they are about 4 weeks old, kittens begin to eat solid food though their mother continues to nurse them. Ready-to-eat cat foods in the grocery are often well-balanced, which is beneficial for your kitten. They are available in different brands and most manufacturers produce specific cat food. These come in packets, cans and rolls, among others. Buying premium or popular brands, though not really necessary, can assure you of complete nutrition for your cat. When choosing cat food, make sure that the label contains words like „total nutrition for kittens/cats“.

The diet of your kitten should be supplemented with fresh meat like chopped chicken or fish. Keep in mind, though, that fresh meat on its own does not give your kitten the complete nutrition it requires.

It is best to feed your kitten with a wide range of foods and change these from time to time. Kittens can get fed up and lose interest in eating when given the same food everyday. This also prevents them from becoming picky.

Kittens can start to eat dry cat food when they are very young and this is somewhat enjoyable for most of them. There are supermarket brands as well as those that are only offered at the vet or pet food shop.


Kittens should always have access to fresh, clean water. Avoid giving water in plastic bowls since they easily tip over. Instead, use something heavier – like pottery, china or a porcelain dish.

Milk for Kittens

It is not advisable to feed cats/kittens with cow’s milk since most kittens have lactose intolerance and this can lead to an upset stomach or diarrhea. You can give them milk from the supermarket, which is specially made for cats and kittens. When you are house training your kitten, you certainly would not want it to have diarrhea.

How to Feed a Young Kitten

Just like babies, young kittens need to be fed several times daily. Those that are below 6 weeks old should still stay with their mother.

As a rule, kittens from 6 to 12 weeks old require at least 4 meals a day. Since their tummies are still small, they cannot eat too much at a single time. By the time they reach 12 weeks, they can eat 3 meals daily, and once they are 6 months old, they can eat twice a day.

Certainly, how often a kitten should be fed depends on several factors, one of which is the daily routine of its owner. An owner who works will not have the time to feed the kitten as regularly as one who stays home most of the time. He/she will not likely leave kitty food outside for different reasons, like for example, the weather.

In places where the climate is warm or hot, it is not advisable to leave cat food outdoors the whole day since it will get spoiled and draw flies. At certain areas, ants can also pose as a problem. In addition, there may be other pets that may eat the food intended for the kitten.

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The Forgotten Rooms When Staging Your Home For Sale – The Basement

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In 1973 a film entitled „Don’t Look in the Basement“ was released. It was originally entitled „The Forgotten“ in reference to the ignored patients of an insane asylum, but someone thought it would attract more movie goers with a new title. After all, basements can be creepy.

Dark, dank and dirty is what usually comes to mind, never mind those hidden corners where something just might pop out!

Well, perhaps „The Forgotten“ was an appropriate name after all, since basements are one of those areas in a home that is often overlooked when staging a home for sale.

Basements, whether finished or unfinished, add valuable square footage to the house.

Basements should receive as much attention as the rest of the house when it comes to the Must Do’s of staging:

  • Begin by decluttering. Discard, sell or donate any items you haven’t used in years. Basements tend to collect items we think we might use someday, such as old faucets, old appliances (left), toys, luggage pieces, etc. So ask yourself „will I ever really use this?“
  • Consider renting a storage space for items that you are keeping but won’t use or need in the next 6 months, especially if you are considering renting storage for unneeded furniture and items in the rest of the house. It may be worth it.
  • At the very least, buy moving boxes and begin packing. Or purchase plastic storage bins with covers as you can probably use them for storage in your new home. Stack the boxes or bins neatly, or even better, purchase metal shelving to stack them on.
  • The basement should be cleaned thoroughly. You want to remove the „yuk factor“ when buyers view the space. Sweep and mop the floor, or vacuum the carpeting. Make sure you remove cobwebs and dead bugs from corners and along the ceiling.
  • Clean the windows and remove excess vegetation from outside the windows to let in as much light as possible. Open the curtains, if any.
  • Wipe down exercise equipment, ping pong table, and anything that has collected dust.
  • Install extra lighting, even if it’s a bare bulb and pullchord, in dark corners or areas.
  • Paint the floors of an unfinished basement (check with your paint store for the best product). It makes the room brighter and cleaner in appearance. And it doesn’t have to be the typical gray.
  • A fresh coat of paint on sheetrocked walls also goes a long way in making the space appear clean and as valuable as the upstairs space.
  • If your basement doesn’t have walls separating each room, it’s important to designate areas, each with a purpose. For example if you have exercise equipment or children’s toys scattered about, designate an area for each so that it appears that the basement has an exercise „room“ and a children’s „playroom“.
  • If the washing machine and dryer is in the basement, set up this area as a laundry „room“. Make sure this area is sparkling clean, since no buyer wants to do laundry in a dirty area. Set up an ironing board and iron and/or a table to fold clothes. Store laundry supplies neatly on shelves or in a cabinet.

The same goes for other areas in a basement: home office, media room, workspace, arts and crafts space. Make sure each area is clearly designated.

Buyers expect the basement to be dark and dirty. Why not surprise them with a clean, bright, organized and neat space? The buyers will also perceive that you are the type of homeowner that takes care of things and doesn’t neglect the ongoing maintenance of the house.

Basements are one of the often overlooked spaces when staging a home for sale. Since basements add extra square footage to the house, it’s important that they look their best to potential buyers. Here are some things you can do to get them in „show ready“ condition.

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Source by Donna Dazzo

Which Real Estate Prospecting System is Right For You?

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While many real estate agents will go through contortions to avoid prospecting, some sort of prospecting must be done before a sale can be made. Top real estate agents know that prospecting is their ticket to prosperity and happiness, and they embrace it. Many other agents will „dabble“ at prospecting, without working the system hard. They’ll often keep looking for a ‚magic‘ system of prospecting.

I have seen all the systems on the market today that are sold as ‚magic formulas;‘ that claim to make prospecting easy, automatic, and virtually instant. The truth is most of those formulas are good systems for prospecting. But they’re not magic, and one is not intrinsically better than another… and none are „instant.“ All will take effort and consistency.

What’s the best prospecting system? It’s the one you want to work hard to implement. A good prospecting method is one that you are comfortable doing, that fits your personality so you are more inclined to be successful.

Active Real Estate Prospecting Methods

The best forms of prospecting for fast results are active. The following is a list of the most common active prospecting methods.

  • Some real estate agents have the personality for knocking on cold doors for a few hours each day. They like the repetition. They enjoy walking and getting the exercise. They like having a set script and getting into a rhythm. After the first day, they quickly get over any discomfort with talking to people at the front door. They find that most people don’t mind someone working hard, knocking on the door. If you’re someone who has a strong aversion to people knocking on your door, you might want to consider that thousands of Realtors have built hugely successful businesses doing this. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean others feel the same way. It’s an easy and very inexpensive prospecting approach. The key to making it work is both consistency and knowing the right kinds of words to use to convert a lead into an appointment on the spot (which is true of any of these active prospecting methods).
  • Some (few) people enjoy cold calling. They like the repetition, consistency, and ease. But the public doesn’t enjoy telemarketers, so the rejection rate is high. If you’re someone who interprets a hang up as a personal attack, you probably won’t want to do this. On the other hand, it’s one of the fastest ways to grow your business and I know many successful agents who built their business to the high six figures doing cold calling. You can learn to work within the regulations of the Do Not Call List. And because telemarketing is challenging, you probably won’t have much competition and you may find people more receptive these days because they’re not inundated by calls.
  • Some people enjoy dropping by FSBO’s or calling expireds. They like the odds (since the owner has already „raised their hand“) and have steeled themselves for the challenge. These owners can vent their frustrations about something else on you, making it seem „scary“ at first to talk with them. However, there are very well-described techniques for handling this and for knowing exactly the right words to say. In some areas, there are enough FSBO/Expireds to make a full-time prospecting program. In other areas, this may be a once-a-week program.
  • Some agents like threading their way through Web 2.0 and social media marketing. They like it, but they also understand that it’s not just a hobby. They have a strategy and know how to work the strategy using websites, lead generation companies, blogging, social media, ezine articles, etc. This is a pseudo-active form of prospecting because it combines elements of advertising (drop your bait and see who bites) with networking. The challenge is to know exactly what works in the „real estate social media world“ and what doesn’t, because it is easy to lose yourself in it.
  • Other real estate agents live and breathe for the opportunity to network. They are social creatures who can find business by talking to people in the grocery checkout line. A networking system ensures they have a deliberate strategy for building the right kinds of relationships, making themselves known in a community, etc. If you’re an introvert, you may not be attracted to this method of prospecting. On the other hand, I know some introverts who do well at it because they have a purpose for making conversation and have learned the right words to say to motivate someone to want to do business with them. Many people enjoy building 100% referral-based businesses and work techniques and strategies that go well beyond what we normally think of as networking.
  • Some people enjoy farming because they like being part of a community. They enjoy the benefits of door knocking, sponsoring neighborhood events, and blogging about the ‚hood. If you don’t like your neighbors, you don’t have to farm your own neighborhood. Some agents use neighborhood websites with coupons and free classifieds for garage sales, FSBOs, etc. Farming is the one method that includes elements of all other methods, so if you like variety, this is the method for you.
  • Still others, like me, have tremendous success with running workshops — first time buyer, seller, investor, etc. Workshops are natural and fun for me, and so I enjoy prospecting…and I do believe that an agent should enjoy their real estate prospecting, otherwise they won’t do it. I’ve developed my own system filling workshops and delivering content in a way that makes people eager to work with me. This is a nice approach for many agents who are a bit shy, but still like to be on stage.
  • Open houses are still a great way to prospect, if done well. Some agents hold open houses five days a week. They have a process for working the buyers that come through, and they work the community where they’re holding the open houses, often becoming listing agents in time. If open houses are a lynchpin in your prospecting plan, then you’ll want to know the exact words to use to motivate prospects to want to work with you, and you’ll want to get good at asking for appointments, not just phone numbers. Some agents feel that open houses are a waste of time because they don’t get enough active prospects coming through in their area. If that’s true for you, then maybe you should spend your weekends on a different approach.

Passive Prospecting

Less active prospecting (or passive prospecting) includes direct response marketing, advertising, online lead generation companies, just listed/sold cards, dropping flyers, etc. Some of these techniques work very well. And some of them are a complete waste of time. Before you decide to launch a passive marketing campaign, talk to your coach and discuss the costs vs. outcomes.

The One Real Estate Prospecting System that Every Agent Needs

Every agent should follow up with their past clients religiously and automatically. Ongoing database farming is perhaps the only way for most agents to even out the ups and downs of this industry. Eventually, after building your business for several years, this past client base will be your ticket to the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Database farming is also your best chance for „easy, automatic, and virtually instant“ business. If you need business right now, then reconnect to every past client and person in your circle of influence and ask them for a referral. Using some clever referral techniques and words, chances are very good that you will unearth at least one new transaction.

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Source by Linda Schneider

Can Store Closing Signs Reduce Sales?

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Suppose you want to close down your store, whether you are retiring, market is tough or just ready to move on to something different. Getting rid of tens of thousands of dollars worth of inventory is easier said than done.

First idea that pops into many retail business owners?

Going out of business sales. Well, in fact this type of sale is the answer to liquidating inventory fast, but simply posting a few going out of business sales signs on your windows will not sell inventory. In fact, the signs by themselves are counter productive.

How so?

When consumers see a sign like that it only screams out one thing, ‚deals‘. To you it is a sale, but to them is the opportunity to satisfy their greed and buy anything they can for wholesale or less. They expect everything to be 70% to 80% off, but that is not what you as the business owner wants.

Not at all. What makes the difference between someone who runs a successful store closing sale and someone who ends up worse off?

Simple, it is called strategy.

See slapping on a few store closing signs on your windows will get you some traffic, but it is likely not going to be the traffic you want. However, that is still a critical component of running a successful sale and you must know how to do it properly.

The signs on the windows alone will not do the job. Instead you have to make sure that people see it and can follow it.

Have you ever seen an open house sign while driving through the suburbs? Some of these agents are really good at placing signs in every possible point where they may lose traffic and others do not. I do not know if that is because of a lack in budget, but something as simple as that can make the difference between a successful sale and a not successful one.

Now, if your store closing signs will draw the wrong people, how do you get the right people? The first place is your customer database.

There is a huge mistake people make when telling their own customers that they are going out of business and that is timing.

You do not want to tell everyone at once, which is what most business owners do.

Last, we have debt. Unfortunately for many business owners, they close down their stores and are left with huge debt to pay off. Secretly, many business owners have been closing down their stores and getting rid of all debt and many times making profit because of this one tip I am about to share.

When you are going out of business, you can negotiate your debt 10 times better, but you must do it at the right time and in the right way. If you do not know when to do this, I can tell you you will probably do it too soon.

Unfortunately there is no set time I can just share with you, otherwise I would. It all depends on your inventory and specific situation.

Here is what I would like for you to take from this. If you are planning on running a store closing sale by yourself, I can almost guarantee you will not do nearly as well as if you hire a professional to do it for you.

I just met one who has been doing this for 25 years and I thought to myself. Going out of business is not something you do everyday. In fact, it usually is a one time event and there is just no possible way that you can do nearly as well as someone who has done this for years!

Now, before you go hire any professional, let me give you a tip on hiring someone to help you with this. You don’t want liquidation companies who are just looking to buy your inventory wholesale. You want someone who specializes in running these sales and who work based on performance. In other words, they don’t get paid unless you succeed.

That alone will filter out 90% of the companies out there and give you a good chance at succeeding. Usually their fee will pay for itself many times over.

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Source by Jorge Zarate

Manila Condo Living: A Rising Demand

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Today, more home buyers are seeking the conveniences of Manila condo living and moving from single detached family dwellings towards the comforts of condominium ownership. Manila Condominiums offer open spaces, loft style windows, modern designs, healthy environment, green architecture and all the conveniences offered by conventional   homes but for a price lower that most of single-family homes.

Manila Condominium living mostly appeals to young professionals who want to start on their own, for families looking for a safe place and spacious place to raise their children or for older people who are looking for a secure, cheaper and uncomplicated lifestyle.

The rising demand on Manila condo homeownership is due to the fact that owning a Manila condo is convenient and an inexpensive housing option. For a starter, expenses on maintenance are lower as the payment for such expense is divided equally to all Manila Condo owners.

Aside from cheaper running cost, a Manila Condo homeowner is entitled to use all amenities and facilities in the complex such as fitness gym, swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, function rooms, children center and others. Plus, these amenities and facilities are included in the monthly fees.  Meaning a Manila Condo homeowner is offered utmost comfort, luxurious modern in-city living at a fraction of the price of any accommodation!

Because of these many reasons that Manila Condominium developments in the Philippines had soared in the recent years. As a matter of fact, Manila Condominium development companies in the country are developing luxurious Manila Condominiums with expanses of sprawling greens and modern architectures to answer the rapidly growing demand of condos.

Many of these developments had already advertised their fully furnished Manila Condominium units to Umbrella Online – a diversified management firm licensed to broker and manage real property in the Philippines.

Umbrella Real Estate features a wide range of luxurious Manila Condominiums that offers healthy and spacious living spaces for individuals or families to grow and proper. It is dedicated to provide superior service and personal attention to their clients’ special needs and property interests to help them achieve their investment goals and objectives.

The firm also advertised other properties in Manila or Manila Realty for sale such as Manila houses, apartments in Manila, Manila lots, homes for sale in Manila and even Manila rentals.  

For more information on Umbrella Online’s list of Manila Real Estate visit their website at

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Source by Cesar Marlo M Rivera

Ontario Home Stager Proves Real Estate Agent Wrong

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With two very young children at home it was a risky move on Fabia MacNair’s part to quit her job in the residential development field to run her Ontario home staging business, Styling Spaces, full-time. But it’s a risk that continues to pay off for her and her family.

Fabia has worked hard to put what she learned in the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program into practice (she was obviously motivated to make her business work having given up her steady job). She has even been mentioned in her local newspaper after giving a staging seminar to local members of the community.

In December of last year, Fabia received a call from a homeowner who was listing his home and despite the fact that his real estate agent did not feel the home needed to be staged, he called in Styling Spaces to do the job anyway. After being a home stager for 7 years, I can assure you what happened to Fabia in this case is common. Savvy home sellers use their own common sense even if their agent isn’t a believer in staging.

When the agent came back and saw the transformation she was „wowed“ and immediately hired Styling Spaces to stage four of her other listings.

One of those listings had been on the market on and off for a year before staging and it sold that same weekend. Two of the homes sold same day and one that had been overpriced for its market sold for $15,000 over market value.

That skeptical real estate agent became a big fan of Fabia and spread the word around her office leading to lots more work for Styling Spaces.

This story proves you cannot depend on real estate agents for your business. (That’s a lesson covered in Course 4 of the Staging Diva Program when you learn about the four key target markets a home stager has). Obviously the homeowner in this case had been educated about the value of staging and look at the snowball effect that followed.

Fabia writes, „The Staging Diva Program, hands down, has given me the answers I need to run my business. My class notes still guide me when I am stuck. Debra Gould is very knowledgeable about this industry and is willing to teach it. When you have spent enough time with those other courses and you are ready to get to work call The Staging Diva.“

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Source by Debra Gould

Land lots for sale California

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Buy and Sell Land California
When does California land increase in value?
What happens when you own California land and the population around it rises? It means new jobs are coming into the area. What else? Money is going into the local economy. New infrastructures are grabbing their blue suede shoes and jumping onto the real estate dance floor including business centers, manufacturing industries and energy plants. Surrounding California homes, schools, parks, hospitals, and shopping malls are blossoming! As the local economy expands recreational centers emerge such as golf courses and theatres. Artists then depict the convergence of old local customs and new city styles and guess what? You make money! Not only is being in the middle of this California land development exciting, but most importantly, you stand a good chance of making money on your land for sale in California above what you paid.

Simple supply and demand economics shows that the opposite holds true when people begin to leave an area. For example, when the devastative Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans, Louisiana, it caused the real estate market there to crash because everyone had to flee.

Knowledge of population patterns is very important to buy land California and sell land California. The chart below shows how the total population of California has increased at an average rate of over 1% a year between 2001-2004.

California State Population Statistics 2001-2004:
2001 2002 % Change 2003 % Change 2004 % Change Average Growth Rate over 3 Years
California 34532163 34988261 01.32% 35462712 01.36% 35893799 01.22% 01.30%

California’s growth rate of over 1.3% shows that more people are moving into California than are leaving. As a result, the price of land continues to rise everywhere. However, even if this ceased to continue there will always be certain areas where California land will increase in value.

Looking at Land Lots for Sale California by County Population Statistics 2001-2004:
The following chart below shows the population growth patterns for land lots for sale California by the 20 biggest counties in the state:

Largest 20 Counties in the state of California by Percent of Los Angeles
2 Top 20 County Name 2004 % size of Los Angeles County
3 1 Los Angeles County 9937739 100.00%
4 2 Orange County 2987591 30.06%
5 3 San Diego County 2931714 29.50%
6 4 San Bernardino County 1921131 19.33%
7 5 Riverside County 1871950 18.84%
8 6 Santa Clara County 1685188 16.96%
9 7 Alameda County 1455235 14.64%
10 8 Sacramento County 1352445 13.61%
11 9 Contra Costa County 1009144 10.15%
12 10 Fresno County 866772 08.72%
13 11 Ventura County 797699 08.03%
14 12 San Francisco County 744230 07.49%
15 13 Kern County 734846 07.39%
16 14 San Mateo County 699216 07.04%
17 15 San Joaquin County 649868 06.54%
18 16 Stanislaus County 498355 05.01%
19 17 Sonoma County 468450 04.71%
20 18 Monterey County 414629 04.17%
21 19 Solano County 412970 04.16%
22 20 Santa Barbara County 401851 04.04%

Notice how Los Angeles county real estate dwarfs the other counties by the size of its population. Orange County real estate holds the second largest population size. Southern California real estate as a whole has 6 for 6 counties on the list of most populated counties in California, however 7-10 is dominated by counties in the Northern California real estate hemisphere, so they are right there too. The weather is what continues to be the deciding factor for people moving to Southern California.

The next chart below shows the population growth trends for the state of California by the top 20 fastest growing counties:

Top 20 Fastest Growing Counties in the state of California
53 Top 20 County Name 2001 2002 % Change 2003 % Change 2004 % Change Average Growth Rate
over 3 Years
54 1 Placer County 264874 279011 05.34% 293630 05.24% 307004 04.55% 05.04%
55 2 Riverside County 1620834 1694623 04.55% 1782822 05.20% 1871950 05.00% 04.92%
56 3 Madera County 125880 128815 02.33% 133696 03.79% 138951 03.93% 03.35%
57 4 Calaveras County 41774 43143 03.28% 44727 03.67% 45939 02.71% 03.22%
58 5 San Joaquin County 593079 612564 03.29% 631876 03.15% 649868 02.85% 03.10%
59 6 San Bernardino County 1765578 1808893 02.45% 1862195 02.95% 1921131 03.16% 02.85%
60 7 Kern County 675859 693060 02.55% 713445 02.94% 734846 03.00% 02.83%
61 8 Merced County 218189 224934 03.09% 231397 02.87% 237005 02.42% 02.80%
62 9 Sutter County 80138 82247 02.63% 84670 02.95% 86760 02.47% 02.68%
63 10 Kings County 131935 134543 01.98% 138708 03.10% 142561 02.78% 02.62%
64 11 Tulare County 374023 381280 01.94% 391084 02.57% 401502 02.66% 02.39%
65 12 El Dorado County 161397 165767 02.71% 169199 02.07% 172889 02.18% 02.32%
66 13 Stanislaus County 465287 480233 03.21% 491014 02.24% 498355 01.50% 02.32%
67 14 Sacramento County 1266480 1301716 02.78% 1330730 02.23% 1352445 01.63% 02.21%
68 15 Fresno County 814688 832057 02.13% 850650 02.23% 866772 01.90% 02.09%
69 16 Lake County 60611 62274 02.74% 63397 01.80% 64446 01.65% 02.07%
70 17 Shasta County 167269 171923 02.78% 175654 02.17% 177816 01.23% 02.06%
71 18 Colusa County 19138 19370 01.21% 19755 01.99% 20339 02.96% 02.05%
72 19 Imperial County 143715 145702 01.38% 148924 02.21% 152448 02.37% 01.99%
73 20 Tehama County 56816 57652 01.47% 58892 02.15% 60075 02.01% 01.88%

The noticable trend is that the counties closest to the real estate in Los Angeles County CA and the San Francisco Bay area experienced the most growth. Placer County and Riverside County real estate are the top two areas with the fastest population increases in recent years, growing at an average pace of about 5% a year. Both are adjacent to the major metroplis centers Los Angeles and San Francisco. Placer County is adjacent to the Bay area and Sacramento County CA. Riverside land CA is a stone’s throw from Los Angeles County land. The top 3-5 spots (Madera County CA, Calaveras County CA, and San Joaquin CA) are also in Northern California farther out from the expensive San Francisco area. They enjoy an average growth rate of about 3%. The 6-7 spots still around 3% growth a year (San Bernardindo County CA real estate and Kern County real estate) are attached to the

The next chart below shows the population growth patterns for the state of California by the top 20 slowest growing counties:

Top 20 Slowest Growing Counties in the state of California
77 Bottom 20 County Name 2001 2002 % Change 2003 % Change 2004 % Change Average Growth Rate
over 3 Years
78 1 San Benito County 54994 55686 01.26% 56187 00.90% 56243 00.10% 00.75%
79 2 Plumas County 20901 21012 00.53% 21198 00.89% 21359 00.76% 00.73%
80 3 Solano County 404555 409503 01.22% 411636 00.52% 412970 00.32% 00.69%
81 4 Mendocino County 86946 87599 00.75% 88476 01.00% 88551 00.08% 00.61%
82 5 Siskiyou County 44109 44231 00.28% 44630 00.90% 44891 00.58% 00.59%
83 6 Monterey County 408258 411578 00.81% 414423 00.69% 414629 00.05% 00.52%
84 7 San Luis Obispo County 250867 252055 00.47% 253072 00.40% 254566 00.59% 00.49%
85 8 Humboldt County 126695 127424 00.58% 127908 00.38% 128529 00.49% 00.48%
86 9 Inyo County 17997 18299 01.68% 18364 00.36% 18244 -00.65% 00.46%
87 10 Sonoma County 465724 465902 00.04% 467304 00.30% 468450 00.25% 00.19%
88 11 Santa Barbara County 400816 401481 00.17% 402795 00.33% 401851 -00.23% 00.09%
89 12 Santa Clara County 1690090 1674598 -00.92% 1675915 00.08% 1685188 00.55% -00.09%
90 13 Marin County 248399 247191 -00.49% 246635 -00.22% 246045 -00.24% -00.32%
91 14 Mono County 12897 12997 00.78% 12831 -01.28% 12766 -00.51% -00.34%
92 15 Alameda County 1470528 1463948 -00.45% 1458749 -00.36% 1455235 -00.24% -00.35%
93 16 Sierra County 3528 3499 -00.82% 3546 01.34% 3490 -01.58% -00.35%
94 17 Alpine County 1204 1216 01.00% 1188 -02.30% 1190 00.17% -00.38%
95 18 San Mateo County 707417 701271 -00.87% 699094 -00.31% 699216 00.02% -00.39%
96 19 Santa Cruz County 255339 253352 -00.78% 251725 -00.64% 250633 -00.43% -00.62%
97 20 San Francisco County 774479 761983 -01.61% 751908 -01.32% 744230 -01.02% -01.32%

The most noticable pattern is the exodus from San Francisco County CA real estate. „Your prices are killing me Larry!“ That’s because the average price of a home in San Francisco in 2006 was above $650,000. Out of all the counties in California, San Francisco had the worst population growth rate at negative 1%. Yet, I can vouch for those going to the county, because the views are spectacular in San Francisco and the people are great, they are very smart and stylishly astute. Stylishly…. hmmm Is that a word? Maybe it will be legit some day! Santa Barbara in Southern California also experienced a decrease in population size probably for the same reason as San Francisco, wow what a beautiful place Santa Barbara has become, and by the way it tops the list of the best luxury homes in California with the highest average sales price for California homes in the Southern California region at $1,190,000.

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Source by JR Middlebrook

Property Management Advice – 7 Ways to Organize You Must Know to Rent Your Places Faster

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I can not tell you how many times in the beginning of my property management career a prospective tenant called and caught me unprepared. I quickly learned I saved 5 to 10 hours a week and rented more houses by being well prepared. Here are my best tips.

1) Application Forms

A property manager should carry at least 50 blank rental applications with him at all times. Quite often, you will find yourself listing a new rental house and have no applications to place in the kitchen. You want to have applications in the house so you are not always running to your car during a showing.

The property management company should also have the rental application saved on the computer in a format that can be emailed to your clients quickly. You do not want to limit yourself to just faxing or having them pick up the form from you. This is very quick and painless.

2) At least 10 Copies of Blank Leases

Quite often, you will approve a tenant and need to meet with them to sign the lease. On your way out of the office at the end of the day, you completely forget to print out and bring the copies of the lease. Even the most organized person gets side tracked. Having the blank lease in your car ensures you never show up empty handed.

3) Key Tags

You should carry a small box of key tags so you can label keys you receive from new listings/property owners. In the past, I would constantly forget which keys belong to which properties and have to throw them out. This means the rental could not be rented until I could get a maintenance guy out there to change the locks. With just a little extra discipline and tagging the key as soon as you receive it, you save yourself a bunch of aggravation.

4) Digital Camera

You should keep your digital camera in the car as much as possible to ensure you are ready for new listings. Half the time, new property owners have cleaned their property and it is ready to go. By having the camera ready you can simply snap all the pictures you need to advertise the rental on MLS or Craigslist.

5) Property Management Agreements

Just like the lease, you should keep 10 copies of your management agreement in your car. This will make preparing for a listing appointment much easier and less stressful. If you bring your camera, business cards, and the management agreement, you have everything you need to sign up the new owner. You also want to have the agreement in email format to quickly send to the owners over the Internet.

6) Pens and Business Cards

It is embarrassing to not have either one on a listing or leasing appointment. Professionalism is found in the details.

7) Organizer to Carry Everything

You can buy an organizer at Office Depot or Staples that can store all the items listed above. Some people prefer a briefcase but I personally use a black plastic box with hanging folders. Use whatever suits you but just have it all in one place in your car

Note: A prepared property manager will create an automatic task in Outlook or a Day Planner to refill all the items once a month. Getting organized is useless for your property management company, if you do not have a follow-up system to ensure you stay organized.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Where to Find Used Toy Haulers So Cheap You’ll Think You’re Buying a Camper

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Once only created to haul an ATV or a motorcycle, toy haulers have almost become as much of a traveling home as an RV. Some now contain sleeping quarters, bathrooms, and even kitchens. If you have priced one of these units lately, you have seen how attractive used toy haulers can be.

Where to Start Your Search

The typical places to begin are the local classifieds, such as in your newspaper or on Craigslist. However, you are limited to a small number of listings and you should always be a little bit wary of the seller. Few are going to tell you if there is anything wrong. You can find a good deal, as long as you exercise some caution.

The Best Place To Find Used Toy Haulers at Gigantic Discounts

Government auctions are a great alternative for finding toy haulers at the best price. These are units that have been repossessed, seized, or are simply surplus. You will find toy haulers in every possible condition:

New: Repossessed units may only have been off the lot for a couple of months. They may have only seen the road a couple of times. These are sold for dimes on the dollar, as the banks just want to recoup some of their money and storage costs are expensive.

Used: These units may have a few miles on them, but have thousands of miles left. You can find one of these toy haulers about just about every government auction and some starting bids are only a $100.

Repairable: Some of these units may require a few repairs before they are road-worthy. However, when you pay next to nothing for this type of toy hauler, a simple fix or two is worth it.

Scrap: A few units will simply be sold for scrap or for parts only. This could be a great buy if you are looking to repair a toy hauler you already own.

How to Find the Auctions

It used to be very difficult to find the auctions. However, there are several websites today that list these auctions. They are categorized by agency, location, or by the items for sale. You can learn what is required to place a bid, how you can see the items first, and what is required after the sale. If you’re looking for used toy haulers, this is your best option.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
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Source by Michael Drover